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What Garmin Do You Own?

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I had been using an old Palm IIIc with a NavMan attachable receiver. It sucked! Constant software freezes and the GPSr was very unreliable.


Now I have a Garmin iQue 3600 and it rocks. The maps are extremely accurate (it is a Garmin), the features are handy, and the ability to install Palm apps is very good for geocaching. I use cacheMate to load and catalog .gpx files and the companion cacheNav for pinpointing caches. The WAAS enabled system is so accurate it is amazing. I do have to use an external antenna while in the Jeep because the verticle windshield tends to cause poor signals, but in my wifes Ford Explorer it works great with the built-in antenna. Don't bother paying Garmin $100 for an external antenna. All you need is a 3.5volt or 5volt (either will work) active antenna with MCX connector. Lots of companies make them and you can pick one up on eBay for less than $80.

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I started with a Garmin 38 when it first came out and no longer have it.

Then got a 12XL followed by a hardware upgrade to it.

I still have the 12XL and added a Venture in Aug. 2001.

Picked up a GPS 76 in Dec. 2001 and added a GPSmap 76 in Dec. 2002.

(I use two receivers to help with accuracy mapping trails).

I keep the Venture as a backup and for use on bike handlebars.

I'm waiting for a higher res. and slightly larger color screen in a 76C version.

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Garmin units I currently own are GIII+, Legend, Vista C, Forerunner.


I officially don't own any Magellan units anymore as I gave both of the sportrak maps to the (Adult) kids, along with the topo software I had for those units. (They let me borrow them if I really want to check something out :rolleyes: ) My vehicle navigation is with a globalsat BC 307 CF unit and a Dell axim PDA running mapopolis software.

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A relative newbie, here - I have the Garmin eTrex (basic, yellow case) - it's all I could afford at the time, but I like even what few features it has (compared to the more expensive models).


I wouldn't mind having downloadability of maps, etc., but for now, since I'm just starting out with this game, it'll do. Just FYI, my son, ("Waterboss") got me into this game - I haven't found anything yet, but it looks interesting enough. :rolleyes:



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I thought they only made the 60CS, every cachers dream! :D I've gotten quite a few cachers to buy one, I should work for Magellan! I'm also converting some Magellan users over. When they see what I can do with the 60CS they're sold pretty quickly. :D


But unfortunatelty I caches so hard in the last 2 months, 500 finds (200 in the last 2 weeks), I wore my 60CS out. So now I'm having to regress to my Legend, umm, I forgot how to use it :)

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I received my eTrex Vista about 2 weeks ago as an anniversary present. I had not had one prior to that. My wife got me one because I regularly take the kids on hikes on the weekends. I stumbled upon Geocaching by accident on the internet and that has put my new GPS to hard use. Since I got it, we have been out about 5 times searching. It's amazing how many caches there are out there!

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I've had a Rino 130 since May, and it's worked like a charm ever since. Yes it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a 60CS, but I compensate for the lack on my PDA and maps.


I do like that it has the built in 2-way radio, compass, and the weather radio. Someday I may purchase the mapping software, but haven't had a dire need to yet.

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First: Legend - found that 8MB wasn't enough when using MetroGuide maps


Second: eMap - With the removable 128MB Data Card, I had the storage I needed for the MetroGuide maps. I still wasn't completely happy because the eMap lacks a lot of the nice features that the Legend has.


Third: GPSMAP 60C - A VERY happy medium between the two units with some nice added benefits as well. Gosh, that color shurr is purrdy! And autorouting is Da Bomb!!! (Once you've done autorouting, you'll never go back!!!) Geocaching mode, games, calculator, alarm clock - they're all pudding on the frosting - but nice to have!


I would've bought a GPSMAP 76C If I'd known they were coming out before I bought my 60, simply for the additional memory. But there's never been a time when my 60 couldn't do what needed to be done. There's only been one time when I've had to save my map sets to make room for different maps. No biggie, Iggy! Just download the maps, tracks, routes and waypoints to a file, and upload the different maps. With the USB port, it only takes a few minutes to do it all.

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I have one of first Etrex units ( yellow with software ver 2.07 ) I use to backpacking / on my boat /on my cycle / and more. I use rechargable batterys and like how cheap it is to use.

It has taken alot of abuse (water / vibration / heat / ect.) and I have polished the screen to remove scratches more times then I can remember. I don't need an upgrade to color,maps,or whatever.

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I used an GPS III+ at work (to mark nest boxes, mostly) for a couple of years & got my own eTrex Legend this summer (mostly for the same stuff, since there were too many people & not enough units). I'm kind of a Luddite, tho -- I don't need color, i don't need driving directions, i don't want games. It *is* cute & blue & sparkly. :-) I will be getting the topo map software, tho.

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Started with a legend loved it ;) . Going on vacation to germany need more map space. :lol: bought a vista :anibad: , sold the legend to my dad B) . bought a 2 legend(of very cheep on ebay). wife found out that I had two untis :huh: . Just found out about the Vista "c" sold my legend and vista to (+ had a little extra :P:D ) pay for my "C" I have had the "C" for 2 days love the color :D

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