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What Garmin Do You Own?

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Garmin makes a great Fish Finder, Why do you insist on purchasing a device that is sub standard to the technology that is used the world round by mariners as well as the armed forces of the U.S.A. ?

I've been considering upgrading to a newer cuda model, but don't seem to get the boat out much these days and my old Eagle is still working anyways.


to be on topic. Etrex (gold/yellow) since about Aug.01

gpsV since last winter (my primary, the gold stays at home)

legend (for a mapping backup incase the V dies or something) a couple months

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I have owned the eTrex Legend for a few years now. I has definately proved very useful. I use it in the car, connected to the laptop using Infomap nav software, skiing, cycling and now for my latest interest "Geocaching"!!

Although there is nothing wrong with my Legend, I am considering upgrading to a 60c or 60cs.

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  • eMap since April 2001. Love it. Lost it somewhere in my garage.
  • StreetPilot III since June 2001. Love it. Still use it every day. The only negative is that really complicated things tend to send it into lala land for about 30 seconds.
  • eTrex Vista since January 2002 for the wife. She likes it but she's not quite the gadget nut that I am.
  • (2) Rino 120's since April 2004. So far, I'm liking them but not loving them. The Rino 120s are pretty much an eTrex Legend with a radio. The 130 is an eTrex Vista with a radio. The lack of an electronic compass in the 120 is a problem under trees and when stopping. I find myself wishing for the non-existent Rino 140C which I'm hoping will be a Vista C with a radio and USB connection.

On all these units, I run MetroGuide 4. It supports autorouting on the SPIII and I can download routes from the PC to all the units. I also like the fact that I don't have to twiddle with unlock codes in MG4. The SPIII came with CityNavigator and it really was worthless. I suppose the newer versions are better but I'm happy with my solution. I occasionally use Topo on the handhelds.


We're looking at getting the Garmin Quest for my wifes' new minivan. We tried the built-in navigation system in the Toyota Sienna and we both hated it.

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I started with a Rino-120. It served me well for quite some time. Then one day I went caching with Moun10Bike and saw how much help the Auto-Routing feature of his GPS-V was and within a few weeks I had one. :)


Of course as things always go, two weeks after I purchased my V, Garmin announced the 60C :anibad:


I wanted to get the new 60C so bad.... but with two GPS units already, I just couldn't justify it. For six months I continued using the GPS-V in the car for autorouting and the Rino in the field to actually find the caches.


Then one rainy day..... and I mean Rainy with two capital R"s (We considered building an Ark), my Rino quit working. It had rained so hard the Rino had gotten quite a bit of water inside. I waited a week but it still didn't work, so I decided this was my chance. I headed down to REI and picked up a shiny new 60C.


Wouldn't you know it, a couple weeks later the Rino dried out enough that it now works again, however it sits in the Console of my truck unused. Sometimes I do miss the built in FRS radio, but I'm not giving up that 60C in the field! :lol:


Oh.... I still use the V in the Truck to Autoroute.

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I have a Garmin GPSmap76 which I received as gift about a month ago. I love it so far.

Disclaimer on the comments that follow: I'm a rank beginner at all of this. I'm not overly thrilled with my very limited exposure to their mapping software. Their Topo program is supposed to list trails and topography but I was unable to even find a large, local, city-managed forest on it. Admittedly, that's not a wide sample, and I am living in Maine. The topo program is also very limited on streets. The MapSource MetroGuide North America is great on roads but doesn't have the topo info. Both run around $90 each plus shipping, plus there's another one strictly for National Parks (also for $90). I'd rather get a program that does both Topo and Streets for a more limited area (say the Northeastern US or Eastern US). I should have the Metro Guide in a few days and will probably cave in and get MapSource United States Topo eventually when I have to go further afield for Geocaching.

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