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What Garmin Do You Own?

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After being extremely disappointed with the inaccuracy of our Garmin eTrex (the basic eTrex), Santa brought us a new Vista C. Much better! No more jumping around 100 feet at a time like the old eTrex. I'm not too sure how anyone can recommend the eTrex to a new geocacher...what a piece of junk. We're very pleased with the Vista...

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Legend (Basic, yet used most for geocaching)

Vista (Old and crotchety, but knows what it takes to get the job done right)

76cs (Still being pampered and used mainly for traveling, but that’ll change come winter with that external antenna)

Just got the GPS V as a gift.


Can't they ask first!?

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GPSMap 60CS, 2 RINO 120s, eTrex Legend, Foretrex, Forerunner (gave away a GPS 12, GPS II+, and basic eTrex and sold 2 RINO 110s). Each is useful for an individual specific purpose, and they all get used 2 to 4 times a week. The 60CS is the oldest of the lot...I think I've had it for just over a year.



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Hi ya'll - newbee here. I went through three Garmins in three days on the learning curve; etrex Legend, etrex Legend C, and finally landed on 60CS and I love it!



Marine Mount

Motorcycle Mount


City Select North America v6


US Recreation Lakes with Fishing Hot Spots, East, v5 (free @ BassProShops w/60C or 60CS through July 19th)





Thanks to all for the excellent posts in these forums...

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