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Allieballie Hits 100 At Scottish Geocacher Day Out

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Congratulations to Allieballie for getting her ton today at the 1st Scottish Geocachers Day Out! Bet it feels good! It was touch and go, thanks to the midgies, but the goal was achieved.


And the wee man, who is only 4, has trudged alongside his Mum to most of these caches. Best to start them young, eh? Apparently, instead of calling them 'treasure' and 'the machine', he is fully conversant with the terms 'cache' and 'GPS'.

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Well done AB, and the Wean on your Ton


Twice i drove past "The Hedge" yesterday not knowing you put a Cache there, then again I should have known as theres a lot of Fungi there!!


Will put a Cache out on the Cateran Trail thats 4 year old friendly!!



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Just wanted to say thanks for all the comments - and to add that I now only have 99 to do until I reach 200!

My midgie bites are slowly, very slowly, disappearing but I think my body was having such a rough time trying to cope with them all that it ignored a sore throat bug which managed to sneak in. At least the sore throat took my mind off the itching!


Will also get round to setting some more caches soon - but hey, by the sounds of it, it won't be long until mini HH and wee man will be setting ones of their own too!!

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