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  1. Thanks for clarifying Deceangi, I was assuming the Thing sites was based in Norway, Ooops sorry. Oh well, hopefully the snow will have melted by the time Uni finishes Maxkim!
  2. The first UK based GEOTOUR was launched yesterday 26th March It can be found HERE A 64 mile trail in the heart of Perthshire, Scotland - 20 geocaches and the chance to claim a free trackable GEOCOIN. More details Cateran trail Website :rolleyes:
  3. No, I'm not miffed at all. I do appreciate more meaningful logs, though. Its always nice for your inbox to be full of logs to read rather than lots of emails just containing a full stop. I understand mobile phones do offline/field notes so the log can be written later, so are we always right to blame smartphone users as I am sure they make use of this facility? But then, you could just be on the receiving end of loads of copy/paste logs instead ..............
  4. Shopping at a well known electronics shop last weekend I came across Hybrid batteries. "Hybrid - The Next Generation Rechargeable Battery" they claim to hold the charge like a normal battery so you don't need to charge last minute. don't drain in the cold. last longer than a lot of rechargeables new fast chargers take just 2 hours(ish) to charge and automatically switch off Anybody tried them?
  5. I have noticed an increase as well, but it seems to be in the grass verges that I have seen the increase. I have also noticed that the council are no longer cutting the grass verges in a lot of places, just around the signs on motorways, so not surprised we are seeing more, so not sure if it is spreading, or if it was always there, just hidden by being cut down? Still LOADS of Giant Hogweed about and Japanese Knotweed, especially along rivers and railway lines where it gets easily spread and carried along.
  6. Few options ............ try PM only, see if that works? (yes I know some of you hate them, I always swore I would never do it, but it worked for me!) Use Ammo boxes only for (hard) multi/puzzle/bonus caches. Only use Ammo boxes on really long walks/up mountain tops. Chain/padlock box to tree. In the hint say 'do not mention cache type in log' (not all pages get read) Always put a stash note in box (perhaps glue it to inside of lid) incase muggles find it. Throw out a film pot instead - Noooooooooooooo - that is NOT an option!!
  7. They are not all perthshire, gave you a mix. A mix of cache and dash set by Fife cachers, Perthshire cachers and Dunblane cachers Bridge to bridge is the Forth Bridge (your area) to Erskine bridge Cuil a Slighe is Fife Both H G Series and Melting Mouth Series were set by fifers. There are also loads of drive-by caches south of the Forth and going all the way down to the borders, although they do not have a collective cache name, you would need to use the maps. All these series driveable distance from Rosyth. So certainly plenty to keep yoos busy!
  8. Not necessarily Fife, but here are some drive by caches. Not only useful for people like yourself, but also for those horrible rainy days, or just for seeing the countryside if you are on holiday or touring. A Drive in the Country Melting Mouth Bridge to bridge Cuil a Slighe H G Series From a cache page if you click on Geocaching.com Map you can zoom out/move the map and see what caches are on roads on a route for yourselves.
  9. How about ..... I have a puzzle - a Field Puzzle - with the Field Puzzle attribute on the page. I still get emails saying they don't understand why there isn't a puzzle on the page. You would think when it is a puzzle they look at everything?
  10. So, you go on holiday for a couple weeks, you get home, back to work, back to the grind, back to the heap of washing and ironing, back into the usual routine, eventually you have time to sit back at the computer to log all your finds, then you root around the very depths of your cache bag, you may have put the TBs in a jacket pocket you don't wear again till weeks later ............ Nope HazelS, you don't need shooting, not everyone logs instantly - me included!
  11. Oh dear! That's not very welcoming!! We're looking into the problem to try and find out why you couldn't register!!! Apparent the cause is because your user name can't have a space in it! However, once registered the username can be modified to include spaces!! Thanks for quick response, easy when you know how!!
  12. Hi there, I like to move on TBs, but on a day out caching I cannot possibly know if the cache I have left a traveller in is going to get visited soon after me, nor can I guarantee that the next finder wants to move it on after me. Sometimes the TBs stay in my bag several weeks, not on purpose, but because they had a specific goal which I didn't know about until I got home and read it, or because they are too large for a small box, or simply because I haven't managed to get out caching. Not all cachers want to move TBs, so leave them in the box for the next person. I am sure the person who dropped it off was only trying to do you a favour by moving the TB on for you, not cause you so much stress, it is possible it was the only regular sized cache/in good condition/in a safe spot of the day that he felt was appropriate for your TB. I certainly wouldn't call it 'Travel Bug Hell' that a TB hadn't moved after a few weeks, you are relying on the good nature of cachers out there to help you, some stop up mountain tops covered in deep snow for 8 months or more, some go missing altogether. The TB in question has only been there since 23rd April. This may be unfortunate for your child to understand, but that is the chance you take putting a trinket out in the field, it may move fast, it may move incredibly slowly, that is the fun of them. Have you considered if your child wanted to hide an actual box - somewhere nearby in a pretty spot where she can keep a watch on it and see the logs coming in more regular?
  13. If you posted this then you must already have your doubts? Sunday is probably the most popular day for caching. How many cachers actually read the page unless its a multi/puzzle? How many cachers actually look at the attributes either? Go with your gut instinct and use your common sense if you think it is a viable spot. There are guidelines about caches near the vicinity of children and their play areas, why not ask the advice of your local reviewer?
  14. Hi there, I have often wanted to go, but unfortunately they are on a sunday which is no good to us 'out of towners' details here
  15. The soggy log may not always be due to a non-waterproof container. We all get caught caching in the rain, we open that micro in the rain, we sign it with our wet fingers, we spend an age rolling the wee piece of paper back up in our wet hands, the container by this time is getting full of raindrops ........ sometimes it is better not to sign the log book just another spanner .......
  16. They are usually called golf pencils and found in stationers. OR Cut a large pencil in half! I have found biros left in cache boxes freeze up in winter, or dry out, or even leak.
  17. If it was one of mine - I would love you to throw out the 'mush' and replace the log book, and I would email and thank you and also put a note log on the page praising 'what a nice gesture'. (I had better grovel here incase there is anyone i have forgotten). A lot of cachers up here carry maintenance kit, drying cloth, even replace a complete box, for which we are all extremely grateful and happy to return the favour or get a new box back to that person. If I have the kit with me and I am stood at the cache, I see no point in making the CO come all the way back when I can do something to sort the cache out which takes a couple of minutes. I don't worry about thanks, It should be me thanking the CO for taking trouble to hide the cache in the first place. Weather happens!! (If it should be an abandoned cache where the CO no longer caches, a NEEDS ARCHIVED would be the way to go).
  18. Talk about hitting the nail on the head! Great post! OP, claim your smiley! I got a very snippy log going on and on complaining that there was no pencil, which I suitably ignored - after all, they were showing themselves up by the tone of their log. My boxes always start out with a pencil, but I also realise they do go missing, points break etc. BUT, when this person also put a NEEDS MAINTENANCE log on just because the pencil goes missing ........... Owner maintenance - BYOP!! Sorted!!
  19. Photo of log book with last few names will prove you was there! Photo at ground zero of GPS with coords will prove you was there! If its not a puzzle/multi/ then no harm in a photo of view with a team member/GPS. Or with cache if its not a sneaky disguised one. Improvise with burnt twig etc. Pockets full of spare log books, pencils, sharpeners (every jacket you own!!)a MUST, don't do it again, bottom of class, go stand in corner, detention for a month! ........... Failing that - Off with yer head, off with yer head!!
  20. I regret I can't give you C&V as both GAGB and Groundspeak's forums seem to be limited in their search capabilities. However, from memory... Fake bolts: that's easy as one of our caches was required to be archived because of it. The story was that a cacher removed a bolt from an Armco barrier and replaced it with a fake one containing the logbook. When a reviewer found out all caches using fake bolts were immediately banned and as a local reviewer had recently found ours then that had to go too. The annoying thing was that our bolt was placed in an existing hole which had been left empty by a recent refurbishment because there was no concrete under the hole to fix a bolt to. In other words, our fake bolt caused no risk at all but was caught in a classic over-reaction which is typical of recent years. I would just add that this is one of many rules which are undocumented. Fake signs: see the recent discussion on fire hydrants. Also undocumented. Historical references: a cacher was prohibited from mentioning the Sharpeville Massacre when placing a cache at.... a memorial to the Sharpeville Massacre. This is sort of documented as depending on the form of words it may be covered by the "no agenda" rule. This would be fine if Groundspeak then didn't allow many other caches which break that rule. Thanks for the explanation, I couldn't find anything in search either. It looks bad for all our sellers that have been providing these - have they all been informed to discontinue their lines I wonder? Perhaps we need a pinned thread on here of Taboo Hides. Sorry for going off thread GAGB.
  21. BUT, its not a new???? It has been going for at least 2 years that I know of? I had an email conversation about caches hidden below pylons with our then Scottish reviewer about 2 years ago and she explained the ins and outs of why they are not allowed which made perfect sense to me. Surprised it is not on the list of 'no's' somewhere? Is there any wonder we are all confused by what we can and cannot do???
  22. What??? Can somebody give me the link to those ones please? Are you saying they are no longer allowed, what historical references you are referring to?? thanks. :blink:
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