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  1. Answer to this is yes , we have made enquires , only one park in Glasgow will be affected and may require temp .measures. Thanks
  2. Hi, GilkerscleughCachers, Oh Dear, where to begin, the answer to your question is yes though with reservations , we have budgeted for caches in our projections albeit full sized boxes [ micros will turn into a nightmare to maintain with the potential numbers over a short time ] , there are cache trails in the planning with South Ayrshire Council; The Robert the Bruce trail ; and the William Wallace trail both running in South Ayrshire for Ayr to Ballantrae. there are trails in Arran and Millport [and more in the pipeline]. and slightly further North is the caches on Bute mostly placed by "Billy Twigger" Re the Commonwealth Games , they are both a blessing and a concern, the concern is that our Mega will take place on Saturday 2nd , which is the final day of the games, this itself isn't an issue for anyone travelling to Ayrshire from The South, but may require those coming from the North to rethink their routes to avoid Glasgow. There is already a cache series following the old A74 route from the Borders for anyone wishing a break from M74 driving , though no doubt this could be expanded. Highland Haggi's post is looking to extend their series , perhaps you could volunteer to help them. I have to say that the focus of the 2014 event will be Ayrshirecentric ( is that a word ??? ) regarding new caches ..anyway you get the drift ... Slainte Bob
  3. Acht Dinnae listen tae thon experts . Yes I've got and used the "colour" for the 1st 1500 or so , yes its brilliant at averaging ... and pretty good under cover load from GSAK , its a dawdle
  4. Not strictly true , The insurance for Perth was a prerequisite for the use of the premises, it didn't cover any of the "side-events" held during the week, and was only valid on the day of the event Mega 2014 will be the same .
  5. We would agree with that - a couple of months is too soon to panic. We had given up on one that reappeared after two years. Sadly, there are a few who don't play the game, but the majority of geocachers do and are very helpful at that. Beat this http://www.geocaching.com/track/log.aspx?LUID=2bde5ed2-04ce-44c8-ab31-001704b8f21d
  6. Many thanks , you've made a lot of cachers happy bunnies Ace !
  7. If you use GSAK , use the smart name when sending the data to Gps "%Smart" , This has the added advantage of letting you do a conversion under the options menu ......put in the long repetitive header =; just leaves the cache name .
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=qFP28ANXLLA&vq=medium hmmm
  9. Never , and I repeat NEVER pick brambles below waist height
  10. I'm laughing .... I've got a TB and yes it started out with a mission statement attached ..http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=60399.. & after 7 years and 18000 miles it got within 50 miles of its goal .... only to be kidnapped back to Europe ... Its part of the game ...
  11. Just occasionally , a wee gem appears on the UK forums .... this is by far the best for a long long time . Thanks so much .... A smiley Crome user
  12. I have heard rumours that Scotland were considering another MEGA bid for 2013 with Ayr being banded about as the location. Not the same Committee though - that would be something where sanity would be questioned! Nearly right ,................... 2014 is the targeted date , to co-incide with "Homecoming 2014" , yes its in the planning stages , and we have a committee ; a constitution ; a bank account; a website ; we've had some meetings to sort ourselves out and the backing of South Ayrshire Council ...... additionally we've had the offer of a facility capable of hosting an event of this magnitude ...( it hosted 10X that number the previous week ) ps only 1 of the previous committee ( for geographical reasons) but don't think for a mo that the other reprobates will escape "Scot Free" intention is to submit a tender by end of this month for Mega Homecoming 2014 Will post more as it becomes avail .....
  13. The BMC is in a similar position to the GAGB. Climbing is an activity, like caching, that can't be banned or regulated. Few climbers are in the BMC, and a lot have never heard of it. So all the BMC does is work on behalf of climbing in general; by telling landowners to allow access (I mean negotiating access), working with landowners to maintain access agreements for sensitive areas, providing guidebooks and insurance so we can find climbs and are protected from claims for damages or from expenses caused by climbing accidents. Plus, providing news and information about climbing and mountaineering (and a lot of other useful stuff). AFAIK it doesn't issue guidelines or rules, and climbers would immediately tell them what to do should they try. They are also very reluctant to help landowners with any ban, unless it's limited or temporary. I guess the GAGB do all that sort of thing as well. ;-) Strange choice of comparisons The British Mountaineering Council www.thebmc.co.uk/ - CachedWorking for climbers, hill walkers and mountaineers in England and Wales. Features news, events, area updates, membership information and travel insurance. AFAIK British Canoe Union doesn't negotiate in Scotland where access to waterways is a right . Isn't joining these organisations for providing a service? organisation of competitions and providing public liability insurance ??
  14. Oh you fibber ! he's a woose .... and not a bit scary ..... the only thing he'll bite is beefburgers
  15. and we are looking forward to meeting you as well pendragon9321 and all cachers who are either already in the area or are calling in on the way through Please remember to add if you require food and if you have children and/or dogs as we may have some goodies planned for them
  16. Hi, like you, new to caching. Did you find a Galsgow group? Try here:- http://geofrees.org/Forum/index.php or here:-http://www.gcayrshire.webs.com/
  17. http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=553564e3-4e7d-486f-bb64-5141523e710b West Highland Way ..... there are a few caches which could be added ..... and its a lot easier now that its the midge migration season
  18. Setup Position Format Map Datum scroll up and select os GB though its a lot easier to stick with WGS
  19. re original post ........ try an e-mail to snagglepus ....
  20. How strange ? you were approved on Friday:- Welcome dgwebster« on: 06-05-2011, 15:51:29 »Quote Modify Remove Split Topic 0 0diggGreetings and Welcome to the forum dgwebster, look forward to see you joining in the banter?? Any questions please do not hesitate to ask! they are really a friendly bunch.
  21. Guess that new membership subscriptions will be on hold till the servers can cope with the current load...... maybe not
  22. Give Stirling a miss cache wise ........ its a really nice place , but sadly, apart from Gillies hill , its a film canister abyss ... won't amuse children at all .......... try the road from Dunblane to Blackford Slainte
  23. Why not go on to a search with recent cache places and download them individually as GPX files ..... if they import to GSAK then the prob is with your PQ perhaps dates range??????
  24. sorry .... forgot I've added it as a keystroke from the toolbar , its Waypoint, Status check Slainte Bob
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