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  1. Download the TomTom macro from GSAK website, very easy to use, email me and i'll help you through it Snaik
  2. I have the 750 Live you need to tick these 2 boxes:
  3. You're there... I put Cowdenbeath as the largest nearby town. Will that do? MrsB Jeez no try Kelty
  4. Now there's an idea 13.2 metres! GC1CYKP & GCNDW3
  5. Oh you could use a tent on this one if you want! Mega Baps!
  6. You can also get the cache pages on the 520
  7. WoW! a little birdy, well actually a fairy told where I could find one! Found it under a foot of Snow! Thanks CCC and the little fairy!
  8. Works great on N73, any chance of a metric version! as dont work in £sd
  9. Only a 5 hour drive from Perth, so just a wee run doon! Def be there Snaik
  10. Only one way to find out! Host an event!
  11. Strange spotted this one 1.5km to nw of your Lochan na Beinne Cache
  12. Following the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1994, Scotland was divided into 29 unitary authorities and 3 island authorities. Aberdeen City Aberdeenshire Angus Argyll and Bute Clackmannan Dumbarton and Clydebank Dumfries and Galloway Dundee (City of) East Ayrshire East Dunbartonshire East Lothian East Renfrewshire Edinburgh (City of) Falkirk Fife Glasgow (City of) Highland Inverclyde Midlothian Moray North Ayrshire North Lanarkshire Perthshire and Kinross Renfrewshire Scottish Borders South Ayrshire South Lanarkshire Stirling West Lothian Islands Orkney Shetland Western Isles
  13. Try Link and put United Kingdom in keyword. Snaik
  14. I bow to your superior cache placing skills
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