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  1. Have I missed something? Are you suggesting converting the 10 English regions into somewhere between 60 and 70 different ones and totally miss out the unimportant bits like Scotland, Wales and Ireland? If it aint broke you dont try and fix it...
  2. Hiya Do you do facebook at all? There is a Scottish group https://www.facebook.com/groups/159161067474047/ We have a list of all the upcoming events in Scotland (not that many for the rest of the year, you've just missed a flurry of them including 2 in Ayrshire at the start of June)
  3. If you do Facebook, there is a Scottish caching group too https://www.facebook.com/groups/159161067474047/
  4. I've checked out the Glasgow area on memory map - it covers a whole 14 caches! (including 5 that are currently disabled anyway and 1 virtual) Dont think we are going to be too badly affected up here :S
  5. What we have done for the past few years with our annually recurring event is to have a webpage with additional accommodation details / shops /petrol stations. This was done after asking reviewers what they thought was the best way to do it and we worked with them to make sure everything on the web page was OK for them to publish. It's not rocket science and having that sort of information on a separate page for those who want to know it keeps the cache page a lot less cluttered making more relevant information easier to see. That said - if I'm going away for a weekend camping (without going to an event), I'm going to be checking out the area to see what caches interest me - it's not that difficult to check the same area for supermarkets and petrol stations. It shouldn't really be up to the camping event cache owner (who probably isn't local to the area either) to feed me every bit of information I should have found out myself. We are adults aren't we - not nursery children?
  6. Most of the walks in the glen are named so it's obvious they are a route (Rollercoaster Ridge/Ministers Path/ Kilbo etc etc)Most series also have some sort of description of the route taken on at least one of the pages and if not they will probably be available on some of the walking websites. If any new caches go out they will be published a couple of days before the event. linear walks like Rollercoaster and Ministers Path are easier to do over the weekend as you'll be able to drop your car off at the end of the walk and get a lift to the start point. If you are up there on the Friday night you'll probably find that most folks are still poring over maps deciding what route to do the next day and you'll probably manage to find someone to walk with you too. Hope that helps - if you need any more info just email us through our profile.
  7. The bold names have additional child waypoints. (yep- It took me a while to work out too...)
  8. I remember it well I am notoriously bad at finding our own caches though so was glad of the spoiler picture! Email sent to dgwebster
  9. Mega Scotland is holding a light hearted version of traditional highland games at the camping event on Friday 30th July. As part of the games there will be a tug o war competition, which we hope will be between teams from the many regions who are coming to the event. We are hoping that as many regions and countries as possible will be able to enter a mixed team of ten into this fun challenge and we will be awarding a special trophy to the winning team. So come on folks and ask, coerce or press gang your fellow caching buddies into having a go, and register your team by sending us an email with your team name and region to teamclova@megascotland.co.uk So get your teams together and have a go.
  10. Hi and welcome We are "just" down the road from you in Arbroath but there are a few cachers based in Stoney. Hopefully you will make it to Mega Scotland but there is also an event in mid August with that few more local cachers will be attending (including a couple from Stonehaven and several from Aberdeen and the Shire) Gathering In The Glens
  11. Sums up exactly how I feel about it. I go to events to have a laugh with my geocaching mates - I don't care about the smiley TBH. Anyone who goes to an event for an icon is doing it for the wrong reason..... But being a bit of a number/stats geek (!) I would like a seperate tally of events if that were possible. As for the new 40 miles/1 hour rule, I think that is a positive step too. There's a creeping trend to hold 2+ events when 1 will do - I'm sure our UK reviewers will ensure that they approach the guidline sensibly..... I agree with Nick *mouse* I do think that there are too many people getting too obsessed by the number of finds after their name - a quick 5 minutes in an event to sign the book then 8 hours clearing the local area of caches isn't what i would call attending an event.
  12. The east coast midges are nowhere near as bad as anything you will have seen on the WHW. Yes, we still get them near to water if there is no breeze but they are manageable (Avon skin so soft will discourage them - on the west coast a suit of titanium armour would fail to stop them!) The campsite is far enough away from the closest area of water (Loch Leven) to minimise the amount of midges flying about. Another one I have heard of is garlic capsules - haven't tried it myself but there are some who swear by it...
  13. If you are using an old fashioned GPS like mine (GPSmap76) try this - When sending the waypoints to the GPS through GSAK when you get the screen up with the SEND button at the bottom - untick the use defaults and put %Hint in the Waypoint description format box if you are using a new fangled GPS then sorry - no idea!
  14. Well we don't always eat them... (we once shared one and that was enough for the 4 of us !) if you are stopping off in the Inverness area then a few must dos are... The Fairy Glen. An easy multi with another traditional cache further up the trail - One of our favourites. What's the Point of all this?. A great spot for spotting dolphins. Any of the .....Ness series by dougandsonia are also worth doing - we have only managed pleasantness and woodiness but both have made it into our top 20 caches done. Have to agree re the Billy Twigger caches - Spend a full day caching on Bute and you won't regret it...
  15. We get this happening to our profile occasionally too. No idea why, but normally by next time I check it's back to normal.
  16. I would agree with the "needs reviewer attention" log. Not only does it sound less confrontational than a SBA log but since many of the caches with a SBA log dont actually need immediate archiving, "needs reviewer attention" is a much more formal way of saying "Owner needs a kick up the @r$£ to fix cache" (that would never work - acronym is too long ONAKUTATFC....) The 2nd advantage is that it should be obvious that a reviewer will get a note of the log - many people are under the impression that they will get note of "needs maintainance" logs, hence caches with 10 or so well meaning NM logs and no response from owners who may have stopped caching or just don't care
  17. No 1 daughter used geocaching for her physical section for both bronze and silver awards. She made sure she did plenty of caches involving longer walks/hillwalks whilst out caching regularly and her book on both occasions was signed off by respected local cachers. AFAIK there were no queries as to cachings suitability by her groups leaders (although she wasn't allowed to take a GPS with her on her expedition walks and consequently had to walk past several caches....)
  18. Have noticed the disappearing stats and avatar on and off over the past couple of weeks. As far as I recall I haven't had to log out/in to get it back it just reappears when Signal is in the mood to fix it.
  19. Finally sent competition entry after reminder from No2 daughter. Competition closes midnight tonight
  20. Why not email the reviewers and ask what their view on it is? The worst they can do is say no. They might even think its a great cache!
  21. There is also the free SMC contour maps you might want to try. http://www.smc.org.uk/ContourMaps.htm
  22. Just checked on the BBC site - a Scottish Highlands one on Thursday night(last of the series) but 3 of them are still available on i-player http://search.bbc.co.uk/search?go=homepage...1&scope=all
  23. Deci, Graculus and Alba, you all do a great job for what seems to be an increasingly unappreciative caching community. Volunteering 20+ hours of you time every week to help the rest of us definitely goes above the call of duty. I wonder how many of the detractors would give up so much of their time so readily. Thank you all for your great work
  24. Do you have any idea of what area you will be visiting? What sort of terrain as well? C&Ds, Munroes or something in between? Let us know a few more details and we may be able to point you in the right direction
  25. You dont seem to be inserting the image! Have you used the "insert image" button when replying on the forum? (the little box with the picture of a tree on it), a box will pop up asking you for the complete URL for the image Copy and paste http://www.poieditor.com/geocache-heatmap/...ap_USERNAME.jpg into the box, changing USERNAME to your username on the POIEditor site. Otherwise just copy and paste {img]http://www.poieditor.com/geocache-heatmap/files/geocache_heatmap_USERNAME.jpg[/img} into a blank post on here (replace the start and finish curly brackets {}with square[] ones and again change USERNAME to your POIEditor username.
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