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What's the general age of people who geocache?


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I'm not sure if I posted to this thread already, I did take a quick look and couldn't find anything.


I was 40 last year and have two children, 12 and 14 years old respecively. I also have an ex-wife and a partner, who is a bit older than me and that's all I'm saying in case she reads this!


--... ...--


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I just logged my first cache today, and I hope to get my best friend and my girlfriend into it. Me and Kitten are both 18, Duntada is 19. Not one of us has a GPS! This gonna be fuuuun!


Mentally, I'm too dadgum old and so is Dunt, but we both act like kids when we're havin' fun. And that's what it's all about, isn't it? Kitten is mentally twelve but acts like she's in the midst of menopause. lol. I loves her, please don't kill me!

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Originally posted by brettd:

If you are counting birthdays, I am 9 and a half...


let me be the first to wish you happy birthday, feb 29, 2004. icon_smile.gif



~hmmm... means you were born in 1964.



Originally posted by BrianSnat:

According to US Census Bureau statistics, the average Geocacher is a married, Caucasian male, 37 years old with 1.5 children and employed in the Information Systems field.


mouse is 2.3 years old, and 1.5 regular size. you pick.


oh - and i'm un-employed in information systems.


and i'm immortal. that's why my doctor says i'm much too cynical for someone my age



hey... what's that smell?

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Hope I'm not playing a childs games. :-) But it doesn't seem so.




A while back, on the 'Canada' forum, the question was asked 'What motivates you to Geocache?'


My answer was


'High tech hide-and-go-seek! I get to play an old fashioned kids' game AND play with the big boys' toys!'


Are you playing a child's game? I would say yes and may it always remain that way


I'm 46 going on 15

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Did you know that 38% of statistics are wrong?


Originally posted by BrianSnat:

According to US Census Bureau statistics, the average Geocacher is a married, Caucasian male, 37 years old with 1.5 children and employed in the Information Systems field.


Actually I just made those statistics up becuase they sounded good, but I bet I'm not too far off.

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I'm 18




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- Dan Quayle


"Si nous ne r?ussissons pas nous courons le risque d'?chec."

- Dan Quayle (If he was French!) [Those crazy French!]


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I have found there to be a similarity between age and number of caches found by an individual. For instance, five months ago I wasn't even born. At two months of age, I was drinking beer and chasing skirt. Now I'm five months old and can say the alphabet and I'm old enough to know better and young enough to do it again.


"heck, that scares me and I'm fearless"

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I am 56 and my caching daughter/partner is 26. I hid my first cache before there even was geocaching. About 48 years ago, I hid a coin behind an electrical box in the Washington Monument in Baltimore, Maryland. Even, way back then I reveled in the fact that some day in the future someone would find that coin and wonder who hid it there.

You're never too old to have a happy childhood.


What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about?

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We've been playing "age games" with Maldar. At the risk of tipping him off, I'm 53 and the best half of the team is (well, hmmm ...) younger! We're still fairly new at this, joined in early April after the best half attended a conference at which a geocacher was present, and heard about it. We've both enjoyed and benefited from the outdoor activity, but we now find ourselves resenting the time required to do laundry, mow the lawn, build rock walss in our yard, etc. icon_smile.gif


I remember the furor when Sputnik was launched, my uncle returning from the Korean War, "Gunsmoke" at noon (or was it 1:00 PM) on the radio on Saturdays, live studio bands at WJR in Detroit, IBM 360 computers (my dad had one in his office) and keypunch terminals, writing computer programs on Hollerith cards, turning the deck of cards in overnight at the computer center to be run and getting a huge stack of results printed out in the morning, CPM operating systems (before DOS), where I was when Kennedy was assasinated, the first Apollo landing on the moon (my youngest sister wasn't yet born!), and a host of other things.


Anyone else remember those things called books? I still have a lot of them (over 3500 and growing) in my personal library. I am proud to say I have never seen a show on MTV and have gone years at a time without an antenna hooked to my TV. We used it to watch videos, otherwise I would have thrown it out. I grew up without a TV in the house, my parents finally got the first one in their house when I was 38.


I could make an endless list of "remember when" comments, but I'll let someone else have some space on the forum as well. icon_wink.gif


"Roads? Where we're going we don't need .... roads" --Dr. Emmett L. Brown

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Hi. I'm a 48 year old, happily married woman who started Geocaching when I was 47 with a 14 year old son. I love hiking and being outside AND decided that new-fangled technology was not going to leave me in the dark. I got myself a GPS and learned how to use it. I'm a FOSSIL and can say that it is a heck of lot easier using a GPS than it was the old way, ie., map and compass, setent and stars, dead reckoning, etc. However, if the batteries die in my GPS at least I can still do it the OLD way.


Susan Z. Handwerker

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When it comes to ones age its not until your past 40 that you finally realize what Algebra is good for. icon_rolleyes.gif

We are looking for our Real age instead of our Birth age. So the formula for your Real age is:

R= (B-39)-1

R= (55 - 39)- 1

R= 16 - 1

R= 15 icon_biggrin.gif

I just love it I'm still a teeny booper and some of my kids are older than me. Why do we

ever want to discover the real meaning of GPS -Gone Past Service. icon_frown.gif


Tahosa - Dweller of Mountain Tops.

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We have grey hair and our bones creak.


Mentally we're about 8 years old.


Mike is late 40's, I'm mid 40's.


I've always believed the secret to long life was to learn and play every day.




That moss-covered bucket I hailed as a treasure,

For often at noon, when I returned from the field,

I found it the source of an exquisite pleasure.


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Hey, I'm 15 almost 16! I can't wait until I can drive to the geocaches! Anyways, my dad claims to be 30 but he is actually 44. Sorry dad! I have been geocaching for about 2 years, ever since I saw it my brother's boy scout's magazine which is sort of a joke cause I am a girl. So abandoned outpost looks like you and I are the youngest memebers so far. Who says age matters? Not me!


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- Yoda ('The Empire Strikes Back')

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- e e cummings

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