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  1. Thanks for the reply, However, the fact that the owner can do this doesn't help me with the entries by people who do not respond to emails or messages asking them to amend their entries. I don't force people to put trackables in my graveyard, and it was running before the changes to the trackable systems, but I would like to remove the dud entries, if possible, please. As with all systems, there will always be people who don't realise all the controls available to them, and I still see the occasional new trackable being put into the graveyard. Especially from the USA, sometimes with comments about there being no graveyard in their country...
  2. Hi, I'm the 'owner' of the UK Travelbug graveyard cache and I'm trying to do some tidying up. I have a few trackable items in the graveyard which don't have a valid link to their details and I'd like to clear them out, if the owners don't update the links. I've emailed the owners asking them to either add the links or delete the items, but if they don't respond, as some have not logged ito Geocaching for a while in some cases, I would like to be able to remove the invalid links. However, as I don't have the tracking number, I can't 'collect' the item and/or delete it. Anyone know if there is a way to get rid of invalid items from a cache list please? Thanks
  3. I got a message from someone saying one of my missing TBs was being sold on eBay. However, on checking, it wasn't my TB at all. What had happened was that a seller was advertising brand new, unregistered, TB tags and had used a copy of the picture of the TB dog tags from the Groundspeak Geocaching.com site. Someone had looked at the picture, mistaken a "1" for a "2" and decoded this as one of my tags. It's a good job I looked carefully before complaining to eBay, wasn't it?
  4. There are other 'geo' GPS based games, such as; Geodashing MinuteWar MinuteWar is a game of capturing 'squares' of land and no physical violence is involved. More details of the games and how to sign up to play are at GPSGames.org
  5. Actually, they are just in the microwave bands - 1.2 to 1.5GHz Many people, wrongly, think that 'microwaves' are classed as being where the microwace ovens operate, which is 2.4GHz. However, the official starting point for microwave bands is 1GHz. The water absorbtion is unlikely to make much of a difference as experience tells me that GPS receivers still work in the pouring rain! As has been said, tree cover and buildings can make far more of a difference to reception, so your leg is being pulled.
  6. Yes, and because the grid is a 'grid' it's likely that another path to get supplies through could be found within a very short space of time. The pylon could then be repaired and the circuits re-switched back to normal. Even major substations can be bypassed by feeding supplies via a different route.
  7. From Ancestry.com Hereford English: habitational name from Hereford in Herefordshire, or Harford in Devon and Goucestershire, all named from Old English here ‘army’ + ford ‘ford’. From information britain Leominster is another market town on the Black and White Village Trail. Dating from the 7th century, its first recorded name is 'Llanllieni', the Welsh name meaning 'the church on the streams'. HTH
  8. I'm in Bolsover, North Derbyshire. Buckinghamshire seems to be well outnumbered.
  9. The map has been updated and the limits of pass lines are now working, so it looks like it's a feature that needs a move to be activated, or something like that. The try line is now in range as well!
  10. Yes, I'm playing GeoRugby, and used the link from the webpage, so sort of assumed it would put me in the right forum. I'm playing for the Northern team, so I presume you are on 'my side' as well? The other thing that is confusing me is that, on the geolympics/rugby site it says that there should be an indication of the max. distance from the cache you retrieve it from, but they don't appear when I look at the page. I'll place the ball and wait for the tag, I've moved Travel Bugs before, so I hope that I know how to do that.
  11. I've just picked up the ball, and sent an email to the address on the card, but no reply. I have also emailed the 'ref' and I hope that will get a response, but I want to place the ball in another cache today, so can anyone help? Thanks.
  12. I've got an older GPSIII+ How big are the maps and is it worth doing the mods for a GPSIII+ or is there not enough memory on that unit? What do people think? Thanks.
  13. I archieved one of my caches when a note saying "If we find you, we're going to kill you" was written in the log book! Probably local kids, but I decided that one would be retired.
  14. When I read this post first time, it read as if the people had been buried seconds before the picture was taken and I thought 'how did the daughter not know this?' LOL The discolouration is probably a reflection in the lens.
  15. I've seen a couple of notes on cache logs that are obviously 'not founds'. Why do people do that, I wonder? Is it to keep their average up in some way?
  16. On a related issue, I've seen people who post a note rather than a 'not found' even though it's obvious from the note that they did not find it. I often wonder if they do this to keep their averages 'up'...
  17. quote:Originally posted by Ken and Claire Adams:Well there seems to be a few of us around. Do any of you use APRS like I and Paul do. I was thinking of trying to produce and overlay for UI-View to show all the caches on the map. Your thoughts please. Rgds Ken I use APRS both from home and in the car. At home I use G0DJA and in the car I am G0DJA-7 Personally, I don't think I'd use an overlay, the MapSource maping system is far better than using APRS, plus I'm not going to lug a laptop around when the GPSIII+ displays the caches already. HI. --... ...-- Morseman
  18. Sorry a bit late, but any body that would seek to be "the" voice would get the same flack from me. I'm not an Accountant (ain't that obvious!) but I am a member of Prospect. They represent such a diverse group I doubt if they would dare claim to be "the" voice of any one group now! In my opinion and experience, beware any group that claims it has the one voice. They probably arn't and haven't. Oh, and my experience is that if you want to really slow up, and mess up anything - Form a Committee! If there were any issue that I wanted to stop in its tracks, I would now say I was in full support, and start a committee dedicated to talking about what is 'best' to be done. Guaranteed to nip anything I personally don't want in the bud straight away! It may not be what you intended, but how would you stop that happening? Then, what if I (for one) just refused to recognise what you said were the rules? You might bluster and blow, but I could still just go alone to talk to a landowner and blow your "The Voice" straight off the map. Excuse the pun. Please excuse the lateness of posting - Family issues. 50th Birthday (not mine!), party etc. Plus Dad having to go back for Chemo Therapy have distracted me. --... ...-- Morseman
  19. quote:Originally posted by Chris n Maria: Sorry , in my 15 odd years as an accountant, I have never come across this debate. Merging of the 3 main institutes, - yes this causes a lot of grief from time to time. OK, I'll let you argue it with the lecturers at Leeds Met. Uni. then. The point I think they were making, and appologies for getting the words wrong, was that there is a difference between "the" and "a" and it it can make a difference to the attude that people will take if you decide that you are going to try to be "the" voice for everyone involved in whatever activity it is. It's the same with the RSGB, they claim to represent every Radio Amateur in the UK, and that causes bad feeling in some people as well. If you claim to be "the" one voice then you can probably expect flack from those who, for whatever reason, don't want you to speak for them. I would expect an accountant not to sign something that purported to be "the" one and only way to represent a set of accounts because there are different ways to interpret the rules. And, let's face it, if the accountants can't agree then what chance have you of getting a disparate band of geocachers to come up with something they can all agree on? --... ...-- Morseman
  20. quote:Originally posted by sky high boys:Iwas under the impression that the higher the mAh the better. the best i've found is duracell rechargeable 1.2v ,1800 mAh. got these in schipol airport duty free!!! can't find anything as powerfull in uk . would like to know The higher the mAh rating, the longer the battery should run a particular piece of equipment. However, normally you pay more for higher capacity batteries. For equipment like digital cameras, which use quite a lot of power, the higher the capacity (in mAh) the longer it can be used before you need to replace the batteries. If you use rechargeables, this can save on the costs of keep buying batteries. I have eight 2000mAh batteries, my camera uses four and I keep four ready to swap over to whilst I recharge the ones that are discharged. I bought them from 7dayshop.com but I have seen 2000mAh batteries in places like Maplins, who have shops in many of the large UK cities (Sheffield has two!) and also supply by mail order. I'm not supporting either company over the other, I use both at times, but 7dayshop was cheaper than Maplins for the charger and extra batteries which is why I bought mine from them. --... ...-- Morseman
  21. quote:Originally posted by The Good Shepherds: Of course, when folks try putting together a framework by which such "community" negotiations *could* be run, whingers from another camp start quibbling over trifling details like the use of the word "The" instead of "A". One of the biggest debates in the financial community was over the use of the word 'a' instead of 'the' in the sentance "A True and Accurate record" that is used in the accounts of a company. The devil is always in the detail! --... ...-- Morseman
  22. quote:Originally posted by Gunther:Just looking in I have noticed that this forum has now been spoiled by a few people... is this a coincidence but the forums on GeoCacheUK seem to be taking off nicely. Maybe I just have a poor opinion of people and their motives but if the cap fits!!!! Every now and then a topic comes up that gets people started, me included. I wonder if you ever ventured onto UseNet (normally called newsgroups now)? Because, if you think the debate on here is 'heated', it's nothing to some of the debates that rage out there. As I said in another posting, please read this in a calm voice and not an agressive one. --... ...-- Morseman
  23. quote:Originally posted by el10t: Its irrelevant whether their time input has been on GAGB or on forum moderation or on cache approval. Its still their valuable time they have invested in the activity, to very little thanks. A couple of points that I would like to make. 1. Why do people read postings in an 'agressive' voice if it appears that the other person doesn't share their point of view? (Come to that, it seems that some people read all postings as if the other person is being agressive, anyway) 2. We all make decissions about what we want/have to spend our time doing. To expect people to appreciate people who's chosen activity involves setting up organisations purporting to represent people nationally, without asking if that's what the other people want, is probably a sure fire way to get some negative feedback. No matter how well intentioned the actions and ideas were. All the above was typed in a calm, rational voice, to put only my opinions and point of view. If anything said upset you, well, that's your problem. --... ...-- Morseman
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