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How did you hear about geocaching?


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Because there is another thread of this nature already going, I found it in the "General" group about the "Chicken and the Egg".


I voted other, because I was reading in a discussion group from another website about this one.


I'm not Lost, my GPS says I'm right here....no here......no here.


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I discovered Geocache.com when I was doing a search on Google for GPS's. My husband wanted me to figure out which was the best one to buy. Now that I think about it, I don't even know why he wanted to buy one......... Anyway, i thought it sounded like a blast cause we like getting out for hikes every now and again anyway. So I found the website.........didn't do anything about it, never bought a GPS. Then a year later, my brother bought a GPS while he was visiting us. He wanted to play with his new purchase so I told him about Geocache.com. We all went out using his GPS and found our first cache. Hooked to the core! On our way home from our first find, we bought our own GPS.......... icon_biggrin.gif


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I found out from my new brother-in-law. I was in town shortly after my sister married him and wanted to know "what those dog tags with the bugs on them are all about". My sister told me, sort of and he showed me. Found two caches and a benchmark on my first outing.

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I am retired army. Seems a shame to waste all the skills I learned in 20 years, so I assist in training ROTC cadets. I was gearing up for another training session, and looking for data when I stumbled across geocaching.com. I marked it for later investigation. And here we are. 2 cadets are also active cachers now.


Mike. KD9KC.

El Paso, Texas.


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We are trying to promote geocaching with lectures articles, assistance to beginners and ensuring there are sufficient local caches of a sort to hook the absolute beginner. It is a shame however that posters and other bits and bobs promoting the activity are not available from anywhere… or do you know something I don't.

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PUNditOK told me last fall he was interested in a GPS - mostly for street maps. I looked around, but quickly got confused by programs you loaded onto a laptop or palmtop and read from there vs. stand-alone devices dedicated to GPS reception.


I post on a general interest message boad at http://fff.fathom.org and inquired of the other posters there what they knew about GPSr's.


One of the first responses was from a friend in CA who simply posted - "Best reason for a GPS" with a link to www.geocaching.com


I looked there, but at the time, El Paso had only a few caches, and so I shrugged & figured that might be good for a month's entertainment, but then what? This summer, we got a voucher good for a deep discount on a GPSr & so finally took the plunge. I remembered the geocaching site & was astonished by the number of new caches in our area.


And now we are hooked.


- Sue

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I was looking at the Garmin.Com site for info on GPS units and saw a link to geocaching.com. I ran across this site over a year ago but didn't pursue it, since then I've been lurking on this website for 6 months or so and put off getting a GPS so my boyfriend could get me one for Christmas. I've been wanting to get going since October but he's making me wait until Christmas to get it (Garmin V icon_smile.gif)



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The wife and I were (are) researching in prospect of purchasing a motor coach.

... skip that .. we found out about this on one of the many motor home group web sites .. have no idea which.

..we've back packed, hiked, and kayaked all over the place and never once heard about this KooL sport and great excuse to hike!!!!

.. the best thing is, we are now too old (fat, lazy, and out of shape)to kayak and needed a fresh excuse to do the woods thing.

... now we need to go out and do our first,

... course we would learn about it as we are getting over a bout with the chest colds from hell and as the weather is turning nasty. ... tick ...tock.

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I'm in law enforcement. Following 9/11 people are really jumpy about unusual acts by other people. We got an intel alert in the spring of 2002 about strange acting people wandering aimlessly around in the woods claiming they were looking for hidden ammo cans and hiding unknown things. The alert said not to worry about these people and explained they really weren't strange but geocachers. The alert went on to explain what geocaching was. Sounded like fun so decided to join in. Then I found out the initial intel reports were 100% true. "strange acting people wandering aimlessly around in the woods looking for hidden ammo cans" is about as accurate as I can describe it. icon_biggrin.gif

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I had seen an article about it a couple years ago and thought it'd be neat, but the entrance fee in terms of a GPS purchase was out of my league at that time. But then a coworker mentioned it as one of her hobbies and I though - hey, I should try it. Hooked ever since!

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I purchased my magellan on ebay and was looking at gps4fun.com and there was a link so one thing lad to another and wham i want to go caching

but the bad thing is that my job puts me on a ship for 5 to 7 weeks at a time with only a few stops

but the cool thing is that the stops are 5 different ports in mexico, southern california

so I get to cache there with out the cost of travel



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I belong to a car club (www.arizonafbody.com), and one of the members with a GPS posted a link to Geocaching.com on that BBS about 2 weeks ago. I purchased my GPS about a month ago to use for hunting, but had never heard of Geocaching. I checked out the site, and was amazed at how many caches are out there! I thought it was a great idea, and I knew I'd enjoy it. I went to CA for Thanksgiving, found 6 caches while I was there, and I'm hooked. (I found a cache at lunch today to put the TB I picked up in CA in icon_smile.gif ) The friend I was visiting is already pricing GPS's too.



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Originally posted by The Hammacks:

How did you first hear about geocaching?


Stumbled across a link at Wil Wheaton dot net (which I had stumbled across while looking for something else). I thought it looked pretty cool, would give me another use for the GPS I'd bought on a whim this past summer, and would get me outdoors even more than I already was. Even though I've only found five caches so far, I can see myself easily becoming a fanatic. Snow and ice will limit me a bit for the next few months, but come spring I'll be out a lot.

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I found out about it the same way as Windchill, I read about it in the scouting magazine Boys Life. I then spent the next five hours on this website. I have had a GPSIII+ sitting on the dash of my truck for a couple of years now and use it all the time. Now it spends most of its time walking around Wisconsin.

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There I was just Markwelling around and minding my own business. Some crazed GPSr came running out of the two-holer hollering that he'd found it!


I wasn't sure what he'd found, as his pants were fully zipped up, or why he was so excited, but I was immediately Majicmaned by the throng of avid Geocachers that rushed by me into that same two-holer to experience the same self-satisfying experience. All came out shortly smiling and using words like "difficulty factor" and "inaccurate coordinates".


All-in-all - I'd give it about a 8.3 on the sphincter factor.



My new book available now!: (http://www.mcwj.com )

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I wanted to get a GPSr just to have a neat techno toy. I was searching the Net in an attempt to make an informed buying descision and BAM! There was this site that told of a high-tech treasure hunt. GULP! I was hooked then and there.....the rest is history.




Me ambivalent? Well..... yes and no.

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I do a bit of metal detecting in my spare and decided to get a GPS with a view to plotting finds and locating sites. Whilst researching handheld GPS's, the internet led me here. When I open my stocking on xmas day to hopefully find an etrex venture, I think the metal detecting will have to wait a few months because I've got a list of caches that long lined up!


PS - lots of metal detectorists are talking about the uses of GPS, and as both hobbies are about treasure hunting, theres bound to be some crossover, probably both ways!

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Wow, we are really interested in doing this. At first, when our friend YipRip told us about it we were interested, but not motivated. Then, yesterday we were talking about Christmas Presents, and a co-worker was talking about a GPS. Then I remembered this Geocaching thing, did a little internet surfing, and well, here I am! Actually, there are two of us, but I guess we'll use the same log in. On other boards I'm known as GreyZoi, and my husband's name is GreyTux or GTux. We love sighthounds, and have three Greyhounds and a Borzoi... hence the user-names. We're in MD, but do lots of travelling in VA, and PA, so we'll be looking for, and hopefully stashing caches there.

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Someone at work mentioned it to me during ice-cream break. She'd never gone caching. Still hasn't, as far as I know, while I've logged almost 100 caches since. Word of mouth seems to be the way to go.


I've printed off little business cards with some info to get people started. Saves time explaining it and trying to get them to remember the website URL by rote while out hiking somewhere...


Of course I have just handed them the sheet for whatever cache I had just finished, gives them a place to start.

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A while back I had told my sister I wanted a GPS, and a few weeks later she sent me an article from the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper (July, 2001) about GeoCaching. I told my husband, and he gave me a GPS for our anniversary. He's not so interested in Geocaching, but doesn't mind me running all over.

Are there many Women who do this with out the spouse/boyfriend?




blu-eyes [icon_smile.gif]

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I was reading a fellow rockhounds home page how he enjoyed finding benchmarks while scouting for new places to find rocks and did a search engine on benchmarks and followed it to this site! Wow i was hooked after reading several local caches and dusted my gps off and haven't looked back since!!!

My wife and i love it!

Darkmoon icon_biggrin.gif


No, I am not lost...i am where I am suppose to be...I think?

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