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  1. I've always liked paper when searching, though have never used my Palm IIIc for paperless. I usually have my cell phone, digital camera, GPSr (or 2) and all the kids' stuff, water, etc and typically the dog so I'm already packed. With all the commotion we bring, I have about 20 seconds to log and record so I like paper to quickly jot notes. Plus it's nice when I get back home I can match my notes with my pictures to publish online. Plus, I always feel better walking around looking at a piece of paper and not my GPSr and Palm. But I'm weird that way!
  2. I found it. I was using MS Word as the text editor but it was converting it to a better XML format and crunched the code. I used Notepad and was able to pull the straight code. BTW, great help function. It worked and had my answer despite by best attempts to not use it! DD
  3. Quick question, which was probably noted in the prior 9 pages, but I couldn't find it. My logged caches are no longer showing up on my PQ in GSAK. They do show up when I run them on the geocache page, but in GSAK, they don't show up at all. I recently changed my user name, which I have done over the past few years about 3 times. How do I associate these older names with the GSAK database so that I can count them as found? thanks, DD PS - it says in the GSAK help for "placing caches" how to resolve this, but not for identifying caches. It does say to identigy by GC login ID# - where is this number?
  4. How about a requirement that when some has found 20 caches they must hide a cache before they log another find. I would like to see some caches hidden by those that have lots of finds but never place any, lets spread the cache maintance around a little more. I like the idea, but the reality would probably be bunch of 1/1 caches just to meet requirements. I think, since typically the experieced cachers complain about quality, for every 100 caches you find, you are required to place a corresponding level of difficulty. 0-100, require a 1/1. 100-200 reuire a 2/1-2, 200-300 3/1-2 etc. that way, the quality standards can be set by those with the most direct experience. Another option, kind of like the premium caches, is have levels of access dictated by finds. once you log 200+ finds, you get to open up new pages of caches where only people with that amount will find. Tier caches by levels, of some sort. For all the number folks and swag complainers, then people like me - with only 30+ finds, would only be able to access lower level caches. Maybe not let people place caches until they have 20 finds or have found more at least up to a 3 difficulty. just some idle rumblings..
  5. You can't separate the two. In gaining experience, you gain numbers. In gaining numbers you gain experience. actually, I think you can separate the two. While you are correct in that experience and numbers go hand in hand, I took the question as to mean do you pursure numbers as a motivation or the quality of the geocaching experience - not the cache or swag. For me, the quality of the geocaching experience trumps whether the cache is lame, the swag is lame, the location is lame, etc. I don't care if it's a micro in Walmart lamppost or the ammo can in the woods under a pile of logs. Nor do I care if the cache is full of broken McToys. If you look and view each cache trip as a unique experience, then it is almost impossible to be disappointed. Like I've said, I've never seen a lame cache. They are all good to me - b/c for me it is about the caching experience (not experience in caching). Granted I may not find too many, but I do that for a reason. I have 500+ in my immedate area so I'm not lacking for caches. each one represents a new area and new hunt, regardless of actual cache size, shape, location, swag, etc. Thus no two caches are ever exactly the same and thus the experience caching is what I enjoy. The ongoing lame micro, bad swag, lame this lame that, yada yada yada proves that many people are in it for different reasons. Personally, I think most people, when it comes down to it, just enjoy it for what it is - a waycool outing experience with a purpose! That and people will always find something to complain about For every "lame cache" "another lame micro" etc there is someone happy with the cache and happy with the micro. Which defaults to just enjoy the experience of getting out and caching!
  6. I took the picture. Does that count? She's 100% original! Got her as a pup when I began caching. She's probably found more caches than I have
  7. Getting the notification: Simple Actually getting a FTF: near-impossible I think some, or too many, people just live for FTF I love the "this was my 100th FTF. Took the flashlight at 3am and hiked over the frozen tundra to find. Took FTF prize, left McToy and signed log. Thanks for the Cache"... What's funny is the FTF log is way upbeat and wordy, praising the cache. the second guy is always 'TNLNSL".
  8. Acually, the quote is "Try not. Do, or do not...there is no try". People always forget to include the first 2 words. Didn't Yoda say that?
  9. ....but you didn't find it. Am I missing something here? If I claim a cache as a DNF and the owner emails me and says that the cache is gone to go ahead and change my log to a find then I will do so, only if and after he says that. I dont expect everyone to do so but I have had owners tell me that before. Maybe that cleared it up for you!!! but you still didn't find it. If it wasn't there you couldn't find it, that definitely makes it not found makes you wonder: If you log a DNF as a find due to a missing cache, even with the owner's permission, and the owner later puts back a cache in the same location or relatively close proximity, would the DNF'er log it again as a find. This happend to me on one of your caches. I went out to find it and it was gone. I DNF logged it. You're right: How do I log something I did not find?
  10. definately the fun factor, or for the poll, experience. I save the numbers-game for my golf, or lack thereof My goal in golf is to shoot my age on the front 9, (before I'm 38) then it will be shoot my age in the 70's. Not sure what numbers I could be shooting for in caching. What's par in caching? edit: spelling
  11. Are Geocachers that are not caching at the time considered muggles? Have you every purposely "muggled" another cacher just to keep them waiting? Oh, the anitcipation! that would be unethical!
  12. Calling caching a game is kind of tough. There are some basic rules, but they can really only be enforced by the often-under-appreciated volunteers. It's hard to pin down the goal of geocaching, which makes 'rules' or standards hard to quantify. In essence, geocaching can be about numbers, swag, the hunt, the GPS units, etc, but is determinded by each player. Golf is similiar but golf has Par as the standard. Most games have a way to measure growth and advancement. Geocaching really does not; you can say numbers but what do the numbers really mean? Like Jeremy stated, who would or even could enforce rules? I'm not too sure as to why people care about numbers. On other message boards, non-caching related -you see a routine where 'veteran' board members begin to gripe and complain about newbies. People seem to fall into a comparison routine where "I have to be better" etc. Again, I'm not sure why. the nice thing about caching is that it is can be done with one or 50 people at at time. Geocaching, imo, is a game involing personal integrity and etiquette, and one I have really admired. most of the people are savy, intelligent, and want what's good for the game and the environement. But the focus seems to be shifting from that focus to individuals and swag. I will say I am unware of the history of the geocaching, so I might be wrong. however, the focus of geocaching is on the onus of the individual, with really no binding rules. As far as I know, you cannot legistlate intgrity or etiquette. We want people to respect nature, not hack-and-slash, CITO, trade fairly, etc, but those can not really be enforced. Geocaching.com does an outstanding job of trying to provide and educate us on these matters. But it still always comes back to a person, typically by themselves, with a cache, in the dark of night, with nobody watching... well, you get the idea. Unfortuantley, from a reality standpoint, we don't have rules.. they are more guidelines...
  13. The question may become "when did well conceived caches become non-well conceived? " remember the first ones you ever found? The first micro that you went "Duh" or the one you DNF for 3 attempts? The excitement with the first ammo box under a pile of twigs? No matter what "good swag" you put in a box, it will eventually become bad swag the more you find. Swag is value to the person dropping off, which is subjective, for sure. If I have 30 flashlights or cools key rings, chances are they will be junk to me. Some else may think it's the coolest stuff. I take my kids with me. I have them pick out trade items from their good toys to trade with. The value they place on them is far different than most. I saw someone complaining about leaving pennies, dimes, and nickels in caches. I like to leave 1969 coins in caches b/c that was the year I was born. I won't take anything, but I'll leave the coins.... I also like leaving the quarters with the new states on them. I think those are cool. But people will gripe it's only a quarter or that I didn't "trade" fairly (even though I took nothing ). As for complaining about the lack of good caches, the same issue arises. Like I had mentioned before, I don't cache a lot but there are 500+ in my area. I think I have 32 finds with a few DNF. I've never found a bad cache yet in all of my 32. If they are not bad now, but I consider them bad when I have 500+ finds under my belt, then with whom does the problem lie? You might ask yourself, what is the ultimate reason you geocache? To me, it's like complaining the same trail you hike everyday has the same views... I thought caches were supposed to reflect the owner of the cache, what they wanted. I guess, in some sense, to call a cache lame is to call the owner lame. Granted, there may be extremely good and bad caches, per se. I'm sure my first cache placement will be lame to many. It will be easy and kid and dog friendly. So, if you find a chache that is really cool and has good swag, IYHO, then you probably feel like I do everytime I find any cache with any swag. If I see something cool, great. If not, I'm fairly sure my kids will!
  14. eightball [8] that supposed to create an 8-ball picture on the log page. Much like :ph34r will =
  15. that's a very good thought. Thanks for offering a different and definately plausible theory.
  16. Does Jeremy have a hotline to the Commissioner? Instead of the batsignal, the GC symbol will flash in the night sky... Just when you think you've heard it all.... GC is the root of all evil.. The bombings ruined enough lives and exposed once again, the cowardice of certain factions. Let's not add to the hysteria and propaganda by conspiracy ingnorance. My family's prayers are with all those devestated by such an event..
  17. Everytime I fill up my 1995 K1500, I think "man I need a smaller car" as $50.00 departs my wallet. Then, as I drive away I think, man I love this truck, and so does my dog! The gas price does keep me from doing cache runs across town, to some extent . I plan caches if I know I'll be in a certain area. otherwise, they stay on my "to-do" list. The truck gets 12-13MPG so gas disappears quickly in the city.
  18. funny enough, that is a good point. I enjoy caching, but do it sporadically. there's like 500+ caches within 25 miles of my house so I have years of enjoyment at the pace I go. I probably do 1 cache a month-if I'm lucky, so I've never met a bad cache. I enjoy the large ammo boxes, easily found. I enjoy the fake rocks, the micros (it's a love hate thing with them ).... Maybe b/c I find so few caches at a time, I really enjoy discovering the areas, the cache, and even the swag (even mctoys)!! The experience of caching is what I enjoy best, so I don't think I can find a lame one. Every cache found, (treasure hunt to my kids) in my family's eyes, is cool. We make the outings and have found many places we never knew existed. Even the places we have been a million times is neat when you hike with a purpose! I enjoy playing golf, and am ok at it. I can play the same course 20 times in a row and still enjoy it - b/c I enjoy the experience. To me, caching is the same. I enjoy the experience of caching. I guess, when I'm thinking that the swag is too lame and the cache's are all the same, it would be time for me to hang up my GPS and play more golf!!
  19. You put a lock on the box, with the log outside of the box, so when the cache is found, the finder has to call or e-mail the owner for the combo. Before the combo is given, proof of good swag must be given. If the owner considers the swag good enough, then the owner gives out the combo. if not, the finder can still log the find with SL TNLN-LS (Took Nothing Left Nothing - Lame Swag). The cache owner can change the combo weekly which also ensures cache maintenance and CITO. Eventually, the game will evolve from just cache approvers to swag approvers. They will be on call- 24/7 - to ensure that only trading up can happen - since lateral trading = zero net gain, and lateral trades are subjective. Soon after, we will see threads of "Lame Approvers Did Not Approve My Swag" Finally, micros will be banned since they, well, cannot hold swag, and thus finally answering the age old debate of "WHY ARE THERE SO MANY MICROS"...
  20. I have the sportrak map and meridian color. If I had to choose for just treking and hiking, alone, I'd take my Sportrak Map b/c of the slightly smaller footprint in my hand and the belt clip works well with my hikes. It doesn't seem to get in the way like the Meridian does. That being said, I like the meridian b/c of the expandable memory. If you hike a lot, you can have SD cards of each spot you go to, which is nice, b/c you can really detail and mark each area. The Sportrak Map's memory fills quickly, especially if you are uploading maps, and the separate cards help to keep your hiking areas orgainzed. Both have good and bad points, but I guess the Meridian may have the larger upside b/c of the storage capability. If I had to only have one for a multi-purpose tool, then the Meridian would win. My .02 cents, worth about .005 after inflation!
  21. Before I spend the money on DirectRoute, does magellan do updates? I currently have the older Magellan Streets but they obviously do not update that and I want to make sure DirectRoute is supported and updated. If they do update, has anyone seen an update in their area? thanks! ED: typo
  22. I just recently purchased a MeriColor and was wondering if I should get an antenna. I have the Car adapter kit, which was on sale at circuit city for $7.99, so the battery should not be a problem. I think I'm going to get the 400watt inverter at Costco for $25.00 so I can run my laptop with the GPS and mapping sofware. Then my wife can't ask to me to stop and ask for directions! My question on the antenna, is how does it attach to the car? Is it magnetic to the roof or does it attach to the window - or maybe another option? Also, how much did you pay for it and where did you get it b/c none of my local electronic stores carry it.
  23. is that Homer gun loaded? Don't point that thing at my doggie!!
  24. "Ammo-can man" Would he be a moving, virtual, or locationless cache? LOL I'd guess he'd be a heartless virtual ...let me be the first to log the DNF
  25. So, I've been watching this Meridian Color for 2 months at Circuit City. It started over $300.00. It has been the last one and has been reducing ever since. I went in today and they had it, in the box and unopened (with batteries, pc cable,batteries, manules, etc) for $206.00!! I just could not pass it up at that point since Best Buy, next door, had a used one for $342.00... Anyway, I currently use a Sportrak Map. Besides the ovbious color and SD card ability, does anyone know of any better features between them? I've had pretty good luck with my Sportrak Map so If I like the color, I'll be selling the Sportrak Map; unless the Color is not as good. Therefore, before I open the box... Does anyone know if the accuracy is any better or the interface is better? Are the menus better on the meridian easier to use? Has anyone upgraded from the Sportrak Map to the Meridian series and if so - did you like the change? Thanks for input.
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