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  1. Yep our Photo outing with the baby and one of our greyhounds hit the cutting room floor. I felt bad that the photographer and us drove so far out of the way (90 minutes) to do the shoot but I am glad Erin was in it. I think that is just the proud parent talking. Glad the MGS got a mention. Erin was quoted for things she didn't say such as her "evangelical" ways. Even we are NOT that corny. A good light starter piece but the Weekend spread in The Washigtion Times in the D.C. area blew it away IMO.
  2. Yep Ironic and pretty wild. Great press in both papers. Oddly I had sent three different departments in the Post inquiries early this year, on behalf of the Maryland Geocaching Society as there PR representative, for an article and no response until the Washington Times decided to FEATURE Geocaching! I bet that may be a first. The two major papers in one city cover Geocaching on the same day. I am glad to see the positive press. It kind of rebalances some of the recent scare articles about caching.
  3. Jeremy Irish, CCCooperAgency, and the Maryland Geocaching Society was featured in the Washington Times Washington Weekend section today. It was a 5 page cover story with 10 photos. The story was actually written by a reporter who orienteers and spends a lot of article space sending newbies to the right sources before they start caching. I know there is a LOT of worry about this mass exodus to caches but over six months was spent on this article between the Times and the MGS to get the right message out there. A lot of time has been spent on the Parade article also. This is from the National scene with Jeremy and Groundspeak, to the state level with the Maryland Geocaching Society, to the veteran cachers telling the story of how to cache. My hopes are the sport grows but in a controlled and educated manner. When I started I read quite a bit about the rules before I ever stepped out the door to geocache. I am hoping the same will occur now. People either like it instantly or ignore it instantly (why I don't know). So with all that said here is the on-line version of the Washington Times feature: http://washingtontimes.com/weekend/20041103-104838-9975r.htm
  4. The Washington Times covered Geocaching as their Cover Story in the Washington Weekend section today. The MGS and the Times have been putting this article together and the fruition was a 5 page 11 photo spread in the Times today. With this and local geocachers being covered in the Parade magazine on Sunday Maryland may be in for a whole bunch of new cachers. I hope the writing of these articles will educate the new cachers from the get go and the MGS was very adamant about delivering this message in each article. With a chnage in approvers very much possible right now in our area it may be a time of patience and Monday night logging of weekend finds. Be forewarned and enjoy the articles. http://washingtontimes.com/weekend/20041103-104838-9975r.htm
  5. We are really preparing for the storm in the DC area. The Washington Times just did a cover feature today in their Washington Weekend Section. The Cover story with five center pages and 11 photos. It was very educational too and featured interviews with CCCooperAgency, Jeremy, The MGS Core Officers and others. With this and MGS geocachers being featured on Sunday and Maryland in the flux of a change in Approvers we could be in for a pretty wild ride locallyin the DC/Maryland area! http://washingtontimes.com/weekend/20041103-104838-9975r.htm
  6. Hope it turns out well. We had a good time on the photo shoot. Originally it was to have been published back in September/October but it was delayed. My wife was interviewed and we met up with a photographer outside of D. C. and took him caching with us. We are not quite sure what to expect but we were recently emailed by Parade for an update on our facts. Hope it does our hobby justice and yes we could see an influx of new cachers but if we educate them coming into the hobby then it will only enrich things for all of us geocachers.
  7. A finder gave too much of a hint for one of our caches, and I want to encrypt that part, but not the whole post. I'm sure this can be done, because I've seen it elsewhere... but how? Special tag?
  8. Sorry to hear of your loss. All of ours are getting older and a couple can't cache in the warm weather so we we know our days are numbered also. We met you over in OC Md in May looking for a cache that was found teh next day after we took DNFs.
  9. darn nice country up that way. We enjoyed rolling through teh area on the CAM tour. Actually stayed over night in Hagerstown (Funkstown). Unfortunately this will be one we will miss. We are attending a wedding in Kentucky that weekend and hope to get a few bluegrass caches in Mr. Last Laps home county and drop a new bug off as a gift to Kentuckians to toss around from cache to cache. Thanks Phideo and BJ&Snurt. I am sure you will be great hosts and the MGS will have another fun event.
  10. Congratulations to all these great cachers who hit these milesstones while on the Roamers Retreat Maryland Geocaching Societies Campout this weekend. Also Special thanks to the CCCooperAgency for holding a cookout. There are great pictures of the trip at: http://www.mdgps.org/modules.php?set_album...1837f4bac8a4e07
  11. I knew it was fast approaching. Congratulations Kevin and Lynn. We hope to see you at the MGS CAM Finale event on May 8th.
  12. It sounds like all caches are in place now. It will be a great event. There are caches specific to this event from one end of the state to the other. The event starts 4/1/04 so get on the list for your passport today. Over 40 cachers are already signed up to do the CAM already!!!
  13. You all will have a great time. The LLG with Little Last Lap has to pick and choose their events now.
  14. Good job Joe Cthulhu. It was great getting to see you at the March MGS M&G. You guys put some miles in that day!
  15. Good Job Teacher Matt. Wow 300! We saw you were over in Southern Maryland caching recently. We need to take a trip back down your way sometime soon!
  16. My heart goes out to you. We take turns taking our five out at different times. My condolences as they truly are friends and companions.
  17. Good job bigcall. Now just think of all those Illini caches you have to feast on!
  18. Wow way to go Njski. Once you get in the four figures you are hitting some lofty heights. The stories you must be able to tell now. Congratulations!
  19. Congratulations Mr. Kablooey. Glad to see you were with a lot of good geo-buddies to make the find memorable and that is not including the spectacular weather too. Way to go buddy!
  20. Hey a couple of miles from our house. We will be there. The big question is will there be two of us or three if us. The smallest Last Lapper is due on the 12th of March so details at a eleven so to speak.
  21. Way to go Bigcall. Our area is losing a great cacher and the Chicago area is getting one. You must be chomping at the beat to hunt in the Illini State.
  22. Looks like another fun event as our Pennsylvania Geocaching buddies have been nice enough to host the MGS. York is a great caching area too. Wags, Russ & Erin <img src="http://www.mdgps.net/Mdgpsmember2.gif" border=0> </a>
  23. Wow 800!! Great job. Keep on caching. Wags, Russ & Erin
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