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  1. Will Wheaton did, in a post he made on www.wilwheaton.net.
  2. I tried to serve, but they wouldn't take me! Seriously...I talked to a recruiter for the National Guard, and when I told him I'd had 3 reconstructive knee surgeries, he immediately told me I would not be considered because of that.
  3. Check out this article: http://www.msnbc.com/news/893575.asp?0bl=-0 It doesn't give a lot of information, but does anyone here know if the addition of a new satellite will improve GPS accuracy? Just wondering.
  4. Noticed that someone completed this one, that involved a $1,000 prize for the first to complete it. Looks like a very fun and challenging one!: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=46102
  5. ....on longer geocaches, I carry the thing in my backpack, upside down..sideways,inside-out...whatever, and it still tracks everything just fine.
  6. -gps (obvious) -extra batteries -warmer coat, if needed -average trading items if the cache contents are weak -nice trading items if the cache contents are exceptional -Pocketknife, for safety reasons....in the rare situation in which I run into a mountain lion. That's about it.
  7. ....took me a little less than an hour of playing around with my Garmin to feel comfortable with giving it a shot.
  8. ...a "to do" list. That's a better word for it. Markwell seems to think it odd that I wouldn't want constant notifications of activity on caches on my proposed "to do" list, but I don't think it's strange. While I absolutely love reading new entries on caches that I've already done, I don't have a desire to read every new log on caches that are on my "to do" list. It just gets to be a bit too much email if I've got a lot of caches on my "to do" list. And, no real need to worry about whether or not they are still active. I could just simply click on the cache on my "to do" list when I'm ready to attempt it and see at that time whether or not it's still active. I completely understand that I could bookmark the cache page or create my own list on my own separate web site, but I thought this forum was to discuss potential enhancements to this website...rather than workarounds for perceived shortcomings of the site. Like I said, it seems like it would be a very simple programming job. Maybe a checkbox when you add a cache to your Watch List that gives you the option of receiving email notifications or not. Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep looking, and maybe Jeremy will chime in since he apparently thought it was worth looking at in the past.
  9. It's quite possible that this has been discussed already, because it seems to be an obvious enhancement, but I couldn't find it. I like to keep a list of caches that I'm interested in doing for future reference, and to do this I've been adding them to my "Watch List". It's convenient to have them on a list so I don't have to search for them later. However, I really don't have a desire to receive constant emails everytime one of the caches on my Watch List has a posting made. I just want a list to refer to when I'm ready to do a cache. Is it possible to NOT be emailed when caches on my Watch List receive a posting? And, if not...it seems like this would be a helpful, and easy programming change to make.
  10. ...looks like I'm in luck! I not only went lived in and went to grade school - high school in your #1-Corvallis...I currently live in your #3-SW Denver metro area!
  11. For example, I've got lot's of paperback books, cds, computer games....stuff like that that I won't read again or use, but could be of great interest to someone else. I've got tons of "good" stuff that I don't really use anymore. Another example.....I've got a Handspring PDA that I paid $250 for. I NEVER use the thing anymore. I'm debating leaving it in a future cache....I'm sure someone would like it. However, the cache I leave it in will be a very difficult one....got my eyes on a cache that involves a 3 hour hike up a peak at altitude. I want to make someone work for a quality cache item like that.
  12. wimseyguy....believe me, the Colorado Island cache is far from being an island at this time. The info. on the cache page refers to happier times when there is actually water surrounding the island! I was there in October, and you've got to drop at least 50 or so vertical feet from the islands edge to hit any water. You'll see when you get there, but the "island" is far from being an island at this time. I'm sure you'd be able to get it with no problems. Snowshoes might help, but iced over water will be of no concern.
  13. ...but, in particular, this is a fun one: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=6385 Colorado Island cache. In non-drought years, you need to get to it by boat, but with the reservoir down you can walk to it now. It's on the way to/from Breckenridge and Frisco also.
  14. I just spent $5 for admission to a state park last weekend for the sole purpose of getting to a cache and that wasn't the first time. I'm sure others feel the same way.
  15. http://www.spaceimaging.com/gallery/default.htm
  16. I'm debating whether or not to pay the $30 to be able to access "members only" caches. When it comes right down to it, I'm probably willing to pay the $30 even if there aren't member caches, just because the free things on the site are well worth it. But...is there any way to know how many "members only" caches are out there? I'd like to have some idea about how many more caches I can expect. I live in the Denver area.
  17. Now, there's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one: "cheap (but nice) trinkets" Rather than needlessly getting into a debate with a well-meaning geocacher, I'll plead the 5th on this topic! [This message was edited by dogsoldier on October 30, 2002 at 09:31 AM.]
  18. ....you know, that's an obvious solution (just adding a note, rather than a find) that I can't believe I didn't even think about! Good solution. I really didn't want to artifically inflate my "found" count. This solves the problem.
  19. Here's the deal...my son and I did a cache several months ago that was a lot of fun. Since then, my daughter has become involved with some of our hunts. She wanted to do the one that my son and I did a while back, so I gave her the gps to find the cache, while we tagged along to watch her. My question....should I (or does the system even allow you to)log the find a 2nd time under my name? I know my daughter could register and create a user name but I kind of want to avoid that since she likely won't be doing any more on her own. She signed the log, but I'm thinking it would still be nice to have it posted on the cache site too. No biggie...just looking for opinions and info as to whether or not this has been addressed before. Thanks!
  20. ...and, it's never steered me wrong. I would still like to upgrade, but not because it's insufficient or anything.
  21. Nothing but good things to day about this site. This kind of thing is what the internet was created for.
  22. I've tried this a few times, and it seems to work.....however, it may not appealing for everyone! Eating some raw garlic a few hours beforehand tends to put off the mosquitos. They don't dig the odor too much. Not many people will want to go near you.....but, neither will the mosquitos!
  23. I'm a relative newcomer, and am not likely to complete a "wet" cache anytime soon....but, in an odd sort of way I love seeing caches that don't get visited very often. I suppose it's a bit of a bummer for the person that creates it. However, I kind of like the thought that, even though few have found it, that there is something "out there". It may be months before anyone sees it, but just the fact that it is "out there somewhere" is an intriguing thought. Kind of like the Titanic wreckage before it was located. We all knew it was there somewhere.....along with lots of mystery and intrigue, even though nobody knew for sure where it was. Once it was found, it was cool to view it....but, some of the mystery and intrigue was removed once it was found. I don't know, maybe my thinking is off the wall a bit, but it wouldn't be much fun if every single cache was easy and discovered frequently....even though those are the only ones I've done thusfar!
  24. ....I'm an extreme newbie too (only 1 find...but, only one search too, so I'm batting %1.000!).....and I've found that as I read the logs it's helpful to see the "not found" logs. If for no other reason than to learn from their mistakes or oversights. In addition, if I see a "not found" from an expert geocacher that has 100+ finds, then it helps clue me in that this may not be one I want to try quite yet. Also, I think that if you see a series of "not founds", it will help the owner to possibly determine if it's lost/stolen.
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