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How did you hear about geocaching?


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Originally posted by Houston Muggles:

As a previous poster above, my husband and I heard about it on the Travel Channel. I was wondering this very question a few days ago. We have not yet met another person who has even heard of it.

Was it a special episode of a series?


After thinking about it... I think that either Discovery or the Travel Channel would benefit from a series about geocaching--maybe not so much a "reality TV" show as a kind of documentary...


Come to think of it, I'm surprised that geocaching hasn't been adapted into a reality TV show...

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Hello all! This is my first post, and the perfect place for it. I have never heard of geocaching before, and how I found it is sort of strange. I was looking for information about Whiskeytown Cemetery in California, because my grandfather is burried there. After typing Whiskeytown in my search engine, this site was very close to the top of the list, so I had to check it out. There were even some very nice piccys of the cemetery. I've been looking through it for several hours now, and I'm ready to go buy a GPS so I can find some cache here in Missouri! icon_smile.gif

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After buying my GPS I discovered I was really dumb about GPS. So I looked for a discusion page and found Geocaching.com. I used it just for the discussions and then one day my wife brought me an article from the paper about Geocaching. I said "Gee, I am already a member of that group did some more playing on the web page to understand it some more and then headed out the next night to find one close to me. Found it and now will do one every so often.



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