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  1. So your saying I should buy a new GPS?? I work in a three state area, the corners of three. So I would need a GPS that could handle all three states? I am not found of the Auto ones as you can't load waypoints in them. I have all of the sites that I go to marked out as waypoints for easy finding.
  2. Did they allow you to download it free?
  3. I have a Mapsource program that has City Select North America on it versions 5.0 and 7.0. It is time to update as many roads have been changed. I have a Garmin GPSMap60cs with about 52meg of memory so I have to go with the DVD which stinks because at 52 meg you can not put much in it at a time. I see version 9.0 is out but Garmin about a month ago told me to wait as 10.0 would be out in a few weeks. Has anyone seen the 10.0 version being offered anyplace yet? murph
  4. I always upgraded to the newest software and have 4.2 in my unit now.
  5. I was one of the first ones to purchase a Garmin GPSMap60CS. I got mine in March of 2004 and it pretty much has never been turned off. I have it in a cradle in my pickup with the power adapter and has been on all the time. About a 2 months ago it started acting goofy so I did a hard reset on it and reloaded everything. But now it is acting goofy again. Example as I travel down the interstate it will tell me to get off the interstate and then tell me to back down again on the same exit. It will tell me to get off main roads, go around the block and get back on the same road again. I will tell me to go down railroad tracks. So I guess I am possibly in the market for a new one. some may say that 3-1/2 years is poor but I don't think so due to the fact it is never turned off, (other than me lately trying to get it to work again). I like the hand held, looking for more memory though, would like to stay with Garmin for ease of loading back my Waypoints and for navigating. I am kind of interested in the ones that actually talk to you instead of beeping at you. (I do connect mine alot to my laptop and use Nrought) Any suggestions or maybe even repairs to the one I have?? I am using City Select 7 Thanks in advance Murph
  6. It will work now. My unit does not recognize the new DST and changed too soon. Thanks everyone. I just thought it was always automatic depending on where you are. I thought in the past when crossing time zones it even changed automatically for me like the new Cell Phones. It is now working.
  7. This may have been talked about but I just noticed my Garmin GPSmap60cs is an hour ahead in time? I have the latest software? Any suggestions on how to change. I have turned it off and back on hoping it would reset itself but it does not.
  8. My brother in law wants to start geocaching. His wife wants to buy him a unit but wants to only spend $200.00 I have been away from geocaching for some time now and not sure what is out there for new units. I like garmin products but don't have to stay with them. Any suggestions would be appreciated. murph
  9. so why you giving away the map60cx???
  10. thcri

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    In my profile I can not find "the box that indicates I am using HTML" Do I go someplace other than my profile?? Thanks in advance. murph
  11. thcri

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    I notice a few people have a map attached within their profile that shows a map of the United States and the States they have found caches in marked in red. Is this only an option for Premium Members? murph
  12. Tim, The first one Gilsson did replace under warranty. I did look at the Garmin one but felt the cable would still be a problem since it used the same MCX connector. Gilsson does make a straight through one but then it would not work in my car holder. I took the rubber covers off of the GPS and it looks like now there is no rubbing. Time will tell. Thanks Murph
  13. I am on my 3rd Gilsson external antenna for my GPSMap60cs in about two years. The end keeps wearing on the MCX connector. It is a poor design/match for the GPS as the GPS has a deep insert to it and the cable itself just wears out from being so tight against the back of the GPS. I did just take out the little screw which holds the rubber seal to that port and the USB port and removed the gasket. This does allow for more room and I should have no problem doing this as long as the GPS is in my vehicle not in a place where I could drop it in water. Has anyone else experienced this trouble or this something that is just happening to me. It is somewhat frustrating as my GPS lays in a car holder and is not being moved around or anything but the MCX end just keeps wearing out. murph
  14. so what your telling me it is just as cheap to buy another antenna? by the time i get a larger soldering gun i will have invested the same monies. murph
  15. I did not have any problems, however I went from 5.0 to 7.0. I knew there would be a cost of $50.00 so when installing it had me put my credit card infor in and I was up and running. If you have the 6.0 version I believe according to the chart you should get the upgrade free. You probably just need the right disk. You may want to order online like the previous poster said. I was told by Garmin there is only a limited amount of disk going to be sent out. murph
  16. I am on my 2nd Gilsson MCX external Antenna. I have the 90 degree one which barely fits the slot in the GPSMap60cs. This being in so tight will wear on where the wire is soldered in. My GPS is kept in a car holder and kept there about 99% of the time so this is why it is frustrating and should not wear out. But instead of paying $50.00 roughly to get a new one again I thought I would try and solder the one I have. I have taken a large solder iron but can't get enough heat to get the old wire out. Has anyone here soldered theirs? and what type of luck did you have? murph
  17. I am running windows XP. So there must be something in there that is doing it. I finally did an unlock right from the software itself and it is now working. I don't know why it takes you to the same page but it worked so I am ok. Thanks for your response. murph
  18. I got my new disk for an update from 5.0 to 7.0. Went to the web, Garmin has my original information and doing the upgrade from the web and giving my credit card information everything goes fine until I click ok after the credit card information. Then it tells me there is nothing in my Cart and I have to enable cookies. I don't have cookies enabled. Supposedly I am suppose to get my unlock code via email which I have not gotten yet eithe. But not sure how long it is suppose to take either. Is this normal and I will get my unlock code in a day or two or did the order not go through? murph
  19. I don't think the last update was two years ago. It just seems that when I got my GPSPmap60cs is about the last time. However, I have been getting the Beta versions and am happy with the program. murph
  20. I do have ExpertGPS which allows me to do the same thing. Problem is I end up with to much graphics. I was hoping to just get the state map with the interstates and main roads. murph
  21. I have City Select and I want to print more than what is on the screen as far as area. In other words once I set my scale I no longer can see all that I want to print. Is there a program out there that can take my database file and print a larger area. I have a plotter and want to print to a 36 x 36 area. Any suggetions would be apprecitated. murph
  22. I just talked a friend of mine into getting a GPSMap60CS. He got it and now is writing back to me in regards to City Select versus City Navigator. Gee when I purchased my GPSMap60CS I don't remember the two both being available just the City Select. Can someone tell me the difference in a nutshell? murph
  23. I had a Vista. I sold it for a GPSmap60cs and have never been sorry for doing it. I have never had the newer Vista in my hand so I can't tell you about it's performance but if it is better than the 60c or cs then it will be a wonderful machine for you. Just keep in mind if your going to do auto-routing then you will be sorry with the Vista. murph
  24. I think yours is much like my 60cs. I usually just "mark" a new one and then go back and edit the one you created. I think I did that also on my Vista. murph
  25. Since I updated to the latest software my GPS seems way slow. After I make a turn directed by my GPS I can travel about an 1/8 of a mile before it starts showing where I am going again. This is fine but if I have to turn right away again it misses my turn. Not so bad in the country but in town I miss more turns than I make. Anyone else having this trouble of just me? murph
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