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Well used my Trek today that I bought back in 1995. Snows melted enough to where I can use her.

Anyone else using mountain bikes on the trails for caching. Anyone got the GPS handle bar holder? Saw the other topic of pictures of ppls' Geo caching car; I now wanna see pics of your bikes .



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I've been a slacker about updating the fotos (the boy in the pictures is now eight) and has graduated to a trail-a-bike, but I'm pretty sure we have a corner on the "2K+ finders on a tandem bike pulling a trail-a-bike with an amputee stoker and a GPS" crowd. We pilot a Yokota tandem with rapid-fire shifters. My Meridian Platinum is too big to fit into my radio shack handlebar (meant for FRS radio) mount, so this is one place my 330 still reigns. You can see GPS-less fotos at:




or, with GPS and bio and a somewhat newer picture:








As you can guess, I wonder why I have a big sprocket; I spend a lot of time in towing gears. :-)


You can even see my rig, albeit with a partner with completely different experience (less cycling, more caching) at



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My bike leaning against the BONB benchmark, for which I was 'FTF'.


I have since added handlebar end-grips for more extreme mountain biking action. This photo was taken before I got the GPS mount. I like to keep an ammo box on the rack above the rear wheel, both to keep stuff in and as a ground plane for a magmount ham antenna. (that's not an ammo box on the ground though, this time it was my camera bag.)


As I step up the intensity though I begin to wish I had rear shocks and disk brakes. One of these days...

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At least mine isn't this one:




I"ll have to take pics of both of mine when I get home in the morning. One is a knock-off beast of a heavyweight bike my dad gave me when he got into road biking, and the other is a hand-me-down Trek that I use as a secondary or for when I have someone go biking with me on a rather long bike run that doesn't have one themselves.


One day, I will have something like this at the very least. My sights are much higher, but you have to start somewhere.

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This weekend, my daughter and I hunted for four caches using our bikes. We were celebrating the fact that my bike had finally gone into the shop for a tune-up. Last year's cache hunting had beaten it into the ground. That's why I spent minimal dollars on a basic Schwinn instead of buying a *real* mountain bike.


Here is a pic of the LepreCycle in action at Quest Master's Stone Bridge Trail Multicache. His cache page advises as follows: "I recommend against going by bicycle unless you are an athlete and have a mountain bike. The surface is rough and the grade is pretty steep." I really need to pay more attention to cache pages.



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These are two pics of my mountain bike out on recent caching trips. It's a Cannondale I bought about 5 years ago, with a few mods like upgraded hubs, downhill rims, Ti seatpost and a cool-looking CF handlebar of all things.


Until very recently, I hadn't ridden the bike for over a year, since my daughter was born. Geocaching nudged me into riding again, thanks to some of the locals who place caches in spots best accessed via bike.



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OK, I know that they look dorky and can be uncomfortable and all, but why do I only see one person in all of these pics (2 if you count Wildearth's avatar) with a helmet on? Remember: head injuries are bad!

Because helmets aren't cool... and either am I, so I can ALWAYS be found wearing a helmet whenever I'm on either of my bikes. I've had 2 close calls where I hit my head (encased in styrofoam & plastic) and was pretty shaken up... don't like to think about what would have happened if I wasn't wearing it. Once was on a road, once was in the woods, neither time did I think anything was going to happen to me... there's no valid excuse for not wearing one.


I'll try to find a picture of my bike to post later... can't seem to find a button to attach a pic right now. :(

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The fotos of mine that don't include helmets are because they haven't yet been unloaded from the carrier vehicle. Given the "wow factor" on our 3-seat rig, we're always careful to wear a helmet as an example becuase we KNOW kids will be looking at us.


"Wearing a helmet is a minor inconvenience compared to relearning English."

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OK, I know that they look dorky and can be uncomfortable and all, but why do I only see one person in all of these pics (2 if you count Wildearth's avatar) with a helmet on? Remember: head injuries are bad!

I always wear mine in a race because race rules force us to. I almost always wear mine when I am riding on my own (98% of the time). The only time I dont is if I am going on a very short thing (like about 5 mins or less) and even then I usually do. I have fallen off my bike a lot, though I have never landed on my head but I realize that at race pace 20-25 + mph or especially on a decent a fall can be fatal WITH a helmet, but I take comfort in the increased odds of living. Helmets are good, even the UCI (internation cycling union) is now requiring crash proof helmets in all races, including time trials (riders used to just wear an aerodynamic foil on their head which looked like a helmet but in reality break if dropped onto a pillow) because of the safty benefit

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OK, I know that they look dorky and can be uncomfortable and all, but why do I only see one person in all of these pics (2 if you count Wildearth's avatar) with a helmet on? Remember: head injuries are bad!

I wear a helmet all the time, even when I'm off the bike.... Perhaps that's why people think I'm strange? :D


Most of the time you'll find me on my old trek 990. It may be old, but it gets me where I'm going :) Here I am taking my Dad's singlespeed stuntjumper for a test ride.


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Well, OK! Hard to pass up an opportunity to talk about mountain biking and geocaching! Whenever the weather cooperates I try to do as many cache hunts and NGS benchmark recoveries as possible by bike. So much more fun that way, including the pre-planning as well as those nasty little adventures that arise when the trails unexpectedly run out a few miles into the hunt.


Here's a pic from a casual morning benchmark hunt (this one required some digging to uncover).




My ride is a Litespeed “Ocoee” with titanium frame. No GPS handlebar mount but I do use a Garmin GA27C remote amplified antenna attached with Velcro to my helmet, while the GPSr goes into a fannypack or backpack, or into the rear pocket of a cycling jersey. Perfect for tracklogs and trail mapping.




Cheers, and happy mountain bike-caching!

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I don't have a picture of my actual bike in action, since my only digital camera is my phone (I have a nice film SLR, though!). Here's the stock picture, though:


Imagine that with light brackets front and back, a GPS bracket for my yellow etrex, and a drink cage, and you've got my bike.


I got it to replace my el-cheapo full-suspension entirely-steel (starting to rust) department store bike, because I was commuting regularaly, but not mountain biking at all - then I got into geocaching!

I can't even use the crappy bike now, because my brother rode it, went into the lowest gear, and slipped the chain off the front cluster - it's now stuck on the pedal axle, and the way the suspension is constructed, it's pretty much impossible to get out without removing the pedals first - I tried that, but they didn't want to come off :/.


I've actually been a cyclist for a long time, and the only reason I even had a department store bike is because my previous (mountain) bike was stolen, then I was conned into trading a copy of Office 2003 I won for a $300 value bike (I didn't realise it was that cheap at the time!).


I'm very happy with my road bike, though the brakes seem to have problems fairly easily (pick up bits of grit, which get embedded in the brakepads and scrape off bits of rim into the brakepads!), but I'm certainly starting to notice the limitations of not being able to leave paved roads :/.

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I (Zinnware)ride a Trek Fuel 90 with disk breaks. I use to have a handlebar mount for my Garmin etrex vista, but it would shake the GPS alot. Here you can see that I use a shoulder mount. 7a29045f-8718-47f0-8fbd-f29430127a9d.jpg


Here is Highgear on his mount (Trek Fuel 80): f27809da-180a-4569-9a12-02ab31be8e8b.jpg

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