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  1. I don't get the point here. First I shall download a PQ, then upload it back to GC.com, then download again if I will need it tomorrow? That's a lot of bandwith waste! And why should I upload a PQ to iPhone when I have access to the online database from the iPhone? This feels like a feature that have no need.
  2. Me too. Received one out of three on 19th, the other two on 17th.
  3. We have a Peugeot 205 Cab (Convertible for you americans ) and it's a cab. Right now there is just one larger TB logotype on the back of the car, but as soon we have fixed the small problem with corrosion of the front doors will we have really HUGE TB logotypes on both sides of the car also... And we are also human travel bugs, since we have T-shirts stating "I'm a travel bug - log me"
  4. We have t-shirts with the travel Bug logotype, and the text "I'm a bug - log me" and the number...
  5. Can anyone please translate the Finnish into English so the rest of the Nordic countries can understand, since this thread is started in English and are interesting for all of us.
  6. Hi, well, I don't think you can buy that special show on DVD, but perhaps it would be possible for someone to rip it from TV this christmas. I will post a message at the Swedish geocaching site about this matter with a link to this post. Good luck, and Merry X-mas.
  7. ...25? In Sweden we have only 24 days We have also our XMAS-series of caches right now. One new every day.
  8. hedberg

    "jaap & Ronny"

    These cachers did take a bug from Sweden, but have not logged the cache nor the bug on the internet. Do anyone know who it can be? http://img.Groundspeak.com/track/66aa7634-...67e59b9b727.jpg Okay, they are from Holland - but perhaps you know anyway...?
  9. Det pågår planeringar för att göra en svensk julkalender a la Geocachingstyle. Det vill säga en ny cache varje dag under perioden 1-24 december. Det finns mer information om detta på http://www.plattformen.se/cachingforum/viewtopic.php?t=1960
  10. hedberg


    Yes, we have a Nordea account with IBAN/SWIFT/BIC-number.
  11. hedberg


    We don't have those things in stock, but we can of course order them for you. I don't know anything about Nordea Solo. But we have a Nordea account.
  12. hedberg


    Ja, GeoShop.se har IBAN/SWIFT. Det kommer information vilken dag som helst om detta så man kan beställa till Finland och betala via Nordea till exempel.
  13. There are severable different discussions going on at the local Swedish forum about this matter.
  14. hedberg


    NOW I understand what you wrote about, we are the owners of GeoShop and we do accept Nordea-payments but it is not listed right now. Do like this: Make your order and choose the right shipping and then choose "Invoice/Räkning" as payment. We will send you an bill to pay to our Nordea IBAN... Send us a mail when you order so we know about it... No problem at all.
  15. www.geocacher.se/tidning There can you find the latest issue of the ezine! New issue (number 6) released 1st of Novembenr 2005.
  16. hedberg

    Pmr Channel

    HEY! The subject was written in English, why change to finnish???? We are interested also.. If you didn't understand my hint a while ago when I replied in Swedish because of a Finnish answer before me - read it again.
  17. Don't know - we made an t-shirt anyway So we are wandering bugs now
  18. The ordering system seems to be failing... People are making orders but do not receive confirmations...
  19. And it is always fun to read translations made by automatic internet translaters
  20. Still waiting for confirmation email. Haven't heard anything about the coins we ordered a while ago.
  21. Yes, after a couple of bottles Finnish Vodka can we all speak finnish No, no one except Finns understand Finnish. English will work.
  22. First finnish geocacher we have met: VesaK.
  23. Oh my lord, I was straight after GeoPirat on one cache, and looked at his stat's.. Impressing..
  24. A several restaurants, gas stations and so on, are providing free wi fi access for the customers. That's a good service. But my opinion is that if you buy a wi fi to your home or office - make sure how you secure it. Otherwise, someone else might use your bandwitdh. Here in Sweden do the most people have flat rate on their DSL/cable. So it doesn't matter (for your wallet) if someone else is using your bandwidth. A geocaching friend of ours are wardriving, and he have been finding thousands of wide open wi-fi's (!). It's scaring that people let their internet connection wide open.
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