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  1. ellspops did a series of water caches, where you were required to bring a few jugs of water with you to the cache, be able to solve the puzzle (they were pretty easy) and use the water to get the cache out of it's container. The I'm a Little Teapot cache, now archived, (died in a fire) was my favorite.
  2. Some clip-art sites have free outdoors type designs, your best bet is a google search for "free hiking clipart" Found these, FREE http://www.freeclipartnow.com/recreation/c...king/?g2_page=3 Hiking, but looks like me when I go out.. There are also pay clipart sites, that usually charge a few bucks to download a high quality file.... http://www.fotosearch.com/clip-art/hiking.html You could also post on a site like Deviantart and hire someone with some skill to design a really nice original logo etc for yourself.. http://forum.deviantart.com/jobs/offers/
  3. The perfect cache or cache location is anywhere you find a cache, and have two little faces looking up at you smiling as they go through the box and look at all the goodies as they hand you the log to sign.
  4. Some people do a LOT of caches in one day and may not have the time to leave a paragraph description of the hunt on every one of them. Some finds are sometimes, shall I say, not very exciting. Not much to say but TFTC. I never done over say 7 or 8 in one day, which means they are pretty fresh in my little brain when I get home to log them. So I tend to ramble in my logs sometimes. If I did 20-30 in a day, I'd have to take notes. The Copy/Paste people probably are just busy, and I'm glad they took the time to come out and find my caches, and I hope they had some fun.
  5. ohgr

    Another newby!

    Congratulations on your first find. LOTS of people here started out with an Etrex, they are solid, and very much accurate enough to cache with. Read the manual, and ask questions in the GPS Units forum if you need to. Small Trick: Etrex units are small enough that if someone is looking at you suspiciously while you are looking for the cache, put it up to your ear, and pretend you are having a heated conversation on your "Cell Phone" :-)
  6. Walk up like you're buying a paper, and drop a handfull of change on the ground, that way you have a REASON to be scrounging around under and around the machine..
  7. Lost my old Blue Legend off the roof of my car, took the guy a couple hours to figure out how to turn it off, (push and hold button) when it came back on he called, met him, tried to give a reward, and he didn't want it, said it was his good deed for the day.
  8. People rarely leave a bike or a car parked out in the woods and only visit it every few months to check up on it. Although in my travels, I've come across many bicycles, and abandoned (stolen) cars that the owners should have come and checked up on sooner.
  9. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw?url=s...amp;x=0&y=0
  10. That made me smile.. Hey Henry, some guy is looking down at his "cell phone" wandering around in circles, You've got to come and see this!!
  11. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost,_misla...ndoned_property This may or may not help clear up some of the legal or not aspects of this. It was what I found on a quick Google search. I understand it wasn't lost, misplaced or abandoned. But I think this may still apply.
  12. Sorry I mis-interpreted the "fight" I'm not religious, but I believe in karma, what you do to others affects what happens to you, and I'm sure he'll get his... I agree that what he did was scummy.... Criminal, I don't believe so, but mean, rude, etc, yes.... It will all be better once the owners are notified, and all bugs are back in circulation.
  13. I think two, not by hitting refresh on the search page over and over, we just happened to be there first. It was kinda fun being FTF.. I admire people's dedication to go out in the middle of the night and be FTF, but it's just not for me.
  14. I would, if I were you, make sure to state that the cache area is frequented at night by partying/parking kids etc. And any other issues you think someone would come across. Going into a cache informed of the special needs of the hunt is the best. I've gone to caches where the hider HAD to know he placed the cache in a homeless camp, he was noted on the cache page many times, and didn't seem to care. Make sure people know any issues and let them decide if they want to try it or not.
  15. While it's an older model, it's like an old friend. You'll have to weigh the other options yourself, do you need a touchscreen? Do you want to take notes etc with you on the GPS, or is printing out the cache page ok with you? $$$? These are all personal preference items. My ex cached with a $69 Garmin Gecko unit (no maps, no color), and was sad when I upgraded her to a Magellan MerriGold unit a couple years later. I would go to an outdoors store, REI, etc, or even Best Buy, and lay your hands on a few, ask questions, etc.
  16. Yes, I've read the entire thread, more than once, I also stated that I wasn't trying to anger anyone, so I'm not here to "fight" It's just that people get so heated over things they should just move on from. The Life's to Short deal comes into play here... Yes he lied, yes he's this and that, but are we really at the point where a witch hunt to find out where he lives is the answer? No I don't have 5,000 finds, no I haven't hidden 100+ but even I realize that **** happens, and you move on.. Stolen material to some is a box of toys found in the woods to someone else. Yeah him knowing about the game makes it that much more harsh, and mean, but if it was anyone else selling: 1 Box of Toys and Dog Tags Item No. 9287364374 Nobody would be threatening anything. The fact that he knows, is what's upsetting. I'm sure I'd be upset too, but some things you just have to let go and move on. The more attention you put to something like this, the more trouble you cause over this, you're just increasing the likelihood that you are now a fun target for this type of thing, because it riles you up so much.
  17. Or squealing like a pig! ------------- I live in the hood, so night caching is pretty much out of the question, the foothills are full of Coyotes, Bobcats, and Mountain Lions, and I don't want to see them in the day time, let alone the night. Night caching sounds like fun, but it really depends on where you are caching.
  18. Seriously??? In the grand scheme of things, I think some missing bugs is waaaaay less important to the owners than you staying out of jail for doing something you might regret later. 120+ hides and you are going to let this bother you this much? I've hidden 3, (yes 6 years, and only 3 hides) all three WAY off the beaten path, one was stolen, and one was vandalized by kids. so 2/3 of my caches have been messed with. There was no way these could have been found easily without knowledge of this site or Geocaching. I took care of the situation and moved on. I understand that this guy's taunting etc has everyone in a "mood" but it's life... Some people are nice, and some aren't. If I didn't know about Geocaching, and I found a box of stuff in the woods and took it, am I a thief? I understand we are under the assumption that he knows about the game, but it IS stuff left out in public... If a gardener/hunter/hiker who had no knowledge of the game found a box of stuff in the bushes, and took it, is he/she a thief? I don't want to hear the analogy's about stuff in your front yard being "in the public" etc, that's just foolish... Yes, it sucks, yes, he doesn't seem nice, but is he a thief? He took something he found "in a stand of trees" and sold it. I've found all kinds of things while out and about, and taken them, and kept them. I could have easily sold these items. Does knowledge of "the game" make him a thief, or is it just because he seems like an unsavory character? I'm seriously not trying to piss people off, all of this just seems a little extreme... Also, nice work getting the stuff back in a legal way, and returning the items. There's a place upstairs for some of you.
  19. Car heater, we've done it before, it works pretty quick.. But if the log is wet in the first place, it's probably just going to get wet again, If it's a normal sized cache you could "baggie" it, but anything smaller (I'm looking at you breath strip container cache hiders) you'll just have to dry it if you want, and hope for the best. As Knight2000 said, a better container is in order.
  20. Congratulations! I've been caching for 6 years and barely hit 77 yesterday, wish I had more time to go out. When I do have the time, it's been some of the most quality time I end up spending with family and friends. Much better than sitting around BSing and watching movies/sports etc. Out in the woods time is the best.
  21. "and related caching themes from movies." ?? forum search for "gps movie" errors out because gps is only 3 characters and "movie" was too broad in it's results. Sorry if I've ruffled anyone's feathers....
  22. You might want to see this thread that's already had some replies. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=227182 -------- I've got a Garmin 60csx, and wouldn't trade it for any other currently available handheld.
  23. Go to another event cache, your faith in other cachers will be magically restored.
  24. Not to derail the thread, but someone brought up caches in movies, Has anyone seen "GPS The Movie" is it as bad as it sounds??
  25. Recently did my first cache IN a guys yard. Residential area, etc.. Cache page stated that neighbors know about it and were cool with it, but it was still a little weird walking up into a strangers front yard poking around in his bushes. So we sent the kids to do it. ;-) Caches around buildings are always a little touch and go, you have to trust your gut, if it just feels like I shouldn't be there, I'll sometimes just move on to the next cache.
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