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Do You Remember???


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This may be a question that will be harder for most but do you remember what you TOOK from your first cache?


My first cache was the Rail Trail Junction and I took a 'Stain Out Stick' for some reason and I don't know why. Looking back I wish I would have taken the Victory Mike handmade keychain or something but I took a darn stain out stick that I have yet to use and left a Comcast train key chain and a HO scale model railroad track piece to fit in with the theme.


I was wondering if you all remember what your first take was and how you feel about it now.



Coming Around, New Owner Of a Garmin GPS V Received on 10-03-02

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At our first cache, Little Leprechaun found a pocketknife... a sort of signature item for Puppyman, one of the most prolific Western PA cache finders.... and she was THRILLED. It also gave me an opportunity to talk to her about safe handling of a pocketknife. I've always been grateful that there was something cool in the first cache we visited, because it made it very easy to persuade her to tag along with me on future hunts. And, we've since become buddies with Puppyman and have a much Bigger Knife collection.



What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about?

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It was a red, white & blue barbell shaped rubber toy. Samson the Westie took immediate possession of it as soon as he saw it coming out of the backpack! He didn't pay any attention to the other stuff, but the minute he saw that toy, he knew it was his!!


We've gotten some nifty stuff since then. We keep them all in our signed & numbered ammo box that we picked up from the "FREE Ammo Box Cache" That was one tough hike for us, so we kept it as a cache goodie keeper!!


The Pet Posse


Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!

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I didn't have anything with me for my first, so I took nothing. Which meant I passed up a Clatmandu Prayer Flag on my very first cache. And I'd lurked at the site for a while, so I knew they were prized. I've since got myself one.


I believe the first thing I took from a cache was a bug-in-a-fake-icecube novelty item. I left a wheresgeorge dollar, and for the rest of the day, I kept looking at it and thinking, "I paid a buck for this?!" I've gotten over the materialism since then.

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.... because it wasn't the kewl booty we'd intended. We'd given the goody bag to our then 4 yr old to carry whilst we all set off hiking nowhere NEAR the cache (rookies, ha!). By the time we'd figured it out and tramped back to the car, MinnieGlynn had dropped the goodies and we never found them.


I unearthed a "McToy" from under the seat and that was all we had to leave in the cache. I was gratified the next day when I saw the log of the subsequent visitor and their child took the McToy we'd left.

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Had to think about this for a moment,, OUCH!!! My first cache to find had a good variety of things to choose from, i took a fishing lure because i enjoy fishing so much. Had forgotten to bring anything to swap out so i ended up leaving my Old Timer lockblade knife,, i still miss having that knife icon_smile.gif. Just finding my first cache was the big thrill for me!!!

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A day-glo golf ball from Dr Spyro's Challenge. I left a 50¢ coupon chip for the cafeteria at my wife's employment (a local hospital).


That was March 13, 2001.


I have an uncanny memory for every one of my Geocaching hunts and the boxes, surrounding areas and such. Maybe when I have 250 finds they won't all be clear, but for now, I remember each one like it was yesterday. icon_biggrin.gif



Chicago Geocaching

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Two green plastic army men. This afternoon I set them atop the knick-knack shelf in my new office. I'm expecting to have to do a lot of explaining about that shelf!




"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field.

When a man found it, he hid it again." Mt. 13:44

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From my first log:


Purchased my first GPS unit. A Garmin Legend and tried it out. My daughter and I found the cache in short order. Left some acorns and a penlight. Took a military patch and a WHEREISGEORGE bill.


I purchased my Garmin, checked my zipcode and noticed a cache within a mile of my house. Went there with my daughter. At the time I didn't know how to use the unit, so I wandered around the hill trying to match coordinates. Not the best way to find something, so it took some time. I didn't know about the navigation feature at the time. My daughter wanted to leave the acorns and after she followed me around for a while looking for this fairly easy (in retrospect) cache I wasn't going to argue. It was also my introduction to Where's Georging.


And to add to the story, I had signed my real name and when the cache owner was there for maintenance several months later he noted it. My surname is a very rare one, so he sent me an e-mail asking if I knew X & Y. He was asking about my father and brother and as it turned out, he was a retired cop who served with the same force as my dad and brother. Small world indeed!


"Life is a daring adventure, or it is nothing" - Helen Keller

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from my first cache* nothing, because i couldnt find it. a few days later i looked for my second* cache, which i didnt find either! finally on my third try for a cache i finally found one, i took the camo stick from skywatcher gorge icon_biggrin.gif

and if your wondering, no those first two were not there, i found out a few weeks later they had been stolen icon_frown.gif



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What I "first" remember of our first day Geocaching is falling into some murky water after the 2 x 4's slipped out from under me! As far as what we first took, I had to look back and find that actually the cache before the splash was our 1st one. We took a Cranberries cassette and some nail polish from our very first cache. We left a ceramic globe thing, a feather, action figure(?)! and what was actually a Magic Hat beer bottle cap which have all kinds of different sayings on it and this one mentioned something about fungus among us and there were a lot of mushrooms that day!!


PS--there was a camera in that splash cache and a picture of me was taken with it soaked to the neck in cruddy water! Too bad the camera was lost!

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Took a Smokey the Bear Patch,Left Sacajawea Dollar.The reason for the patch is sentimental in several ways, I grew up in the Gila Wilderness where Smokey came from,and I know the Ranger who placed the patch in the cache just ahead of me.and this Story about Theodore Roosevelt setting aside the National Parks Systems for future generations.....Left the Sacajawea Dollar with the note , May there be many More Lewis' and Clarks',This sport to me is like pioneering, learning history along the travels,setting marks and new goals along the path.


Tetrahedron in a sphere=GEOID=Perfect Pyramid. On all Planets there is a Geometric disturbance at 19.5 degrees!!!

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I took a cool little stubby screwdriver that takes the interchangeable bits. In its most compact form it is barely larger than a golf ball. The handle snaps open to reveal an extension and 2 double ended screwdriver bits.


I left a moderately cheap pocketknife with some scrimshaw art on it. Cash value of the screwdriver and knife were pretty close, roughly $5-$7

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I can't believe you posted such a great topic. Our little poster has grown up so quickly. I remember when you were just a little tot posting about being drunk, my, how you've grown. icon_wink.gif


Anyway, I do remember. It was with my daughter and my wife. My daughter found a miniature slinky toy shaped like a butterfly and all rainbow colored. I think I was so enthralled with the game that I was still leaving big expensive things like new cd's or leatherman tools. I have mellowed out a bit on buying expensive cache items, as I rarely take anything anymore. But, I do remember that butterfly slinky.


stealyourcache.gif Why are you allowed to argue passionately about Michael Jordan vs. Magic Johnson; why can people talk about horoscopes, astrology, reincarnation, drunken parties, one-night-stands, radical drug highs and the details of their sex lives...but I can't talk about my personal faith in Jesus Christ?

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The 1st item I took was Clatmandu's 100 Rupee bill from his Lunch Break cache. Left a booklet on container gardening and some scrapbooking stickers. After holding onto it for a while, placed it in a cache by the Mission Point lighthouse when we were on vacation. Scanned it in before I dropped it off, so I still have a picture of it icon_biggrin.gif


I walk the Maze of Moments, but everywhere I turn to, begins a new beginning, but never finds a finish..

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...without a GPS. Did it with maps and clues. At this first one (Grackle Spackle) i did not take anything but I did add a black hair band and a white plastic fork, along with 10 cents. It was just a ziplock bag hidden in some bushes. At my first find with my GPS (Trinkets to Go) I took a 1998 Area Code Handbook and a tiny bottle of Tabasco sauce. Left $1US and a ticket stub to the movie Signs. For some reason I seem to be into leaving cash at the cache. icon_smile.gif



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I was over at Southern Igloos' First. I'm glad I was at an easily found cache that day. I thought my heart was going to bust out of my chest as I was so excited over it.


I was permanently hooked from that point forward, 234 caches ago.


Now I wonder why I was satisfied with just MEERLY existing (as it was) before I started. I actually kind of kick myself for procrastinating getting started geocaching. icon_biggrin.gif

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My wife and I stumbled upon a cache (Bear Mt. Memories, now archived) during our wedding ceremony on top of the Mountain. It was a "take something leave nothing cache". Apparently each item in the cache had personal signifigance to the owner. The instrucions were to take an item, then email the owner telling him which item you selected. He'd then email back, explaining the signifigance of the item. Never did receive any reponse from the cache owner, so the signifigance remains a mystery.

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Took a Porche matchbox car and left a Susan B. Anthony dollar. Probably the closest I'll ever get to owning a Porche...


I remember that I almost put that Susan B. into a parking meter earlier, thinking it was a quarter!



"Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand."

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My kids and I found our first without a GPS. Took a dolphin mood charm and a smiley face metal ring. Both were probably from a gumball machine. My daughter still has the charm, and loves it more than anything else she has found. I think we left a bunch of state quarters. For the firs 5 finds, my kids traded. The first item I took for myself was at my 6th find, a little bottle of hand sanitizer.

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Believe it or not it was an enron stress bulb before the bust! icon_biggrin.gif


I had to go back and find it. Here is the log entry. But when I did I was surprised to see I beat neuman there. Ya.


Great place! I had to come back after a failed attempt on Sunday. After the rain it was muddy hard to navigate. I found it approaching from the bottom trail. It is in good shape. There where three young teenagers filming a movie for english class very close to the cache. As I was signing the log I heard them coming my way. They were on the upper trail I was already in a squatted position so I just remained still and they passed right in front but did not see me or the cache wew! I took the enron stress bulb and left some lithium battery's and added an other dollar. when I left The rain began to fall. By the time I got back to the parking place I was soaked Threw and Threw. GOD I LOVE THIS 1st find not the last.

Here it is the cache page.




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Here's my log: Walked right to it, and it was our first cache! But we know the park. We're heading to Macedonia and Blackrock next. We took the Mini Magna Doodle and left a Red Lobster Golden Lobster necklace. This is fun!

Planet and the Bryno


I left the magna doodle in the very next cache on the same day because we thought at the time it was all about moving these toys from here to there. I didn't find the forums until way later and I now know that I must leave good things and trade evenly or for better, in the beginning everything we took went into a subsequent cache. I have a Forrester with the entire back filled with stuff to trade. I am making homemade items to put in the caches too.


Cache you later,


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Well, my first cache was a micro - it was a coin hidden in a cemetary. The owner requested that the coin be left (no trading) so I couldn't trade for anything.


The first time I traded was later that day - I was the first person to find this cache, and I took a toy billiard game from the dollar store. Since that day was my introduction to geocaching, and I didn't have anything to trade, my "veteran"-cacher friend supplied me with a where's george dollar. icon_smile.gif

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This is what we wrote to log:


Hi !

This was the first traditional cache we have found. The forest near the outlook tower was incredibly full of all kind of trash, especially broken glass; it was like a dumping place. The slope was very difficult for the kids, we had to carry the younger one. Anyway, when we finally found the cache, quite easily in fact, with the help of the photos, the kids were very anxious. They chose a little buddha and a shell, and we left a wooden pin and a nice ball point pen.


By the way, there was an other cacher just next to this cache: a siberian nutcracker was hiding nuts on the ground!


Regards, Captain Morgan & Family

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2 years ago this coming Monday (10/22) I found my first cache which happened to be Dave Ulmer's (self proclaimed Creator of Geocaching) Original Stash. At the time, the cache container (black 5-gal bucket) still existed half buried in the ground, but the lid was broken and it was half full of water. Reaching into the abyss, I pulled out it's only remaining item - a can of black beans. I replaced the beans and put the lid back as best I could. Dave removed the plundered cache sometime thereafter and I ended up placing the Un-Original cache nearby which has since provided folks the pleasure of visiting the spot where this game/sport/activity all began icon_smile.gif



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