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  1. That's Frank Fugitive! Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  2. Ooops! I just thought the link to the pic was going in, not THE picture! Sorry! Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  3. Frank Rocks! People have been getting the best pics with this guy! Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  4. Thanks! Team Tierra Buena! The geocaching statement/policy you gave the link to was written by Rand Hubbell, whose email address I included above. Did you email to invite him & their group to attend the Roundtable discussion scheduled for Sept? He could be a powerful advocate for geocaching! Thanks again! Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  5. It was suggested that I post here in the general forums instead of the regional, because these issues obviously pertain to ALL areas, not just to Arizona Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  6. We gave a geocaching demonstration to a group of Arizona Park Rangers & administrators yesterday in Tucson, AZ. during their annual APRA convention. Of the many things discussed, simply asking for assistance in placing a cache on park grounds was most prominent and ways to get geocachers into the parks more often was another. The Maricopa County Parks & Recreation Dept. would very much like to see geocachers in their parks! Go to www.maricopa.gov/parks/ to see their parks. We're talking a LOT of acreage here in which to hide new caches! There are however two parks that Rangers are most concerned about. One is the Cave Creek Recreation area. There are a large number of sensitive archeolgical sites in this park being over run with foot & horse traffic of all kinds, and they would like a little more control over where the caches in this park are placed! So PLEASE check with Natalie Olson, the park supervisor, to ensure that your caches are placed in an appropriate area within this park! On a positive note, she left the seminar talking with several other rangers about hiding their own "Official Park Ranger" geocaches in the parks they patrol! How Cool is that?! The other is called San Tan Mountain Regional Park. If you have a cache hidden in this park, please remove it immediately and contact the ranger in charge to let them know it's been removed and that you will be happy to work with them for future re-placement!! This is a fairly new land aquisition for Maricopa County, which is in the middle stages of planning a new trail system and recreational facilities for this park. They explained that a couple of caches have been discovered in the park while surveying, caches obviously hidden without permission, and that 'Spider Trails' have formed near these caches. In fact, NOT following our own game rules by asking permission is so troubling to the powers that be, that they are considering a ban on all geocaches in this particular park! So please! Get your caches out of there now and work with the rangers to eventually replace them when the park is completed!! We've found that Rand Hubbell is very receptive and would look forward to mutual cooperation! He's the interim park supervisor at McDowell Mountain Regional Park & you may email him at randhubbell@mail.maricopa.gov Okay! Here's where we need your input: The Maricopa County Parks are basically "Fee For Use" parks, you pay $5 for the day's use. We suggested that they come up with an annual pass for geocachers, a "GEO-PASS" for unlimited access to all the parks for geocaching purposes! What do you think of this idea? Would you then use these "FEE" parks for geocaching? Input?? Anyone?? Bueller?? All in all, we had a great time discussing geocaching with everyone present and it was great watching them all have fun while running around trying to find the caches we hid for them! Feel free to contact us with any questions! Christy & Joe The Pet Posse Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  7. In Microsoft Word, how do you type the degrees symbol? Was it control + something??! Thank You!! Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  8. Oh my gosh! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! I was having a heck of a time finding info online for this product, my pc kept freezing up! I finally get which button does what, with your explanation!! As it turns out, the rangers will have 6 emaps on hand for us to use the day of the seminar, so we'll be able to get them ready for the demonstration cache hunts we have planned for them without any fuss, thanks to you!! Christy The Pet Posse Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  9. Friend was going out of town & couldn't explain how to use Garmin emap! Could someone please give some basic instructions on it's use? We need to program in the coords for 4 demonstration cache hunts we are doing for some Arizona Rangers next Wed, Aug 27! THANK YOU! Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  10. Yep! The squeaky wheel always gets the grease!!!!! Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  11. Thanks to everyone emailing with generous offers of gps's!! We should be okay in that area, so thanks again! Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  12. We'll be going to Tucson Aug 26 to speak with Az Park Rangers about geocaching. If any Az Cachers have SPECIFIC issues or concerns, please help by emailing us with all questions. So far, the rangers' major concerns are caches located on or near archeological sites. We'll be taking several types of caches along with us for 'show & tell' and we'll be setting up a quick cache hunt to take them on near the conference center. We'd appreciate any & all assistance! I know it's an awful lot to ask, but we could use the loan of a few extra GPS's to take along for the demo hunt. Thank You! Joe & Christy The Pet Posse Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  13. Oh My God!! Was that ever FUNNY!! He SHOULD be writing for a living! Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  14. We've considered it, and we'd love to do it! Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  15. What about the cache at Tonto Natural Bridge, near Payson, AZ? That is a very beautiful area! I have a very nice digital camera & we are hoping to make a quick trip up there this month. I think the cache is called End of the Rainbow, check it out and let me know if you're interested, there are a few pictures in the logs. The Pet Posse Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  16. Wow! That's kind of an awesome opportunity! Big responsibility as well! If one of our more experienced local cachers doesn't step up, we'll consider it. Drop us a line! bootsmcgee3@cox.net Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  17. What was the name of that cache you were hiding on the show, Jeremy???? Is it still around? Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  18. Man! You Leprechauns sure spent an awful lot of time and NEGATIVE energy on that little project, didn't ya??!! Not to mention a whole lotta SPITE, VENOM, & HATE!!!! Verrrry impressive!! I've had just about all the "Harry Highschool" mentality that I can stomach, so it's time to change the channel! click Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  19. I live in Phoenix and am always on the lookout for a "Big Dubbuya" palm tree formation to tie into a cache! Thought I had struck gold one day driving out near Sun City, but it was just an illusion. Still looking! Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  20. That is just sooooo awful! Sorry that you had that experience! We too had to move a cache because someone thought that our nicely concealed cache spot would be a nicely concealed place to take a big ol' dump!! Talk about a nasty surprise while doing maintenance! At least it wasn't IN the cache container like yours was! Eeeewwww!!! Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  21. Traveling to Laguna Beach to see the Pageant of the Masters next week, waaaaay looking forward to that!! We'll be doing some caches in the area & dropping off a new TB, so we wondered if anyone could suggest some good caches in that area. Thanks so much! The Pet Posse Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  22. Woo Hoo! I was right on target with my guess for the Chicago hunt! Come on Arizona for the next treasure location! I did pretty well on the Calif. one too, guessed it to be right next to the actual site! TOOT! TOOT! (tooting my own horn!) Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  23. Truthfully Dru Morgan, I would NEVER presume to force my opinions upon anyone! I was merely voicing my own opinion in a simple statement. I thought that was what this forum was for? I'm sorry if I came off as forceful, that was not my intention. After all, my two cents is only worth two cents to me and me alone! To WorldTraveler, I am after all just human, with human faults, as are we all! I try to be a good person, to grow and learn by my mistakes. I live my life as if each day were the last, I openly express love and treat others with respect and dignity. Sometimes though, it gets very difficult. There are a few things that I do find intolerable. Narrow-mindedness for instance! Also predjudice and injustice. Of course there's the obvious stuff, like torture, murder, rape, war & other types of mindless distruction! Aren't those the things that we SHOULD find intolerable??!! Those and many others! I also find that people who enjoy ripping other people to shreds in online forums quite distasteful and on the verge of being intolerable!! I notice that people do that a lot here in these forums. Unfortunate. Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
  24. Well said GPSaxaphone!!! Tolerance should be the word of the day! Heck! It should be everyone's mantra! Hopefully NudeCacher will take your well spoken words to heart! Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!
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