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  1. <Wave to Polgara, Jenn, Salvilinus, et al...> Me too
  2. Hey, as an owner of a yellow Jeep Wrangler (bought it after finding YJ Fever as my 100th cache), can I get an early reserved spot for my name on the list to recieve one of the extra 1000 YJTB's? They're so cute, and I already have some ideas for my contest photo!
  3. These are from our "Left Nothing, took another dump" event in southeastern PA: http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/d6696...bd8b0597869.jpg More pictures in the gallery Everyone did a great job, and worked really hard. Thanks to all!
  4. We'll be there! We're looking forward to seeing everyone and having a great weekend. I hope the weather holds.
  5. This thread has gone a whole different direction than what I intended. Can we just agree to politically disagree and stick with the humor? No one is going to change anyone else's opinions here.
  6. Tomebug will probably be mad at me for linking the photo from one of her logs I noticed that! I thought it was great (the comparison).
  7. I'm with ya! I hit 200 the day they died. Yay for me.
  8. My favorite hiking and caching companion, Mason the Dalmation, needs a new home. We found out a few days ago that we have to move, and will be in an apartment for a while, so we can't take her with us. She is 7 years old and was a runt, so she is only about 45 lbs. which is a bit small for a female. She does not have a Dalmation personality. She is not hyper, deaf or unpredictable. She is fully house broken and doesn't jump on people or furniture. She is great with our two kids and we will miss her. We've had her since she was a puppy and she has been my hiking and caching companion for years. She's very smart and sweet, she loves to cuddle and to play. I've taken her on about 75 cache hunts and she seems to have finally started to understand what we're looking for, she's sniffed out 3 of them for me. I guess she's not too bright, lol. Actually, she's very smart. We live in Eastern Pennsylvania, and I can deliver her to you if you're within a few hours drive. As a bonus, I drive a yellow Jeep so you could claim my Jeep as a find for Yellow Jeep Fever. What more could you ask for?? Here are a couple of pictures: It breaks our hearts to see her go, but we'll feel better knowing she'll be in a good home. If any of you can help me, or know someone who can, either post it here or send me an email.
  9. Count me in. Mine is an original logo I made up, drawn by me and based on the Jeep logo because I love my Wrangler!
  10. Tomebug


    My kids were out playing in the yard a few days ago and came inside with their hands full of blueberries from our yard. We just moved here last summer from SoCal and I had NO idea we had them out there! After a quick check with the neighbors to make sure they were indeed blueberries, we made a plate full of BB pancakes and some BB muffins to share. YUMMY!
  11. Stay at home, homeschooling mom of 2. Although we're hardly ever home!
  12. So, Leatherman, who's hand is that? And did it finally heal?
  13. I have taken pictures of every cache I've visited. I have put them into a scrap book, along with the name of the cache, the co-ords, the date and a small journal of each experience. Each book holds 50 finds, plus any I have hidden during that time. I'm working on my 4th book now, actually, I better get on it today so they'll be ready to take to "Red Rock and Rolls" this weekend. My scrapbooks seem to be a hit at the picnics, and I enjoy showing them off a little. I love the pictures I have taken because they remind me of exactly why I like to cache. Beautiful scenery, fun trips with friends, challenging, or not so challenging, terrain, and all the great places caching has taken me.
  14. We'll be arriving Friday night, probably after6 or 7, and staying until Sunday. I'm going to print an 8x10 copy of the GC logo to post at the front of our spot. Since some of us are only staying either Friday or Saturday night, maybe this is a good idea so that we don't accidentally bother the muggle campers who stay in those spots on the alternate night? Feel free to let me know if this is a lame idea, lol.
  15. My husband and I were camping for the first time together about 10 years ago. We were laying on a blanket by the fire (now coals) looking at the starts. I saw what I thought was a satellite moving slowly across the sky. As I watched, it just stopped. I remember thinking it was as if it just parked, and looked just like any other stationary star. Don't know what the heck it was.
  16. Diamond back rattler--in CA, my daughter almost stepped on it. Gopher snake--in CA, I almost stepped on it. Red tailed hawk--flew out of a bush about 15 feet from me and if I wasn't so startled I could have reached out my arm and touched it as it flew by. Vulture--sat on a telephone pole above the cache. 11 inch lizard--on the same hike as the rattler. Deer--a few times Wild turkey--on the way back home. Grouse--startled me as they flew out of the shrubs in front of me. Horse--wearing a bridle and leg wraps, wandering around on the trail as my kids and I hiked back to our car. We cought him and eventually found the owner, who had lost him while switching saddles. Lucky for my daughter, she got to ride around on his back while we combed the neighborhood looking for the owner. [This message was edited by Tomebug on April 16, 2003 at 10:25 AM.]
  17. We're getting closer to the date, and I am really looking forward to it! I'll bring buns and condiments for the hot dogs and hamburgers.
  18. I'm descended from William Brewster, printer and passenger on the Mayflower. Also King Edward the 1st and through him-Charlemagne. My husband is descended from the brother of General Worth (as in Ft. Worth, Texas) and rumor has it, Pat Garrett, who allegedly shot Billy the Kid. There are also lots of farmers, goat herders, laborers and tradesmen. One of my many times great-grandmother's smuggled food to her father in the tollbooth prison in Edinburgh, and later stole his execution orders from the letter carrier by disguising herself as a boy and ambushing and beating him up on the side of a dark country road. He (her father) was later released with a pardon. I have tons of family history information and love the history if it all.
  19. I have 5 bugs out there. One is a personal bug, one is still going after a year but seems to move very very slowly, this one went missing after one move, so I re-started it with the copy tag, then it went missing after the second move. This one was picked up and apparently kept by the first person to get it. This one is my best performer. It has moved 11 times in 13 months, and is not all that far away from reaching it's goal, which was to follow me across the country after I moved. I'm knocking on wood now because I've probably jinxed it.
  20. You can send your pocket queries file to this link, and check the box for a "plain text" file to return. You'll have to edit it a bit once you get it, but it works.
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