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There are 5 caches within 10 miles of my home. One of them is mine. Believe it or not.....I've found them all!


So your daily cache streak is, what, 4 days?


Despite some of these high numbers with 1000, 2000 or more caches within 10 miles, for a very large portion of the world 5 caches (and fewer) within 10 miles is far more common. There a lot of countries that don't have that many caches in the entire country. I'm glad that the OP started this thread as is illuminates just how diverse geocaching environments are, even within the U.S.



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Actually I live 3.2 miles south of the middle of nowhere. :rolleyes:


So Washington State (sorry for the stalking) has claims to both the center of the universe *and* the middle of nowhere?

Pretty much! Come and visit us already, we have it all! :laughing::ph34r:


I've been trying to convince my boss to do just that. I've been working on a project that's funded by a large grant from a well known foundation located in Seattle. At our last face-to-face meeting (here, in Ithaca) with members of the foundation they indicated that funding for travel would not be an issue, but as technical lead for the project there is a ton of work to do and my boss thinks I that traveling across the country will take up too much development time. I might get there sometime in June, though I wish it were sooner as I'd also use it as an opportunity to visit my 84 year old father (who has been having health issues) as well as my aunt and cousins that way out on the Olympic peninsula. Plus, I'd like to take a ferry over to Canada and finally add it to my list of countries.


As far as having it all goes, I've basically lived in California and New York my entire life. I can think of a few places in those states that Washington does not have.



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228 within a 10 mile radius of my home.


37 of the caches are mine (16%).


I haven't found 10 yet (4%) (4 puzzles, 3 killer-tough multi's, and 3 traditional).


I was just complaining to my wife yesterday how just getting to a new cache location in my area is starting to take up quite a bit of time. Now I know why... :yikes:

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There are 74 caches within 10 miles from home out here in country Australia. Of those 32 are my own. From the remaining 42, I have found 34 of them. Problem is, one of the remaining ones is a 366 day challenge cache, which is not easy to achieve when you don't have too many close to home!

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Hadn't done this for a while... Ok 16km radius of home now shows 77, one is mine. That's up from 8 (0mine) back when I started in 2008. One of those 8 was archived. So we are starting to get more all the time.

One kicker to all of those results is that some of them are within the 10 mile/16 km radius, but require 200 to 300 km drive/hikes to get to since they are tough from right here... anyone with valley systems and no connector roads knows what I mean... I don't have a quad so that is one reason... another is that coal mine leases have blocked lots of land one could hike over. Still it's not that bad, outside the radius, things are increasing even faster but you still have long drives to get there... which is fine if you have a ride.


Edit: Have to say thanks too! Scanning the areas around here, I found at least 4 new ones listed, but outside the zone... have to think about a caching trip soon.


Doug 7rxc

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871 total active caches within 10 miles.


440 unfound caches within 10 miles. Most are urban micros which bore me to tears, and are good only for filling in dates where I need a cache. Like today. :P


The totals do not include about 175 caches on my Ignore List within that 10-mile radius.


I've found 953 caches within the 10-mile radius, 529 of which have been archived by now.


Columbus, Ohio area.




P.S. My thanks to Clyde and the other folks who maintain GSAK for making these numbers easy to get at.

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For some reason I find this absolutely fascinating. So I tried finding a better solution in Project GC. Within 16km there are indeed over 3000 caches! (use Maps - Map Compare)

Blue: The 771 caches that only terratin has taken.

Red: The 2401 caches that neither has taken

It almost crashed my browser :lol:

There's a lot of water in that area as well :yikes:


New home:

Blue: The 19 caches that only terratin has taken.

Red: The 72 caches that neither has taken

Oh well.. there's still some 390 caches within caching distance for us.


Mrs. terratin

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If I figured this out correctly (I entered my home address as the start location and searched for caches within 10 miles, right?), we have 867 within the ten mile radius. Actually, I thought it would be more! This suburban area is pretty cache-saturated. However, a fair amount of the area is either US Government property, including an airport, or covered by paved roads, so maybe 867 is correct. A lot of them (too many)are micros!

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Only 189 for me. So far that's not a problem, as I've just started out and the field is not yet full of smileys. But I worry that if/when one of those challenges for consecutive days finding a cache (like the 31 days last August, I believe?) comes along, I'll have found most of the ones nearby and have to travel too far afield to make attaining such a challenge a realistic goal.

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It's not quite working so well in Denmark, but it's not off by too much. Anyway, using 16km for 10 miles I get:


Total Records: 3115 - Page: 1 of 156


Beat that! B)


Just check that the site isn't treating your 16km as 16 miles :(


I thought the total from my original calculation was a bit on the high side so I plotted the final cache in the list on Google Earth and used the ruler tool to measure the distance in miles to my house - and it was 16 miles rather than 10.

I stuck in 16km and got a response of 910. Sure enough, I read your post and realized it was treating it as 16 miles. My method was simply to skip to the last page of results and confirm it was showing caches 25km away in my search results.


My actual 16km search total is 253 -- big difference as ten miles keeps me from hitting the Calgary city limits where the cache density shoots up dramatically.

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Is this a PM feature cos mine doesn't find anything within 100 miles of my workplace?


The search by address feature on the Hide and Seek a Cache page sometimes has issues when trying to search using a full address or city name. Assuming that your first find is near your home location, entering the coordinates for that cache shows 462 caches within 10 miles.

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Morning all, just out of interest i did a search for caches within a 10 mile radius from my home and found there where 511 caches.


I thought it might be interesting to see how that compares to others, I know this will vary widely depending on your location.

I get 572 - so you must be a wee bit closer to the sea maybe than I am :-)


The search thingy does seem to work only in miles though. I use km as my standard units and with 16km in the box it gives you caches up to 25 km away - put 10 in the box and you get them up to 16 km away. Odd coding error to make.

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Is this a PM feature cos mine doesn't find anything within 100 miles of my workplace?


The search by address feature on the Hide and Seek a Cache page sometimes has issues when trying to search using a full address or city name. Assuming that your first find is near your home location, entering the coordinates for that cache shows 462 caches within 10 miles.


Thanks and yes it is :D

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We've had four different home addresses so far, with some interesting differences in cache density.


Wiesbaden, Germany: 2,247 (!!!)

Charlottesville, Virginia: 264 currently (there were less than 100 in this radius when we lived there, but caching has picked up)

Montgomery, Alabama: 518

Medicine Park, Oklahoma: 277


We've enjoyed every place we've lived so far...but oh, how we miss living in Germany...

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