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  1. Depends totally on the situation. When out and about walking or cycling I usually use a super old and super light arc'teryx backpack. I often have it in my car as well. When going somewhere for a few nights or by plane I usually pack my big Anvanda backpack and leave the stuff I don't need during daytime in my accommodation. Otherwise... might just be a simple shoulder bag, something in my jacket pocket, or whatever. Really, totally depends on the situation.
  2. When you mentioned gc43 I thought you'd come down from the top I scrambled up after doing this cache for a Wherigo. Don't recommend, especially not when the vegetation is higher than you.
  3. Ah yes, I have a new one! Rain, cycling around, stop for a cache which seems to be on a fence in the middle of a cattle grid (well, on both sides of it). I very carefully walk over, still slip because rain and cattle grid is a poor combination, somehow end up with one foot between bars and fall on my nose. And then realize that my foot went in, but would not go out. So took shoe off, squeezed foot out, squeezed shoes out, cursed thoroughly. Gave up on the cache. The bruises are amazing though!
  4. Another province in the Netherlands finished. (I'm still missing some 100 municipalities in total but 6 provinces are now complete and a further one nearly)
  5. I'm still hoping to see an EarthCache challenge with a geology-themed final. What makes me grumpy are challenges that are difficult, I work for and succeed, and then there's a challenge cache with a totally unrelated tree climb/angling/other T5 or D5 stuff.
  6. Agreed! Those scooters are only allowed to do... I think 25km/h here, and even that's in parts pushing it because you're not allowed to go on roads. So there are people whizzing about on sidewalks on a fast vehicle that you don't always hear. Don't get me wrong, I used those a few times on city trips and similar, and they are super convenient but some people should stay away from them.
  7. Bruises, tumbles, hanging on a branch that breaks off and hits me on my head? All standard. The worst was a proper scare because I stumbled and managed to fall with my hand into an old syringe. Police of course didn't tell me there are medications you can take right after such injury and so I waited 3 more days until my gp was open again to discuss. Ugh. But yeah, all was fine.
  8. I couldn't do it because I don't care about dogs nor do I know anything about dogs or movies with dogs. So... I guess I'm not a tracker.
  9. Whoops! I feel honoured! It's quite a lovely walk. And Alderney is fab and worth a few days anyway
  10. I guess my goal will be the same as every year: find ECs, visit nice geology, cache in new countries. The rest will happen, or not.
  11. I logged a WA on one such event and then moved away. When it was published again the owner made an announcement that they will delete all old logs and people should log a new WA. Was clear and easy.
  12. Wow, amazing photos Goldenwattle! Thanks for sharing.
  13. There you go I've chosen all caches between Jan 2000 and Dec 2002
  14. A single car trip of 18k km? Wow, that's totally something I could not imagine! And especially with current petrol prices in Western Europe. Ok, lets think thus through. My wee car does about 5l/100km on relaxed longer distance rides. So that's 900l. At currently gas prices we're talking about 1800 Euro just for gas
  15. Same here! LPCs are just not a thing in Europe. The real LPC was in Calgary. But I did play snow golf at a continental divide monument in the Rockies. Aim was to find info on a plaque on the ground. So dug hole into knee-deep snow. Nope. Next side: still nope. Third side: NOPE! Fourth side: yay! Guess that counts as a bogie.
  16. Wow, what an amazing trip! For the Balkan countries bus services are really good and super affordable. Went from Montenegro to Dubrovnik and Mostar this summer and payed about 25 Euro and 40 Euro for a return, bought hours before the trip thus cheaper should be possible. It's not comfortable, and crossing borders takes ages as everyone needs to get off the bus when exiting, wait for everyone and the bus to pass through, get on again, repeat upon entering the new country. Also, buying the tickets is a bit of a hassle. If you're lucky you find someone at a bus station who speaks English (not very likely). Otherwise if you buy online you usually need to print the tickets somewhere. But I'm kind of considering traveling to the remaining Balkan countries this way.
  17. Project Fryslân planned for November. Few nights on the left red island, then a few nights in Leeuwarden with a visit to the right island, and the remaining missing municipalities will happen at various times during this trip Also planned a visit to the oldest still operational planetarium in the world and a pumping station on the UNESCO list, and a surprise concert in the middle of nowhere in yet another historical pumping station. Plus I'll hopefully visit all remaining ECs apart from 2 or so that require a special boat charter or waddensea walk. Sounds like a perfect trip Now lets see what the weather is doing.
  18. When you find your summer vacation destination for next year One new country and more ECs than I could do in 3 weeks
  19. But would that be a problem? Those people never found a cache in Russia. Hey, I cheated, I know I cheated and I still keep my reward. Cool. But that discussion is moot anyway as the cache is archived and changed back to Poland.
  20. Yeah, sounds more difficult for you. Sorry I could still spend my summer vacation on one of the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man (or Greenland, should I suddenly get stinking rich). Got beaches, possibly sunny. Just not warm
  21. Back home from a wonderful summer vacation. From now on finding summer vacation destinations in Europe, with nice weather, sea and a new country will be difficult. Bulgaria and Slovenia are still options, but I've looked at Bulgaria before and only found terrible, overrun mass tourism places. And Slovenia seems rather expensive. Maybe Albania, even if it's on my geomap already from a day trip. But I'd like to see more of that country. Oh dear.. the problems of someone who loves to visit a new country ever so often.
  22. Ok, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a fact after the most ridiculous trip ever (well, kind of only). Got up at 6:30, drove to bus station in Montenegro, waited for delayed bus. Bus arrived in Mostar with a delay of two hours, but that left me ample time to find a few caches, get a DNF, visit a marvelous Spomenik and just do some general sightseeing. Going back tomorrow, and based on this experience I don't really expect to be back before dinner.
  23. I always log in English, regardless of where I am and whether I speak the language or not. I don't know... it just happened that way. The logs are for me, and who knows, 30 years down the road I might have forgotten language xyz. However, if I know the language then I log will attends, needs maintenance, etc in the local language, and do send in EC answers in as well.
  24. You could put them on the ignore list, and when you're zoomed in enough you won't see them anymore. Simples. Btw, judging by my stats I do seem to like ECs a wee bit
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