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  1. I'm fairly local to the OP I believe and would also like to know the reason for the virtual teaspoon, as it was in one of the first caches I found and I've seen it many places since! On the subject: isn't it just a matter of 'something for everyone'? I've spent a few days over the holidays pottering around some brilliant churches and thoroughly enjoying it. I'm never going to be able to trek up a mountain, crawl through a tunnel, scuba dive or - as somebody elsewhere in the forums seems to want to do - skydive down to a cache. If I want to collect Church Micros/Village Signs/What Have Yous, what's the harm? Set your own targets and avoid/ignore those that don't appeal, same as any other aspect of the game. A cache is a cache, there's no rule says they have to appeal to everyone all the time...
  2. I have the usual antiseptics about, yes. Someone also said soak it in hot water, very hot but that kind of goes against the grain for something that's swollen. The walk was going so well up till then... I feel such a wimp when cachers in other countries are fighting off the rattlesnakes!
  3. I managed to come across a blackthorn the wrong way this afternoon whilst caching and have the usual tiny bit of broken off blackthorn stuck in the knuckle of my hand (at the bottom of my index finger, on the joint). It's too tiny for me to get out on my own, there's nobody around to help and being Sunday the minor injuries clinic isn't open till tomorrow morning. Having had this happen to fingertips many times I know it's not realistically going to get any better until the thorn fragment is out but - sorry if I'm being a wuss here - this is unbelievably painful! Put it this way, I once had a (shod) horse tread on my hand, pretty much mash it and this feels worse! Don't know if it's because it's on the joint or what but does anybody know if I can do to soothe it a bit until I can have a friendly nurse look at it? Google is suggesting various horse-related veterinary items I don't have handy...
  4. There is one inside here Quite a long way inside here... the published co-ordinates are for the entrance and then there is a very 'hint-y' hint to help you pinpoint the cache itself.
  5. I've had that too... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=fb94197c-d88d-40d5-9a2f-8f5c3a1f471b And then http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=b081ce81-96da-45e1-8d92-cad7c77b4883
  6. That's interesting. In most States in the US, there's a thing called right-of-way. Property owners usually own (and pay taxes for) to the public road. The right-of-way is for road crews and utility workers, not public access. Can't tell how many hides we've seen dropped directly in front of no trespassing/posted signs, like the CO thought he has a right to be there, when it was simply the only/nearest tree the owner could hang it 10' from the road. In the U.K., it's the Queen's Highway, maintained (allegedly, though I've bottomed out down a few potholes that would tell you different!) by County Council Highways Departments, upon which everybody has a right of way unless advised otherwise, paid for through annual vehicle licensing. 'Obstruction of the Queen's Highway' is still an offence at law. The residents who reported us didn't even live in the same road: we were in a side-street, their house some way back along the main road had a view of the cache site.
  7. We didn't get shouted at, but this: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=971584e6-e80b-47d2-9372-0bf6e04a1e71 And then this: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=a60854bb-cafe-40ac-a00a-408cd3b5e675 Has to have been the world's slowest police 'chase'. should also add that the cache we were spotted finding is in a tree at the side of a public road - not on or near private property.
  8. On the Project-GC site it says: "There are two ways for Project-GC to detect your FTFs. Either you tag your logs with one of these tags: {*FTF*} {FTF} (FTF). Alternatively you can add an FTF bookmark list under Settings that will be checked once per day." You might find that you won't see the updated FTF list until tomorrow if you logged your find today.
  9. Yes, it does, but as I said earlier, there's nothing in the settings but an ignore list; none of the usual forum controls (as shown on the screenshot I posted). On Chrome, everything active.
  10. I tried the down arrow but the only forum setting there is for an ignore list, or it wings me straight to my GC profile page. Where would I go to amend forum profile (not GC profile) or forum settings? There doesn't appear to be anything. The help page gives information about a forum control panel but I'm not seeing it. What it says on the 'help' page:
  11. Where can I find the control panel/settings for the forum, please? There's a 'cog' icon top right of my screen but this only brings up a search page.
  12. It will show on the 'BadgeGen' tab of the statistics on your profile page.
  13. My OH is working on one at the moment; it will be an outer container for a waterproof/secure inner. Looking okay so far; the right hand nut has a hinge at the back for the mouth to open. Still a work in progress.
  14. No need to use data. Just walk the ~50 feet to the nearest branch of Charbucks/Costa/Nero/Mcdonalds/whatever and use their wifi. I have an app which allows me to use the wifi of any other user of the same network who has opted into the programme (run by the largest ISP in the UK). If there are homes or businesses anywhere nearby you can bet at least one of them will have a signal I can use. More likely than me being near one of those outlets, as I don't do much urban stuff.
  15. Someone always brings this up... You don't NEED cell coverage - or for the UK, a mobile signal - to cache with a smartphone. GPS is independent of those signals. You store caches at home for offline use, and away you go. For those who can't justify the expense of a dedicated GPSr or don't wish to, you can do perfectly well without one. (n.b. Yes a smartphone can be expensive, but you already have one, or you wouldn't be caching with it. See above re. data usage/costs. If you should want to see if there is a cache nearby, off the cuff, then yes, you'll need a signal and will use data downloading those details. Then you store it, and off you go.
  16. If you want an app which offers maps to which you can input co-ordinates (ANY co-ordinates, not just those relating to geocaches) to which you can navigate using GPS, you could try Viewranger. There are a number of free online maps available and you can also select and buy maps to store offline. I use it as a adjunct to dedicated caching apps and find it very useful.
  17. 818 for me, a whole one of which is mine (I double checked). That's from my home location but I actually do most of my caching in the same area as Armsey.
  18. South Essex (UK) is not big on raccoons, but there is a large urban fox population and they're pretty tame and fearless so it wouldn't surprise me if one did 'muggle' a cache. A couple of years ago there was one living near my folks' garden and it regularly stole stuff from the house next door - including their dog's toys, a watering can and on one occasion a shoe that the neighbour said had been inside the kitchen door - and brought it into the folks' garden to play with. And chew... That said, if the cache is in a fox den, it shouldn't be. If it's a 'den' in the sense of a 'camp' or fort built by kids in woods, then it's bound to disappear/get trashed. New home needed I think!
  19. Not s serious injury, but wounded feelings. Out caching with Other Half and dog (Sykes), I got a huge thorn in the end of a finger and pulled it out the wrong way, which caused an amount of bleeding; I had nothing to dress it with. At some point some of my blood dripped on the dog. We DNFd and went onto the next cache; some time later OH practically shrieked: 'OMG Sykes has got blood all over him! What's he done?!'; I said 'No it's okay, it's my blood: I dripped on him.' OH said 'Oh that's alright then'... and walked off. Nice to know they care, isn't it?
  20. Found this on the way to http://coord.info/GLC95VC4 . I wonder if it will ever be on the way somewhere ever again...
  21. I've not been caching that long either - three months short of two years, and am in the UK too. Some of my most memorable finds have been micros in the countryside. They lend themselves well to clever engineered hides or custom-made outer containers; they're not all film pots chucked in a bush. Certainly at this time of year I'd rather be looking out for something a bit 'different' than scrabbling around in damp leaf mulch, bent-double, looking for a tupperware box at the base of a tree, but to each his own and if you're taking kids along then yes, a nice swaggy box probably makes the find; the same goes if you have a trackable to move on, but you shouldn't dismiss micros out of hand. There's loads of different types of hide out there and I would think it's probably best to be open minded about what you might enjoy finding. In the UK we don't actually have that much 'wilderness' country, it pretty much all belongs to somebody - or the government - in some way, so most of your finds are likely to be on or very close to footpaths rather than the literal 'middle of nowhere'. Also: ask any UK CO about the stolen ammo can issue!
  22. Yes, that's the number I'm getting. How did you acquire your impression about the fifty miles? I just looked it up in the help centre and it doesn't seem to state a limit anywhere there, either.
  23. I've just tried to edit my notifications to increase the search area for newly published caches, and it doesn't seem to be happening. As I try to edit, the site tells me that my changes have been saved in the system, but two of the three I wanted to change haven't, they have reverted to my original setting and the third one seems to have picked a random number, certainly not the distance I wanted. Is there a restriction on distance? I checked the 'detailed instructions' link on the notifications page and it didn't show one; or is there some kind of blip?
  24. Ha! I was going to mention the mozzies, too. I spent a couple of summers in Sweden as a kid, and in the words of my Swedish friend: 'You must wear a clothes with long arms otherwise the small animals eat you!'.
  25. I've been caching eighteen months. I want to burn ALL the ivy... My priorities, or targets, whatever you want to call them, do change as time goes by. I wanted to get to 500 by the end of this year and have just managed that. Because of physical limitations it's very doubtful that any 5/5s will come my way but I'd like to manage at least one 5* difficulty puzzle with lesser terrain (got one solved but the cache disappeared and it was archived, curses!). At the moment I'd like to get at least 50% of the D/T combinations and fill in some of the empty dates on my calendar as I had a long slump last autumn/winter for health problems. Maybe a few FTFs. I find that things suggest themselves: find all the caches by a particular C.O. or in a particular area; just stuff to keep things interesting.
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