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  1. Hi all, Has the upper limit on the size of a list increased? I always thought it was 1000, but this list contains considerably more. And assuming I'm able to populate a list with more than 1000 caches, can I make a PQ from that list to return them all? Again, I thought that had an upper limit of 1000. Apologies if I missed the memo :-)
  2. Group G is England's group, so England, Panama, Belgium, Tunisia
  3. Thanks for the ding and apologies for the late reply. Next question: Only one London station on the Monopoly board wasn't mentioned in the previous question, either in my answer or in speakers-corner's reply. Name it. (point of information, s-c, hasn't that got a tube connection as well?)
  4. Kings Cross/St Pancras, Liverpool Street, Paddington, Waterloo, Euston Road.
  5. Thanks very much, and here's the next question: Yesterday (or today, depending on how you look at it) was the 26th anniversary of the so-called Velvet Divorce. Who got divorced?
  6. Algeria - Algiers Tunisia - Tunis Mexico - Mexico City Brazil - Brasilia Sweden - Stockholm
  7. That's a Ding for you! Baden Powell and his wife, (and Brucie, and Julie Walters, and George Washington and me too) were born on February 22.
  8. I also wouldn't want to limit the reasons to just two. Off the top of my head, here's a few reasons why we might give a cache a favourite point. Cleverly-hidden container Unusual container Aesthetically nice location Big container Cool puzzle or other means of obtaining the co-ords. Something interesting at the cache location. Just a generally great experience finding the cache Putting a favourite point on the final cache of a series because you enjoyed the series in general The last one is in italics as we wouldn't do it personally (we tend to award FPs to individual caches on their own merits), but I've seen it happen a lot so added for completeness.
  9. Not what I'm after. Although she became Chief Guide, you'd argue either he founded Guiding himself or his sister did. I'm after something all the people mentioned have in common (including me), as well as the Baden Powells.
  10. Thanks for the ding. The last question was asked in the spirit of Bruce Forsyth, with whom I have something in common. Also Julie Walters and George Washington amongst others. And also Lord Baden Powell. With that in mind, what unusual commonality did Lord Baden Powell have with his wife? (aside from being married of course)
  11. Bumping this - I suspect Boggin's Dad has hit the nail on the head?
  12. See screenshot below.... I have an "instructions" item, to give instructions on how to play the cartridge. I was hoping the steps would display in numerical order (i.e. also alphabetical order) as it is logical in terms of the instructions they're receiving. But I want all steps to display simultaneously, not in a strict linear order, because they refer forwards and backwards. Any idea how/if this can be achieved? Edit: I've tried this on the iPhone and the emulator and both give me a different, but not numerical order.
  13. That's a ding for Pajaholic. Francoise Hollande (now Emmanuel Macron) is co-Prince of Andorra by virtue of being President of France, the other co-Prince being the Bishop of Urgell in Spain.
  14. All good guesses but all monarchies but not republics. If I told you the role changes hands this month....
  15. Right, apologies for going AWOL last time. Here's one for you - who is the only person who is a monarch and a head of state of a republic at the same time?
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