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  1. No big surprise there!
  2. Exactly right to rate it at the highest level that may realistically apply on a regular ongoing basis, mentioning that at some times it may be easier!
  3. It sure does. A reviewer won't approve the cache, and if the reviewer only finds out the full story later, he or she will archive the cache at that time. Your modified brick is a good, creative handcrafted cache that could be used elsewhere, though, in a place where there will be no confusion or any scenario where cachers appear to be disassembling a deteriorating wall.
  4. Yep,that's what I've heard called the blue hour. Usually there is enough light to create images without any need for post-processing.
  5. Hey, that beats my blue screen!
  6. Volunteerism helps, and, as in all of life, little gifts make the world go around!
  7. On this side of the pond it's coffee, in the UK, tea.
  8. With a possible exception if people play Frisbee there for hours without objection, IMHO.
  9. Re: 3D printing. The key is the specific model machine. Some use smaller filament and are therefore more precise: you need to try different options and see which have sufficient quality results.
  10. Stealthily caching in the cache.But not suspicious cartoonish "stealth" that attracts extra attention.
  11. Or toss into pocket, then sit down and process. The key tip was to not suddenly stop when you find the cache, because that catches the attention of muggles.
  12. Most of the mid-grade or "consumer" printers leave a rough texture on the "printed" pieces. You needa higher end unit to get acceptable results(borrow or rent,for example at a makrspace as suggested).
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