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  1. I load caches from my PC to my Nuvii 500 and when I get to within a 10th of a mile of the cache I park and out comes the smart phone or the Montana 600 for the search at ground zero.
  2. Heli Leo

    Where I Go

    Thanks, switched to Chrome and it worked easily. Thanks again, I was tearing my hair out as I have a cache hunting date set with some friends and wanted to surprise them with a Where I go. Now I can.
  3. Heli Leo

    Where I Go

    When I attempt to sign in to Where I Go I get to the account validation option and can get no further. The option will not accept my password. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Don't feel bad.I received a notification that somebody had located two of my caches. The only trouble was one of them was archived. I thought I had an armchair logger but I did some research and discovered that the finder had logged the cache back in 2013. A whole year before I received the notification.
  5. 2010 F150 4 door 4 wheel drive with topper.
  6. I have the GPSmap 62sc and have used it for a couple of years. It is now my back up units the wife gave me a Montana 600 for my birthday. I still us the 62s when I'm hunting a multi as it is easier to input the next set of co-ordinates into. During the time Ive used the 62s I've had no problems with it. I'm very satisfied with the unit and would still be using it as my main unit if the wife had not surprised me with the 600.
  7. Disregard the previous post. Suddenly the map is working again. I'm still getting the failure to unlock message though.
  8. My map page was working fine last night but today I get the map with no caches shown. I have had trouble with loading a cache from the map page and was getting the failure to unlock message but was able to load the cache from the individual cache page. Now I can't even get to the cache page. I'm using Fire Fox and Windows 8. Any ideas?
  9. Wonderful, the map worked last night and today no caches show up on the map page. I'm using Firefox and Windows 8. I tried removing the https and it keeps coming back up in the address. Any suggestions.
  10. I've just had my 40th Birthday, so, I suppose I'm headed down the other side of the metaphorical hill-of-life, but not quite old yet I know how quick it rips by though, and I remember scoffing at my grandmother about getting old one day, "silly old woman that's so far away, it's never gunna happen!" But Grandma was right, a decade slips by in a bink! Anyway, i have gone out looking for more caches but didn't find any of em. It's hard to know how many are just really well hidden, and how many have been ripped off or taken. They *are* suburban caches, after all. 40, Heck your still climbing that hill.
  11. Interesting, all my DNFs go to a dnf list that I try to clean up by going back and looking for them again and again. My wife and I just found three caches, two multis and a regular, off the dnf list yesterday. In my area if you cache year round some caches are covered by snow in the winter and you need to go back after the spring thaw. Sometimes the old cache sense just is not working and you need to come back when it is.
  12. My wife and I hiked over a mile for five caches today. Why, because we enjoy each others company and have for over 50 years of marriage. We also love the outdoors and the exercise we get. We get to see interesting things and new places. Things and places that we would never have seen but for caching. A sunken volcano 4 miles off the island of Maui or the top of a dead 10,000 foot volcano on the same island. Pipe Stone Minnesota, where native Americans have mined the Catlanite that they use to make pipes from. They have mined it here for centuries. Yeah we get the lamp post skirt caches but we also get the neat caches like the Jurassic park cache in Wisconsin. At age 71 we have a lot of life left to live and a lot to see and enjoy.
  13. That is a manure spreader, not a wagon.
  14. Seeing as how I believe in the bag in a bag theory, I have a Pock-its by Nite Ize that contains three pens a extendable mirror, flash light tweezers, gunsmith picks, spare logs, o rings, and small zip locks. I use this for urban caching along with a GPSr or a smart phone depending on if the trip is planned or spur of the moment. When not in my cargo pants pocket the Pock-its goes in my Maxpedition Gearslinger Pack along with spare water bottle, long sleeved shirt, ORANGE safety vest, Swag, hand sanitizer, gloves, spare batteries, small role of duct tape, notebook for multi and puzzle caches, bug spray, first aid kit,100 ft of para chord, and multi tool. This goes in the rear of the geo truck that also has a short step ladder, walking sticks, a reach and grab tool, a extendable paint pole ( 6 to 14 ft) and chore boots in it.
  15. As I need the exercise I usually park a quarter to a half mile from Ground Zero. I hate mall walking but will hike for a cache. My cac hing partners agree and go along with me on this.
  16. I prefer an ammo box or a large L&L. For every Nano I put out I try to put out a small or regular size to compensate. :D
  17. I carry in the Geo truck door storage compartment a GPSr and a pocket eze. In the pocket eze I have a flash light, (torch), three pens, spare batteries, needle nose tweezers, and a extendable inspection mirror that doubles as a writing surface. While caching the pocket eze goes in the left cargo pocket of my pants and the multi tool always resides in the right cargo pocket. A pocket knife is in the left rear pocket of my pants. If I'm going on a hike in the woods I have a sling pack that I take. It also resides in the geo truck, but that is a whole nuther story.
  18. I load the caches into my Garmin Nuvi 500 and into my Garmin Montana. I use the nuvi in the Geo truck and once I'm close to Ground Zero I get out and use the Montana or my smart phone. Some times my defination of close to Ground Zero will be a half mile or more depending on whether or not I've had my morning walk.
  19. I agree with Darin. I have a couple of caches that are ammo cans with the log inside of a match safe and the word Log written on the match safe several times. They are listed as regular. I have also seen a blinky on one of the drive wheels of a 20 ton locomotive listed as a micro. I got real lucky on that one. Then there was the match safe inside a 7 foot tall metal sculpture of a bird. It was listed as a micro too.
  20. 4 hours down the Highway of Saints but my son lives 30 minutes away. Guess who I'm visiting in May.
  21. 4 hours down the Highway of Saints but my son lives 30 minutes away. Guess who I'm visiting in May.
  22. I had the same problem with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer. I switched to Firefox and the problem went away. Good luck.
  23. The largest cache I have at present is a ammo can. It is in the bushes next to the front door of the local Boyscout Office. I thought that as long as they had a geocaching merit badge they should have a cache at the office. They agreed. Nobody pays attention to a cacher looking in the bushes there. The cache has received a lot of favorable comments on the size being hidden in town.
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