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  1. I updated to 2.15 and wanted to go back. I just couldn't find a way to do it. I thought the old version was better, but I've gotten used to the update.
  2. I'm currently unable to view my lists. I can submit them as a pocket query and view the map, but as far as having them listed anywhere, I can't do it. Any suggestions?
  3. For several years I worked for the EGIA (Equitorial Guinea Intelligence Agency) under the name James Bond. This worked great until two things happened. 1) Being a white guy in Equitorial Guinea with little knowledge of the local language makes a spy stand out quite a bit and 2) Somebody there actually saw a James Bond film (I think it was "On Her Majesty's Secret Service); that went a long way towards blowing my cover. The powers that be decided that it was then time to retire me. They set me up in the global intellegence community's equivalent of the witness protection program under the name "Smith" in central Nebraska. Or maybe I dreamed that and my name really is Smith and I have always lived in Nebraska. I forget.
  4. 3 that I don't own in a 10 mile radius. I own about 90 in that same area.
  5. I love this topic. I'd post mine, but there are only about 10 caches that I don't own within 15 miles of my house. There are about 100 I own though :-).
  6. We have a Battleship series here in Boone County, Nebraska. And we're planning on putting out series based on chess, Pay Day, Monopoly, and Clue at some point in the future.
  7. We've got a full battleship grid in Boone County, Nebraska as well.
  8. I had this very thing happen while caching once. Guy pulls up and asks what we're doing. We explained it to him and explained that we had the landowner's permission. He told us that the landowner we mentioned didn't own the land and told us to get the cache out of the area. We told him that we'd mention it to the CO (who wasn't the same as the landowner). His response was to ask us where it was so that he could get it out. We reiterated our intentions and he pulled off in a huff. Turns out there was some land dispute going on over the area.
  9. Yup, I think I went 1115 days without a find at one point. My mom got me a GPSr in 2004 (one of the Garmin eTrex models), and I loved it immediately. It was a pain in the butt though. We had to manually enter the coordinates in a not user friendly way. My wife got into it, but broke some rules (logging finds when she admitted in the log she didn't actually find the cache) and got her butt chewed by a local. She quit, and it got harder for me at that point. As my son has gotten older (he's 17 now) it started to get a lot better. I got a new Magellan GPSr for my birthday this March, and we've got over a thousand finds for the year with it. My wife is OK with it now, she'll go along, but won't hunt. Hopefully this spell lasts quite a bit longer (pocket queries make this a lot easier).
  10. Understood, I'll buy the second reply as useful. Thanks
  11. Hey all, A lot of times when I'm not able to get out and cache, I like to get on Google Earth and do some "virtual caching" - you know, looking at the area using street view, panoramia, the gallery pages of the cache, information from Wikipedia, etc. Obviously I wouldn't be able to log these as finds, but would it be appropriate to leave a note on caches I find in interesting places while surfing online?
  12. I know it's there and enjoy looking at it from time to time, but I don't go out of my way to fill it in.
  13. No more than 15 minutes per star for us. We often don't get to the 1 hour mark for a D=4 cache, usually stopping after about a half hour, but we won't search for a D=1 for more than 15 minutes.
  14. As a CO, it's people not logging DNFs. A lot of times I only know there's a problem with a cache when the logs stop coming on one cache while others nearby continue to generate their normal traffic.
  15. Two types of caches on my ignore list: 1) DNFs from me. These come off as soon as someone else finds them or until someone says its there. That way I don't post back to back DNFs. 2) Challenges that aren't practical for me to finish in the near future. Lil Smith (my son) ignores almost nothing. If we've searched and can't find it, he leaves it there so it sticks in his craw a while.
  16. I've upgraded to 2.15 and am looking to go back to where it was. If I try to go back to 1.7, will I mess this thing up, or is it possible that I'll be able to revert to 1.7 and be OK? I'm sort of in the middle of a caching trip, so I'm not going to do it right away. I'll check back for feedback before trying. Thanks.
  17. You know, this topic has been cropping up in my mind for the past couple of months. For the duration of my caching experiences (found my first one in 2004, been kind of hit and miss until recently), I've always had my kids (and particularly my son) along with me on just about every caching thing I've done. It's dawned on me recently that he'll be a Junior in high school this year, and maybe our as team players is at the end of a very good run. I've been asked "What are you going to do when he's gone?" I'll probably keep caching, most likely solo (although my wife will come along from time to time). It's hard for me to imagine what the hobby will be like without him manning the GPSr, but at least I'll have some all time great memories.
  18. Caches in big piles of concrete rubble fill. I'll look for them, but I don't enjoy it.
  19. I've always got three or four geocaching "projects" in the back of my mind. Right now they consist of trips to Omaha, Mingo, and finishing a couple of power trails in NE Nebraska. Those don't sound real exciting, I know, but when you're from rural Nebraska every trip is a trip to the big city.
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