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  1. For me it's not just about official restrictions. I just think it's poor taste to be traveling right now. And if they put a cache outside, Groundspeak would be saying its OK to travel. Visiting stores, staying in hotels etc, there's still the risk of spreading COVID. Maybe as you live in an RV the risk is extremely low, but not all people who are traveling will take the same precautions as you.
  2. We are not supposed to traveling right now anyway. Why would it be needed? If you live in Seattle, you can wait. If you don't, why are you in town doing touristy things?
  3. Agreed. Nothing wrong with a long log, unless it contains completely uninteresting information that only the writer is interested in. Why do people always think others are interested in hearing every gory detail of their vacations? We're not. Speaking of unnecessary info, somebody logged one of my caches recently and puts this at the end of the log.
  4. The rule is, if they sign the logbook, they get to log the find. You shouldn't be disabling your cache unless it needs maintenance or the area is blocked off.
  5. We'll have to agree to disagree on that. We both have a lot of finds. I never find caches 15 meters out. If it's that far out, people will be posting logs asking the owner to update their coordinates.
  6. I'm giving advice on searching NOT hiding.
  7. Generally, the cache should be within 10 meters of the listed coordinates. I would always try to get the GPSr to 0 meters or as close as you can get, then start searching. If you're in an area of bad reception, like a ravine, or next to a tall building, it might be more. If you're in a good area like the middle of a grassy field, I would expect to find the cache within 5 meters of the listed coordinates, assuming the original coordinates are accurate.
  8. The easiest way I've found: Set up notifications so you get an email every time a traditional cache is archived Upon getting the email, immediately set up a new cache page with the coordinates of the archived cache. This gives you first dibs on the location. Go hide the cache! I actually did this recently. I moved to a new city and wanted to hide a cache, but didn't want to do all the nearby puzzles and multis. So I just waited for a cache to get archived. Easy peasy. A similar thing you can do is to scan the map for Disabled caches and put them on your watchlist. If they end up getting Archived, you can use the spot, same way.
  9. Read my post again. I know because he *told* me. He did a series and logged them all but did not find them all.
  10. Either hide them further up a trail or use a really hard camo. I do this with my special caches. Won't solve all your problems, but it will help. Agreed, if they're determined to take it, there's nothing you can do.
  11. Sadly, even this guy has admitted to not finding them all. He was top in Canada for a while. He did a series once with a group (did leapfrogging, I think) because it would have "taken too long" to find them all. That was the only one he told me about it, there might have been others.
  12. Yes, especially when you put so much work into something. It sucks when someone just comes along and ruins it.
  13. Doesn't look like they're selling anything particularly sexy. I would totally take my kids into that store.
  14. Is there are breakdown of all the votes for the different films? It was tough deciding, but I voted for the Finland film. Just very funny and relatable. I was very impressed with the quality of many of the films, including the drone footage, but this one really stuck with me.
  15. Yes, you can report the caches as Needs Maintenance. You can also clean it up yourself if you like although it's certainly not required. I used to carry wet wipes, dry clothes, some cheap swag from the thrift store, some small notebooks, and Ziploc bags. I would pick 1 cache per day and clean it up. Of course, before you do that, make sure there isn't a problem with the container because if there is everything will get wet again. I used to take families out. I would always bring a bag of swag so if a cache was disappointing, I would let the kids pick something from the bag. Or just toss some swag into the cache immediately after opening.
  16. We always had lots of fun climbing up manure piles as children. It's mostly grass, anyway. Those kids are missing out.
  17. So no gardening or geocaching or playing in manure piles. Or we could all get tetanus shots...
  18. What isn't child-friendly about manure? We used to play in it as kids.
  19. Don't really believe these numbers. I'm sure some of the high numbers cachers are 100% honest, but I bet I wouldn't run out of fingers counting them. We have one guy locally who's considered honest. But even he admitted to me in person to group-finding at least one series because he thought finding them all would have taken way too long.
  20. I only lasted 50 days and had a specific goal in mind i.e. to meet a challenge. I found it a huge chore and took me away from my family. So I was glad when it ended. I think, like others, it helps to have a specific goal in mind. For you, you might want to end it on the same day/month you started or at another date meaningful to you, like when you started caching. If you don't want to end it during your trip, you could simply set up daily coffee-shop events during your business trip. Like 15 minute informal meet n greets at different locations every day. That way, you can end it on your own terms when you get back home.
  21. I don't really have this issue with caching anyway. I do get frustrated, like everyone else, but never get angry at caches to the degree you've described. #1 Stop searching when it's no longer fun. Don't search for 2 hours. If you feel yourself getting annoyed, say after 10 minutes, stop and go find another cache. Try to be more self aware. It may help to say STOP out loud. Come back later, with a friend if possible. It's often much easier the 2nd time. #2 Take a look at what's going on with the rest of your life. Is it really the cache you're mad at or are you lacking control in some other area of your life? #3 Were you hungry, tired, thirsty? I've had some angry episodes with strangers. Invariably, there was a lack of sleep involved. I once totally chewed a woman out for trying to sneek into a very long bus line up. Had only 4 hours of sleep that night. #4 Go on longer hikes. Maybe you just really need to burn some more energy. #5 Maybe just enjoy your anger, but try to leave the cache out of it. If you have alot of frustration in your life, you need to get it out somehow. If you find it cathartic, I don't see anything wrong with throwing things around and yelling like an angry monkey.
  22. Someone who can afford four smartphones This I don't understand. I have a family too. We have 1 account which I do the logs from as I am the most obsessive-compulsive person. Also, when we went out as a family, we took turns with the GPSr. No need for everyone to have a phone with the app. 4 people. 1 device. 1 app.
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