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  1. where is the live score board ? web page link ? not an app ?
  2. Hello HQ, and all other users, please help here. Foreword: Many of us geocachers use the hobby as a reason to travel, all arround the globe actually, geocaching is the main reason, and main attraction. Problem: In almost all countries cache text and hints are going more and more into local languages, and not like it was in the "good" old days, where mostly English was used. So today it is impossible for a turist to read and understand many important hints, this lead to much higher Did Not Find rates, and many more sad geocachers out there. There is no technical solution right now for this, since GSAK or GPS devices can not translate, and also sometimes hints are spelled backwards or intentionally spelled wrong, this way any types of translator tool is useless. Also trying to get online via a phone in many remote locations is either impossible, or insanely expensive data rates for a turist. The solution: Make a new rule for new caches, And a suggestion to fix this, on existing caches: To add, an English version of the hint, after the local language. It dont need to be perfect English, or perfect spelled, just a fair chance for all people, all over the world. No need to have the entire cache page in English too. it is just the important hint, if it is used. If this is a part of the reviewer check, all caches will soon be turist friendly again, and we will have even more travel activity, and many more happy geocachers, with a much higher find rate. I hope you all see the point in this, and will fight to solve this important problem, Please spread the word, please update your own caches already this week :-) I did of course. thanks in advance, Geocacher OZ2CPU, Thomas Scherrer from Denmark
  3. this also works for PMO caches, even if my extra "user" is not PM this link, https://www.geocaching.com/play/geocache/gcXXXX/log put in the GC number, and then OPT OUT , else you dont have access to Need Maintenance log, right after post log, you also have a Delete log, very smart :-) The Red Flag, remains as wanted.
  4. i now tested a work-arround open a new inprivate browser, log in using another user log NM on the cache, then delete the log, and the red flag is on the cache as i wanted, now all people can filter it in or out, and the CO (me) get a remember tool as i wanted
  5. people are in a hurry, or simply dont know how to log correctly, or even dont know what kind of nice service it makes for a CO, maybe they dont even own caches them self, so they are perfectly excused for not knowing. it is just easier for me to post a NM on own caches, over kindly asking people to do it, i can also just make up a new profile, and use that to post it, then delete the log with my normal user, and bingo, the flag is set, just too much trouble for this simple thing. maybe HQ only want us to perform service on caches with a NM log, just too bad people only perform a NM log, when stuff is really bad bad and terrible
  6. in the good old days, a CO could even access the attribute directly, add it, or remove it, today he need to make Owner Maintenance log to clear it, and then delete his log, if he only wanted to clear the attribute with out adding a log.
  7. look at your caches page, scroll down while you look at the info section BINGO, it is VERY useful indeed to keep track of caches to check, one system to rule it all, now even you learned something cool and useful today :-)
  8. >My solution is to do nothing until there is NM or some DNF logs. Saves lots of trouble. ya, i just liked to do it a bit better and smarter, so much for trying to do better :-(
  9. i dont even know how many active i got right now, the system count archived also.. DOH.. and there is no way to hide old archived from the list as far as i see. I think the problem come with 20-40 active, when they are found a few times pr week, some of mine do get many finds, some logs, like log is soon full, does offcourse not require the finder to make a NM log, But i need a way to remember this, so i can fix it in good time, maybe i even pass by that road soon anyways, and this way i save time, and polution, and get caches in general better condition. IF only i got a way to flag this info, so it is easy to remember.. GOT it NOW ??
  10. >It's really simple... NO it is not, i assume you did not read one single input i made into this thread ? you clearly did not understand my point.
  11. >The restriction appear to be built into the front-end of the official geocaching apps. Aha, i dont own a fruit phone, but how about the web link to log caches, any one know it ? Does it works, can a CO make NM log on own caches ? >But I understand that cache owners want an easy way to manage their hundreds of active caches. YES thanks..
  12. as it is right now, when a CO hear about minor service stuff, a CO can: Disable, or Archive, or forget about it, Until the cache is in such bad condition, one visitor finally make a NM log. Is this what GS wants ? it this what we want ?
  13. YES exactly :-) but the best thing is to solve the software issue, so the system works, or even better, educate users so they use the correct log type, this way CO dont even need to make a NM log. But so many add the important service information to CO, in their found it log, and 5 days later, the cache got another 20 new found it, just saying Thanks it was funny.. now it is impossible for co to remember the important message, and bring the correct fix it tools
  14. a few of you got the point . lovely :-) I could use many other systems, my phone, a little paper notebook in my pocket.. The thing is, the geocaching web page DID actually work, perfectly, until "they" removed the option for CO to write NM logs on own caches. When a cache got the NM flag, it is SUPER easy and fast for a CO to figure out where to go on his next planned fix and check route, this way we polute the air less, and we waste less time on the road, so it is even safer.. I you only got 5 caches, and they are only found 5 times pr year, then you do not have the "problem" as many of us got, as explained here. Please can someone with a bit influence talk some sense into the Groundspeak software department ?? Thanks in advance.
  15. WHY on earth, did you remove the feature write a Need Maintenence log in OWN caches ?? we really seriously need this feature back ASAP ! for a CO to be able to see which cache need service, The CO use the own cacne list and can easyly see a red marking, on caches with NM log, but too many people log service needs in a note, or in their found it log, CO read the users logs, and can then post a correct NM log so he can remember this important info (in the old days he could) so NOW when CO gets back home from vacation, CO needs to read ALL 400 logs, on all his caches, to figure out what cache needs service.. please fix this back so it Works Again.
  16. Treasure the Movie IS now released, brand new :-) cant wait to see it, I think there is quite alot of geocaching in that one
  17. recently you made the avatar top profile picture smaller and round, WHY ? it was much better looking when it was bigger and square a picture is not supposed to be round, that looks bad.
  18. does it matter much ? if a visitor make a wrong log as long as the text and intention is clear ? you the CO will go out and check or fix the cache, and then perform a correct log that matches your actions. you can not educate the world, but please try
  19. do not move or swap the containers.. it drives me mad people do this !!
  20. I used the M sticker as a clue, how to find the cache I was looking for, that worked a few times, I know many of the same people play multible games, and I dont see any problems in that, as long as they get outside and have fun, I am happy. it dont really apeal to me, I stick with geocaching
  21. it is a general BAD attitude to stick firmly to the rule : ONLY a CO perform the maintenence, all visitors ONLY wear it down.. why not be a friend and helpfull and in general play by this rule: ALL visitors who feel stuff needs to be fixed, and can be fixed without time or money spend, should at least try to help.. My point is : 1 : replace wet log books with new dry log books = OK (some prefer you ADD a dry logbook, and leave the old wet book there too, however in some cases the old wet book could kill the new dry too fast, use common sense) 2 : replace a missing log book, incase it is missing and you found the correct container marked with geocache so you know for sure, not just guessing = OK 3 : you did not found anything at all, so you replace a new container and log book and sign it as found = NOT OK for number 3 to be ok, you need prior approval from the CO, then it is ok..
  22. you know you can change the HOME cords, and then perform the search again.. then you can figure out exactly where it is, for free :-)
  23. total finds 4732 total DNF 374 total find vs DNF = 12.6 % clearly most of them are from 2013 I dont see how to read the values only for 2013 clearly more and more lousy hides are made and more are mugled due to careless cacher style and it dont really help people go out and cache without any kind of good intro first
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