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  1. The condom as a survival tool I think would only be valid if the cache is at the end of a 50 mile hike with no amenities or houses for that distance. My guess is, it wasn't. Things like pocket knives could be quite nice, but I suppose there's the child safety argument. I suppose little knife-free multi-tools may be OK? I've removed rocks a few times, often dirty, clearly grabbed from nearby and a fair amount of business cards (If your only advertising plan is caches, you have issues anyway...) - one cache I round had 10+ cards, none laminated, none even slightly relevant and half quite yucky. I also see a lot of pennies and 5 pence coins. I suppose a young child may save 5p pieces up in a piggy bank, but a penny just seems like someone has majorly downgraded. It was just a modern, standard penny all times, I did check. I don't really trade much, I keep meaning to put my bag of cheap goodies in the car. Nothing thrilling but a kid (u der 8 anyway) may like some.
  2. 761 unfound within 10 miles, plus 67 I've found. Oh and 3 I own! Pretty cache rich here.
  3. I wear a full black ninja suit, include some nice rolls, half hiding behind things. It doesn't stop people seeing you, but they'll think you're crazy and keep the hell away
  4. New one: Popping a fresh burn blister. Ouch. Probably should have skipped the caching actually.
  5. I'm neutral about micros. I have some containers (bought I think 10 or 20 - not all to hide though), they're about 100ml specimen jars I'll be listing as micro as you can't fit much in though I think technically they're on the very bottom edge of small size. I'll be hiding where they're a nice container for that spot. I have found a few (not many) film cans and often they're not cammo'd or hidden somewhere interesting, so... a bit boring. Bisons and other less common micros are often better thought out. But my confession is I LOVE NANOS. I'm happy with those tiny preform tubes used as sneaky/evil hides or as a hide in something - I bought 100! Don't worry, won't hide many, just how prices worked out it was only a tiny bit more than 10 so I figured replacements etc. They're fun, they can be hidden in sooo many ways, some easy, some medium, some near impossible. I don't mind magnetic micros/nanos either, ok finding lots on the back of sign posts would be boring but most I've found have been thought out. I've found them in logs, pinecones and some far less common hides I won't share. And even in plain view in the knot of the only tree around they can be hard to spot. As well as they're well maintained (ie the owner accepting the log book will need replacing more often), I find them fun. Although I found my first ammo can the other day, that was felt. Felt more fun than the same size lock n lock would have. Interesting.
  6. Hmmm, if ever somebody, even a streaker, throws down a cache for one of mine (missing or not), I think I'll definitely delete it. Can you imagine how peeved a 677 day streak person would be if they lost it because you didn't accept their throwdown? Bet you'd get a nasty email.
  7. Caches them out? Intentional or unintentional pun? I'd need to work out where I could get some magnetic sign stuff, do you buy and print yourself or get like an ebay seller who sells them with whatever you want printed? Would also work as a stage of a short multi... hmm!
  8. I can see my Dakota 20 in direct sunlight too. I think it's because they're old style touch screen and need a proper press unlike most modern smartphones. Plus they're kind of made for it, not to watch videos and look at high quality pictures and such. I now want to make a UV cache. A long stick/pole. Hiking or walking stick to allow you to move stuff out the way, or to help up steep hills etc. Obviously, not so much for city caches... although then may be useful for self defense!
  9. There's 1 or 2 I've identified locally. I assume over time people will log NA on them and they'll disappear, but I guess not until the containers are gone as people seem happy to add their own paper to them. Though one I've noticed (not looked for) has 3 or 4 NM for a badly broken container, but nobody has posted a NA. I feel too new to do it when I've not looked. I don't know, I stopped being able to get out to find (though I'm still in double digits, hardly big time), but I still looked after my 1 little hide. Had I not been able to I'd have archived and picked the container up, that seems logical to me, but a lot seem to put out containers then just be gone, forever.
  10. I kind of got why the CO was so angry, this wasn't somebody accidentally dropping a cache, he (somehow) knocked a cache off a 40 foot high pole knowing he couldn't rehide properly. And then was very arrogant in the comments. It's a shame he archived but I can see why somebody would do that in a fit of anger. I think on the 2nd where everyone was encouraged to climb as high as they could is good, personally I wouldn't claim without the climb.
  11. Well, you did move your coords 168 feet, that's quite a distance they must have been out. And it looks like a pretty, wooded area with tons of cover, yet you've used a container that's only just big enough to fit into the small category. A nice regular would've been awesome. Although small is stated, and a photo is available, just have to say a largeish lock n lock or ammo box would be amazing. I'd up your difficulty, at least a 3, possibly a 4 based on how hard it seems to be to find. Plus I'd add at least some of your spoiler photos to the gallery for them to look at and say they're there on the cache page. Most just seems to be people who can't handle not being able to find a container though. But I'm also not sure what ICT caches are so much...
  12. It's nice when coordinates are posted if nearby parking isn't an option, so you can decide if it's too far Some people may be unable to do that 1/2 mile walk, most will. But some may be capable but only go for ones they can grab within 10 feet of their car. I'm not sure you can stop people parking stupidly for caching any more than you can stop people listing a cache as a cache n dash / park n grab "right next to the cache" when that is basically blocking the whole lane. Or people who stop in the middle of a country lane to read their map totally unrelated to caching. You can provide the info for safe parking but you can't force people to use it!
  13. I take caches to my car when it's raining if possible. Saves a watertight container ending up damp/soggy. I've been climbing a bank to find a cache, slipped and slid straight down onto my bum, was soft mud so that was ok but had a swollen ankle where it'd gone in an unexpected direction. Worst was when I was retrieving a puzzle cache - there was shallow fords on the road, no grip and when crossing 1 to the side where I thought the cache container may be I lost all grip and fell on my rear rather hard - my elbows and hands were scraped where I tried to stop myself, ended up with a black bruise on the bottom of my back. It hurt. And my S2 had a swim in the river. It somehow survived too, but that incident made me realise I was too accident prone to use a smartphone for it.
  14. I've had a look and can't find any such caches that I can work out. In fact there's no logs listed from september last year. You did a Hallin Fell last June? http://coord.info/GCX841 Just wondering if after a year you're getting the names a bit mixed up, I found a couple with Pike in but a totally different timescale. http://coord.info/GC2HVAM and http://coord.info/GC2TNNY. I suppose theoretically a cache could have all logs deleted and be archived, but I think it'd still show up somewhere.
  15. I'm a tiny bit annoyed that people in the UK now pay more. April 1st 2012 I bought premium for $30 which was £19.57, now $30 would be around £20 - £20.17 the day before I went premium again (I know because I bought GSAK that day!). Yet our UK is £24.99 a year - equivalent to $38.20 currently, give or take a few cents. 27% more for being in a different country, it just seems unfair. Sadly, also not uncommon mind. Anyway, if it was the same price I'd have no complaints. I know a lot of people who'll spent twice that, easily in a pub/club in a few hours one evening (a pint is around £3 around here, more in some clubs, easily £5 a drink on some stuff and I'm in a rural area). Paying it so I can load any cache on the site, without exception, into PQs or GSAK, have notifications, for the cost of 2 day entries into a zoo give or take, is actually quite reasonable.
  16. I'm going to go ahead and assume most streaks are real. Odd as it may be to some people, maybe some people suit it. If they have cheated though, there's no prize, so they've only cheated themselves, so who cares? As for over 500 or above, those are not big finders, there's plenty local to me in the thousands, in the whole UK there must be a lot. 500 is just 10 a day for 50 sundays of the year, which if you find trails etc with some, wouldn't be hard at all, there's a big trail or 2 (not power trails as such, just long walks with them) in Cornwall. That's assuming they never found some on a day off or an evening or such. I couldn't do it, but considering people manage to get to jobs they hate 5-6 days a week for 8+ hours, somebody managing a hobby they actually enjoy every day doesn't seem so nuts.
  17. I... just... *bows down to Seaglass Pirates*. You, sir, are wonderfully correct.
  18. Sorry I got my ups and downs the wrong way To be clear the explicitely said you can get some good stuff and just leave cheap bits or nothing I'm strangely amused by the idea of somebody leaving part of a patio in a cache.
  19. I've got a bag of cheap kids toys I was given by a family member I've wondered about leaving. On 1 hand it's all cheap stuff, that said when we were little we'd play with cheap toys for ages. I've not seen much swag, a few little sig items that are cool though. I'm not that bothered but I guess kids would be. I was told by 1 of the first 2 people to tell me about geocaching that the trick is to always trade down though, with attitudes like that no wonder swag is often rubbish or non existent.
  20. A whole tree as a cache, I think that needs a XXL category
  21. I'd do one with it I'm also considering taking up a certain other game that requires them while on my cache travels. If anything I'd put something like smartphone or QR or such in the title. But that's just me thinking if people see the title and head to it without reading description
  22. Yes, because obviously the most fun a regular geocacher (190 finds so not joined and done 1) could have is coming on the forum and writing an informative post about needles that was made up. Anyway, sorry for you and your son - the risks are thankfully small but I know that won't stop the worrying - a great post though as it'd never crossed my mind to look out for them. Good care advice too. And many fingers crossed that your son will be fine.
  23. For me it's between YaYaX6 and Brayto. Of course, it's not my choice Good plan for what to do if I win lots of money ever though.
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