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  1. Lubeck's nice if you've not been btw. Excellent walls and old stuff - and fabulous marzipan.
  2. There are some excellent caches in Montreal. Amtrak goes there (although at the moment I guess it might be tricky to get there).
  3. A map compare using Project GC might also be effective - especially if you want to look for caches more than one person found.
  4. Which version of Safari? And on what platform? I'm OK right now with 12.1.2 on a fairly old OS X. You could try clearing all the browser caches and so on associated with the site - I've had issues with specific sites before with Safari that that's fixed.
  5. Although I understand your pain, it's even worse when you're in the middle of a forest in Norfolk and all that some people hide is micros... There are some really good bigger caches in central London fwiw. The ratio of small/reg/large to other sized caches isn't that much different between London and Norfolk - we are a little better off, but only a little. You just have to choose to ignore most of the micros and play the game your own way. It is possible and it can work.
  6. Did anyone ever query the copyright implications of uploading images first to Groundspeak servers btw? Say that one of my copyrighted images was used on a cache page without attribution, for example. Is that now Groundspeak's responsibility?
  7. I use a foldable printed sheet - A4 (standard printer size) which folds down to a booklet that fits inside most of my small containers - if they're very small then you might have to think a little more about how to do it. There are a tonne of places you can get instructions to do this - https://www.instructables.com/An-8-Page-Book-From-a-Piece-of-Paper/ for example. My standard template has words in the section that sits on the front that I can just change easily. I should really put Word and PDF versions of this online at some point. Am I right in thinking that in the US Letter size paper is still standard for home printers (as opposed to A4)?
  8. Another consequence of the refusal to allow basic members to see list of the caches other people have found. I have an earthcache. It's pretty remote and barely gets any visits. So when I get a log that might look a little, well, dodgy, it's helpful to be able to take a look and get an idea whether the cacher was in the vague area on that day. As opposed to getting answers from photos while they're sat in Dusseldorf, Hamburg or Leipzig, say. Now of course it's impossible for me to tell. So I guess that's any benefit of the doubt out of the window then...
  9. Thank you for pointing that out: it's really helpful and much appreciated. I'll admit to not understanding that the other method was a search, but I can see there is a distinction. Much appreciated that this method exists.
  10. Well, in these parts travel away from home was very much discouraged during the early part of this year. That would have made checking caches further than a walk away from home difficult to manage for many people - certainly, of the 26 I have hidden only 3 are easily walkable (i.e within 15 km) of my home. I have several a good hour away and three which are a three hour drive from here - there's no way I could have justified that journey in order to check on a geocache.
  11. Even better, it allows you to decide, to an extent, how many caches to show on the page as well. That would be an excellent enhancement and the base of the code is already written.
  12. At one point I'm fairly sure they were marked on the browse map - and you'd have to click the icon, click the link and then find out you couldn't read it. Can't remember when exactly - maybe sometimes around 2015 perhaps? I don't think it lasted very long once they realised that it was really easy to zoom in and figure out which tree many caches were hidden in. I could be wrong and misremembering this, but I'm fairly certain that was the case on the official map.
  13. It would also make placing caches much harder - and generate more work for volunteer reviewers I imagine. Given that the caches I place provide value for the company as does the work of reviewers, that would seem to be counterproductive at best. At least they're clearly marked in the search just now. At one point they appeared on the browse map looking just like every other cache - that was a nightmare.
  14. Fortunately there are a variety of far better options offered by API partners for basic members. At present. If those are removed then I'll find a way to muddle along. Maybe.
  15. Here's an interesting thing. Whenever I, as a non-paying member, click on to any of these search results I **always** get two PMO caches shown at the top of my search result: Which is interesting. This always happens - even if, in the case above, the caches are quire distant - unless there are no PMO caches within whatever distance the search uses as its default filter (I tried it on St Kilda to check that). It seems to pick ones with more favourite points, although not necessarily the highest local favourite points totals. I don't know why it does this. Well, I can have a guess and, well, for me it makes me less likely to. Fwiw. Perhaps if I knew anything about those caches I might be more interested. Like the size, DT, when they were last found, whether there are NM flags on them etc... I mean, it's not anything I particularly care about, but I was wondering if it was deliberate or if someone made an error.
  16. Oh, and the lack of pagination is a fairly hilarious UI failure by the way. Talk about Unintended Consequences.
  17. A, presumably, Unintended Consequence. I was about to write a message to an relatively inexperienced cacher who has had an issue finding one of my caches - to encourage her and so on. She's so close to it. As part of that I wanted to recommend a couple of other local caches that I thought, based on her note on my cache, she might enjoy. But I can't see which one's she's done - or tell what her find pattern might have been. So I didn't bother making any recommendations. I did write the note because I like to add value. I guess Groundspeak might even benefit from that. But it is a shame that I'm now unable, using Groundspeak's platform, to check things like that anymore - and I suppose it would be better if I was able to continue to add value.
  18. I've found a tiny perfume sample vial - which I'd class as nano more than micro - listed as regular. It was attached to a stick. Apparently that makes it regular sized. From the same owner: a 35mm classed as large. Attached to a stick. Both placed as such. Needless to say, I no longer bother going anywhere near their caches.
  19. Of course - lots more from other places around the world I imagine as well. The Food Programme is presented by Sheila Dillon and Dan Saladino btw. Worth catching if you have any interest in food... Over to you.
  20. Well, that's clearly too obscure. How about any Masterchef presenter instead.
  21. So, as I got my answer by chance by listening to the Food Programme on Radio 4, lets see if anyone else has ever listened to it. Can you name one of the current regular presenters of the Food Programme?
  22. This happened to be covered on a slightly old Food Programme I listened to yesterday - a recording of Roald Dahl gave it as 1932 I think.
  23. If you click the "Find: ...all nearby caches" link at the bottom of the cache page (by the thumbnail map) you can also get the size, D/T and when the cache was placed and last found. The formatting of the list is also, to my mind, easier to read. For example, for the caches close to the OPs last find: https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?lat=50.926433&lng=5.538900 A Project GC Map Compare search will also get you similar information, although the list won't show you which caches are premium (you can do that by using a custom filter to limit the search, although that's a paid for option in Project GC)
  24. If you can find the symbols on this list: https://www.rapidtables.com/web/html/html-codes.html (there are buttons at the top to get more sets of symbols) Then you can use the HTML codes in the cache description. (btw, I like the Turtle idea. Nice)
  25. Here's my one: https://coord.info/GC8W6P5 It was interesting to put together and the theme fits the location nicely as well. But I don't expect that many people to find it. I do like the idea of a longer stream with stuff in the adverts, but I'd need to think of a story to fit around that.
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