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Collective name for a group of geocachers

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Further ponderings...


Eldest Legochuggler (age 11 ) came up with 'A Maggle' of geocachers which was a mixture of a group of geese and the word Muggle.


Youngest suggested 'a Search' of cachers which sort of made sense,


I suggested a 'Posse'


Mrs LC suggested a 'Weirdo' of geocachers although that about sums up her view of all my hobbies.

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A team of cachers maybe? I do like a search of cachers or a confusion of cachers, that last one would describe me most days!


Hmm, I think that perhaps it depends on how the hunt has gone. Sometimes a squabble, gaggle or commotion of cachers would be most appropriate. Very occasionally it feels like a murder of Geocachers may be the right term!


One thing's for sure though, we always endeavour not to be a litter or destruction of cachers!

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