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  1. I’m in Malta trying to log my days caching, and my sister is at home in the U.K. trying to log a few, and we’re both taking up to two or three minutes to load a page, anyone know what’s up ?
  2. Like this one but ideally pre-printed, instead of blank with my name and caching name: http://www.aboveandbeyond.co.uk/.Groundspeak-event-cache-name-tag_609555997641.htm
  3. Unfortunately not, what I am after is a regular event icon (as opposed to mega) but in name tag form, so its a badge that you can pin on your shirt. Like the "Hello I'm" green name tags that a lot of people have.
  4. I've been trying for ages to get one of the trackable name tags in the shame of the event speech bubble icon. I've ordered from several places and always get it cancelled shortly after as no stock. Does anyone know where I can get one, as I would really like one in the event icon style. Thanks!
  5. I do so love the humour that this hobby generates
  6. I am soooo tempted to adopt the Barkby red phone box for a pound, just so that I can put a cache in it
  7. I always get this problem on a tablet when trying to use the maps. Its impossible to get the summary box up with the link. Its like the tablet doesn't let you do that (which may be the case). Its always the same, not just with the current problems.
  8. Note to self: never volunteer Although I might be tempted to organise a Leicester evening event sometime soon... I suppose I could just pick a pub and see if anyone turns up, anyone fancy a real ale pub ?
  9. Hi all, I'm based in Leicester, and although I go to Emcache and GeM events in Nottingham, Derby and the surrounding areas, there seems to be very little happening in my hometown. Is there a group of Leicester cachers on a website that I don't know about ? The only events I've seen are the Romans event last autumn and the Olympics event, both of which I have unfortunately been unable to get to. Are there any regular meets in Leicester ?
  10. Amberel, are you mixing work and pleasure again ?
  11. That looks really useful, I will add this on my PC at home tonight
  12. The only way I could ever appear on these lists was if one had been published on Jan 3rd this year, after I had done the CBN series and another loop in Leicestershire ont he first two days of the year. The "2012 so far list as at 23:59 jan 2 2012" would about do it.
  13. They are on my list to tackle next spring. A couple of circuits on a Sunday sounds good to me
  14. I think it was decided that Poshrule had the most currently active caches in the UK. Unless someone knows better
  15. I was challenged on my first, second and about 200th caches. On the first two, I must have just looked plain stupid standing in the middle of car parks trying to suss why it might be on the armco barriers around the edges. The 200th was a classic case of being not really near anything, so spending longer looking and the police got called by the person in the nearest house. I was just honest and one of the two policement had heard of caching so no problems.
  16. Here's a good hint. Don't fall into a canal... See cache GC2JDZFfor details
  17. You want to try caching in Malta, almost every cache is inside a wall!
  18. Very thoughtful. Time for a rebranding maybe? Jon No, I don't think they need a rebranding, its just one of those things. There are so many cache names I am sure someone could find problem with some of them, its just not realistic, and personally I think oversensitive to worry about that sort of thing. I don't know the name of the cache mentioned above, but I certainly don't see a need to rename all the MM series.
  19. I asked the same question on emCache the other day, it appears there isn't going to be an 11/11/11 caching day like there was a 10/10/10 one because 10/10/10 was done to celebrate Geocaching's 10th birthday as well. I'm more surprised there aren't loads of events!
  20. I did one when it started, but really can't be bothered. now if it were a nice Virtual cache, I'd be doing them! BRING BACK VIRTUALS!!!
  21. The website shows as updated yeaterday, but my stats are still as they were before it went down in early September. I'm guessing it will catch itself up shortly.
  22. Are you subverting my avatar, you naughty Blorenges ?
  23. Soo.... to cap things, if he's no longer anonymous, and he's quoting caching stats, and talking about going caching, then its too late and he's already off the wagon, GPS in hand, and ferretting under a rock...
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