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  1. I agree with you but clearly others do not [or is this an example of out deteriorating educational standards ? It could possibly be the latter, however I'm not old lol.
  2. I've always thought stile was something you walked over, and style would be clothing type style. Have you tried googling P.s I'm also from W. Sussex so could be a biased opinion.
  3. Flatcoat Walker has a fair few, certainly in the 500's.
  4. May sound silly, but you could try a certain £1 store or many 99p stores. Just something you would normally pick up from those shops lol
  5. I've been told by a local that the track is not great for biking. What about skipping? Jon And make sure you use both your arms together at the same time to give you the best projection
  6. Is it just me, that feels guidelines are perfectly exceptable, in that Groundspeak or GAGB don't want to deter people from caching by being over formal. Yes guidelines are in place and reviewers use these well, and are able to enforce them. I think if you change the guidelines to DO's and DON'Ts it could have a larger impact. At the end of the day it, most of the guidelines are common sense and give a good but not over bearing thoughts on what not to do. Also this is just a pastime not the Olympics.
  7. Yes I'm afraid so. It does come with a base map. However I use TalkyToasters maps which are free and really very good, not perfect but for free they are spot on.
  8. Just to clarify, that's what I meant by minutes but I thought most would realise the connection. But yes in any emergency service minutes do and have cost lives.
  9. They probably come over to laugh at our species misfortune
  10. I have a 2 year old lab, very well behaved, she sometimes jumps up at people but always say "sorry she is just saying hello". But again this is very rare.
  11. I think so. Why? Because it's pretty obvious to me that that was the original intention of the cache owner. If he/she had wanted it to be an easy cache then he would have put it in that hole at the bottom of the tree, not 20ft (or 120ft) up it! ... and would have given it 1*T instead of 4* or 5* A very different situation: Are all the individuals in the group easily able to lift that skirt and remove the cache? Would they all have guessed where the cache was hidden? If so, then of course they can all log it without going through the skirt-lifting procedures. Everyone plays the game their own way. As long as you and the cache owner are happy that you found the cache, then all's well. Different players play be different personal rules. MrsB In that cache, did they both climb up the ladder :S. sounds extremely over dangerous than it should have been. Especially the fact it was windy lol.
  12. I think this has gone a little off subject, however I always do try and give a individual log of a cache, sometimes it's just one line, or sometimes it's a paragraph of the trouble I had finding it, like one on Saturday, doing a night cache and got stung on the head by stinging nettles (which I still logged a DNF for lol) or my 4 year olds first cache. I hope to think my misfortunes put a smile on somones face, looking back it certainly does put a smile on mine.
  13. Amazing vid. Made me laugh. However I hope they got permission off the cache owner for their spoiler haha
  14. Just received my P7. And it's so bright. My dad has a 3 million candle power torch spotlight which is a huge thing, and it almost puts that to shame. Will be using it this evening to test it out, well it would be rude not to lol. Thanks for everyone's help
  15. Omg that's a shocker. Those minutes wasted, locating a fake fire hydrant.
  16. Maglite are very poor, in comparison to the lenser I tried in the shop. I used a mates mag and couldn't see anything really, he did say they are fresh batteries but it didn't seem like it.
  17. It has 3 settings doesn't it? Push the button it goes to 80% hold it, and it goes to 100% and then if you push it all the way it goes to 20%. I think you may have missed the 100% hold feature of the torch.
  18. Try 7dayshop or play.com they are under £30 quid, with free delivery Those are selling at £40.99 an £38.99. But thanks for the heads up anyways Sorry, I should have said, go for the "Police Tech Focus". It's the P7 under a different name. Compare spec on LED Lenser's website. Ok yeh I've seen it, for the extra few quid, I will go for the P7 still for double the lumens. It means I can show my magalite freind how rubbish they are (after using one to go night caching). Thanks for the help anyways
  19. Try 7dayshop or play.com they are under £30 quid, with free delivery Those are selling at £40.99 an £38.99. But thanks for the heads up anyways
  20. Thanks for all the great ideas. I will get the P7 and if I feel that I am doing more caching at night than I thought I would I will pick up a head torch also.
  21. I would like to say Man U. However could it be Everton? EDIT: Neiter of those. In fact Everton have never won it, wot say the answer due to Wikipedia browsing hehe.
  22. I have just seen a lenser P7 in blacks, looked on amazon £34.90. Will be ordering when I get paid tomorrow I think.
  23. Hi all, I'm sure this has been brought up many times, but I couldn't see it. I'm after a torch, I heard single LED 3 watt are the best. Right so now I would like to know what sort of lumens will get the job done? I saw in Halfords tey do a 60 lumen Cree LED torch for about £18 I think. I was wondering whether this would do the job or not? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I wouldn't like to spend more than £30 as I won't be using it all that often, just when the evening light becomes a little too dark and if I decide to do a quick night cache. Thanks all
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