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  1. Perhaps we should ask fizzymagic for some more graphs.
  2. Andronicus's "hotter/colder" method works on traditional caches. Do a "find nearby caches" search (or something else specifying coordinates), then tweak the coords in the "http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?lat=YYY&lng=XXX" line and watch the distance markers in the listing change. If you play this cheeky game well, you can zero-in on the coordinates with fewer than five attempts.
  3. The cache was in the mountains of Isgrind: There were good guesses from milvus-milvus, Gackt and Clue-72 ... ... but the closest, and by virtue of the photo my winning pick, was from Yetidave and Elyz: :) Well done :) Thanks to everyone for playing. Now over to the winners to set next month's competition ...
  4. A couple of hours to go, then I'll decide on the winner this evening.
  5. Wild-Skye's photo didn't appear in his post, so here it is ... ... and here are everyone's guesses so far:
  6. I *still* haven't visited Appeldal Castle, er I mean Rodborough Hill Fort, and your photo has just reminded me that I am missing out! Nice pic.
  7. Legend speaks of the mysterious "geøcåcher" and his moveable cache, tempting adventurers to a fruitless mission for hidden treasure, ultimately slaying the unwitting saps as they searched, leaving nothing but a pile of bones and a smashed GPSr ... Keep trying!
  8. Fab entries ... I want to go on holiday to Midgard! Spots picked so far:
  9. Nice photo! - thanks for getting us started. I should've said: please also give the GC code of the (real) geocache where your photo was taken. (shouty red letters only to give others a chance to spot the update) Cheers. PS: (edit) - in your case no need to reply - I can see it's GC3018.
  10. For September's photo competition, I've hidden a cache in Midgård: You must guess where the cache is. To be valid, your entry (max 3 per player) must contain: A Midgård map reference, as precise as you can make it (e.g. "base of the tree above the M of ROMRIKE"), stating where you think the Midgård cache is hidden. A photo taken at that cache site (just pretending, okay? - so make it visually plausible if you can). So like this for example: taken at GC11WFB, on the rolling hills of Poutakummut; the cache is in the little yellow house on the map In judging the entries, I will short-list the three nearest guesses then pick a winner based on: Plausibility of the Midgård connection. (Photos of urban micros are unlikely to do well ...) Photographic merit insofar as I am able to tell. That's all. Go for it! Commit code ----...////001333344555677888999999:aabbbcccccccddeeeefgggghhhiimmnnnoopptt (please ignore this, it's just for me and is not any sort of hint)
  11. If nobody objects then I'd like to run the September competition. I have a fun topic in mind.
  12. One player couldn't resist spoiling the cache page with a grumpy log. Tut, tut. That's what the forums are for. ( Congratulations, by the way, DeepButi )
  13. "If we don't point you in the right direction, there'll be anarchy, so ... *shrug* ... here are some rules - now please stop squabbling and go play nicely"
  14. On the flip side, an NA-plentiful culture may put unwelcome nugatory work onto the reviewer. Can't win.
  15. Mine can be pronounced "approximately point four nine eight minus point one five five eye".
  16. Would it be overkill on GC48V98?
  17. When I started (as recently as 2009), the map was pretty sparse and it felt exciting to join a small community of people doing something different. I could expect most hides to be in places I'd never visited and many caches to be interesting in their own right (I'd never seen a cache before - everything was new and intriguing). With the cache-map as it is now, I might never have started: it would have been "huh, kids littering the countryside with boxes - no thanks" rather than "ooh, something secret hidden on that hill ... who knew?". And I would have had little sense of anticipation of the location, as everywhere is cache-coated nowadays. There's no point complaining: I've seen enough of the local countryside now not to be surprised any more (thanks, geocaching!) and the game's become so popular that the exclusivity is a thing of the past. I do wonder if the "old timers" are just missing the heady days of their geo-exploring youth and, like the game itself, need to move on.
  18. Oh, please. Since they decided to disassociate Deci, it would be a nonsense to then laud him as a CotM.
  19. Nah, not mine. WT's, perhaps, or maybe Gordon set it. Tastier than the water at the pump room, in any case.
  20. I!


    See post #4. I should've been clearer about that in the OP.
  21. I!


    Good catch. Another solution: make the most couple of pings visible, but the rest not. My opening post was based on a probably-controversial assumption that the (subset of) Intro App users that people complain about, who can't be bothered to write logs, are mostly not teachable. By and large, they see geocaching as a fun spur-of-the-moment thing and don't see the need to get bogged-down in writing thank-you notes. I'd like to know when they happened to find one of my caches, but I don't want my cache pages filled with generic boilerplate Found It notes. So I could've asked: if gc.com had decided not to display boilerplate Found It logs, would you be less irritated by them? Of course some Intro App users are teachable. If the App had said something like "auto-log privately, or share your experience?" (i.e. ping vs. proper log) then I'd hope the more community-minded users would have quickly gravitated towards the sharing option. This isn't a proposal for change. Simply wondering where the Intro App log quality problem really lies.
  22. I!


    The user would have the option to log. If they're not inclined to do so, better that their non-logs (pings / default logs in current speak) don't clutter up the cache page? I should think logging would remain the preferred option for those that wish to play a fuller role in the game.
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