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  1. Thanks Mellers. Oh to be in the know! ??
  2. Hi all. I was wanting to have a nosey at the UK’s most prolific cachers but can’t seem to find it anywhere. I think it used to be called ‘Cacher Stats’ . Does it still exist?
  3. I’m scuppered too. This is how I load caches for a trip. AAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHH.
  4. Thanks Marty. I guess we must content ourselves with the info we now have at our fingertips.... thanks to you. We cache with a Garmin Etrex and print out our maps and clues. I guess that we are living in the past and we are holding onto the good old days of caching but we kinda like it that way! ?We have no idea whether all the bells and whistles would benefit us but we still find a few and have a great time in doing so and I suppose that’s what counts. Thanks to all for your help though. ????
  5. Well, we have had success using Marty’s method. Thanks very much. We have been playing with this today and would like to pick your brains again if you don’t mind? Can I ask you, is there a way of viewing the archived caches on a map? Also, is there any way to view archived caches which we ‘didn’t’ find?
  6. Thanks all very much for your replies. I will certainly have a look and see if I can work it out. Marty B’s sounds doable and at least I have some options now. I knew I’d get help here. Cheers. ??
  7. Hello all. Thehoomer aren’t in any way ‘techie’ or clued up and we make no apology for that! ? however, we did a few caches today and felt certain we had been to the location before. Is there any way of finding out if there were caches there previously, even if archived?
  8. A contender for me would be GCR6N9 for me. It had a controversial time of it but it was a truly unique and memorable cache. There aren’t many caches where a gps is not a requirement.
  9. Thanks very much all. Will have another look at the K&A canal but I think we have already done them in the past. If all else fails, I’ll have to make sure I have plenty of pain killers on board and try walking again!
  10. Hiya JimJinks. Thanks for the suggestion. We have found a route for tomorrow and are buying train tickets as we speak. We plan to get the train from Bicester to Hatton, just outside Warwick. We will pick up GC4GFQY and then cache in a straight line along the canal, all the way back to Leamington where we can catch the train back to Bicester. There is even a canal side cafe en route so that’s a bonus. This little excursion should see us bag 32 caches without venturing off the canal. We will certainly have a look at your suggestion for future trips though. cheers.
  11. Hiya colleda. Thanks very much. Yes, we had considered this but for reasons of posterity, we wanted to keep our caching trips as basic as they always have been and didn’t really want access to maps. We did manage to get an old Garmin a few years ago when we posted the very same plea on here, so, you never know.........It could be that we have to finally give in though! Thanks so much.
  12. I know it’s been asked before but the only info I can find is outdated. My back is very bad but I still love to go caching, cycling caching is eminently easier. Does anyone know of any fairy easy cycle/caching routes along canals, disused railway paths, cycle trails etc? Preferably within a 60 mile radius of Bicester. We know we can find cycle-able caches in towns cities etc but would prefer something more rural. We’ve been looking at the maps till our eyes are square but can’t find anything.
  13. We are quite nostalgic about still using a trusty Garmin Etrex for caching. The way we look at it, you don’t find any more caches with a fancy one, nor do you have any more fun. The problem is, our 3rd Etrex is about to bite the dust and once again, we can’t find another one from a trusted source. Does anyone have one in the back of a dusty old cupboard which we could have/buy? We will of course, pay for postage too. Thanks.
  14. Still using a trusty Garmin Etrex. No gadgets, no fancy mapping. Not sure how much longer we will be able to sustain our technophobic stance but we still manage to find caches......occasionally these days.
  15. Personally, I miss all the banter on here. No going back now though I suppose, it’s FB all the way. Shame.
  16. To be honest I think that a hint should be a hint and not a ‘puzzle’ to the caches location. If I’m out in the field and I have been looking for a cache for a long time, I may then resort to the hint. I don’t then want to have to embark on translating Latin or some such thing. I don’t believe that hints should be puzzles in their own right, leave the puzzling to the actual cache. Also, if a cache is difficult to find and the hint is equally difficult to decipher, the area tends to get trashed. Still, horses for courses I suppose.
  17. Ooooooh, I remember that Dave, you gave us a souvenir pencil if I remember rightly. Ahhhhh, thems were the days.✍️
  18. I've had the same problem, you select the "Needs Archiving" option but nothing changes, the best I could do was leave a note. However, there is an option to "opt out" which takes you back to the tried and tested logging page that works . I've done a search of the forums and can't find the answer there Thanks John, that has worked. I'm guessing TPTB must've known there would be problems, given the fact that we can 'opt out' of the fancy new logging system!
  19. I have just logged 26 caches without incident. I didn't really notice much difference tbh. However, I have tried to post a NA on a worthy contender but can't seem to see how to do it. At least, I 'thought' I had posted a NA but it isn't showing up on the page. Does anyone know where I'm going wrong please?
  20. If you really want to do something about it, the above posts seem the way to go. However, she only has 4 live caches Do you really need those few logs? Don't want to sound like an agony aunt but from a woman's point of view, I would be more pigged off if I saw your cache count going up & up and logs saying what a great time you and your kids are having! There are some fabulous caches out there and some equally fabulous cachers who have set them. Don't get angry..........😀
  21. Yes, thanks but we knew that. We wanted to obtain one from someone in the family so to speak. Thanks to SidAndBob, we are now the proud owners of what looks to be a new unit and performs every bit as good as our old one did before it went Pete Tong. Thanks though .
  22. You might have more luck in the GPS forum (can't have less luck!) Here http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=11 Oh contraire! We have had 3 emails through our profile as a result of this post and think we now have a unit secured thanks to SidAndBob. I may try on the site you suggest for a new spare though, so thanks for that .
  23. .....A Garmin Etrex High Sensitivity GPS we could buy? It looks like our trusty friend is giving up the ghost after a million years of unbroken service . Cant buy em anymore but wondered if anyone had one lurking in the depths of a dusty cupboard, somewhere among the copies of 'Look-In', 'Jackie' and 'Whizzer & Chips'.
  24. We've obviously met lots of cachers over the years and many of them have had quirky/funny caching names. Maybe an award for the best story behind Team (or individual) caching names?
  25. Have you thought about asking for permission in person? This allows you do better describe the game and let the land manager (LM) see actual cache samples you have brought with you. You can also immediately answer any questions or reservations the LM may have. If you have already identified a potential location for the cache you can show the LM what the cache will look like when placed. Keep in mind for someone who has no idea about geocaching it is difficult to picture what is involved. Good luck with you hiding efforts! I have to agree with this. In areas of sensitivity such as churchyards, in our experience it is far better to arrange a face-to-face with the vicar/reverend/warden. We took along a draft of the cache page, a GPS and the container. We fully explained the concept of Geocaching to them and let them use the GPS to take them to the sensible place we had earmarked for the hide. We assured them that there wouldnt suddenly be throngs of people milling around the churchyard and that we would closeley monitor the area. We provided them with our contact number and stated that would remove it immediately if any problems arose or if they requested it. In all cases, TPTB agreed to the placement. If TPTB dont fully understand the concept, thier default position will almost certainly be, 'No'. May be you could ask to attend the next PCC meeting or enter at the AOB stage and give them an informal/short brief? Good luck. Edited to add... We also found that once we had placed 1 cache in a churchyard and it had had a successful and problem-free history, it was worth mentioning to subsequent officials of other churches. The knowledge that other church officials in the area had granted permission, seemed to give them confidence to agree.
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