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  1. Thanks to everyone for posting your photos. It was a tough choice, so I called on the assistance of my family. We loved all the many close ups and angles taken, particularly those posted by Ian2013 (nicely done). However, it was Clue-72 picture of the damselfly (I'm guessing) with it's bright colours and close up shot that showed it's wing design and the hairs on the body that got the kids favorite vote. Congrats! On to you, Clue-72.
  2. Many thanks to The Blorenges for choosing my photo among the many great photos posted. This month's theme is: Creepy Crawlers, Critters, and things that Flutter. It might just be me but with the amount of good weather, with rain here and there, I've noticed more butterflies, and insects in general, during our walks. We even had to tiptoe around a rather large knot of toads up a bridle path once. Not an easy task with 2 large dogs and kids along for the walk. But I won't limit it to insects and amphibians only. Any critter will do. The rest of the rules are: 1) The photo must be cache related and to do with a specific UK cache (any type including events), caching series or caching trip - please include a link to the cache or the GC.... code so we can see where the picture relates to. 2) Maximum of two photos per caching team or cacher. 3) A new thread is started each month, with the OP stating these rules. 4) The winner each month is decided by the winner from the previous month - the new winner starting the thread for the subsequent month. They may set a theme if they wish. 5) Follow the theme
  3. Many thanks for choosing my photo Now to think of something for the next theme.
  4. Taken while waypoint averaging for my first cache GC4FN8Q
  5. Janets Fass GC1WYMC with 23 FAVS Did this Earthcache back in November.
  6. Sounds interesting and fun. Please count Farley and myself in if there is still room.
  7. Yes, I use them. Helps with the search and helps determine if it is kid friendly.
  8. Never a Scout, but I've been a Scouter (Den Leader, Cubmaster, and Troop Committee Chair) for the last 5 years. My oldest son, who didn't do Cubs, reached Star. And my youngest son just bridged to the Troop last month. He's really looking forward to all the activities the Troop has planned. And even better that his older brother volunteered to become one of the Troop's ASM. Scouting is a great program, though not for everyone, and I'm glad our family became a part of it.
  9. Works a treat! Thanks for the time and hard work you did.
  10. Found Chatterbox Teeth and when I tried to take a pic of own little chatterbox with this TB, she got very shy and quiet. So I thought maybe our Newfie would be interested but he was not amused. He just wanted to catch up on his sleep after our walk.
  11. As a dog owner, I agree it is up to the owner to take responsibility of their pets actions. I have a new newfie (large breed) puppy and I let him off the lead quite a bit during our walks as I have been working with him until our puppy training classes start (this week BTW ). However, he is still a puppy and sometimes loves attention from anyone (especially children) who will give it. He recently came up upon a child and wanted to introduce himself. The child didn't see it like that and got upset. I quickly grabbed his harness and told him to sit, which he did. I apologized to both the mother and the child. The mother took my apology and didn't seem too upset by the incident and was trying to console and tell her child that it's only a puppy (a big one) and that no harm was done. However, it could have been differently with the Mother. Still it was my fault for allowing him to approach the child without permission from the mother and the child while under more control.
  12. It nearly took me a year and a half...but I finally hit that 100 mark.
  13. Not worried necessarily from geocaching, but we've had to get rid of one nest in the eaves which has a small window nearby. And one of our neighbors had to get rid of 2 nests in the rooftop this summer.
  14. I just recently bought a few scout patches, at a relatively cheap price, that I've started to use as swaps. Though I do like those badges from the link MrsB provided.
  15. I have a whopping....1 Fav left. But then again I haven't been caching as long or as much as you good people. I do like to use them if there was something about the cache I liked. Be it the cache itself, the area it is located in, or even moment or memory when hunting for the cache. When the favorite system started I've even used a point for a cache that was archived. Just because it was the first cache my son and I found.
  16. I wonder if any of the police or "speed camera officials" have logged a vehicle travel bug decal after the speeding act was committed. They would have proof of where the vehicle was at the time.
  17. ... and now I've got bad toothache, Told you. Witch. "Well, she turned me into a newt!"....."A newt?"..... "I Got Better." Sorry, I had to do it. You had to see that coming. Time to get some sleep now.
  18. Glad to hear you are OK. Our family had some wind issues (that didn't come out right), though not while geocaching. We were visiting Fountains Abbey and it turned out to be a really windy day. Our youngest son (6 yrs old at the time) nearly had a portable security gate fall on him while walking through the ruins. He was only a less than a meter away from being seriously hurt or even worse (hate to think about it). After notifying one of the staff we continued on our walk around the park. You could hear the old massive trees groaning with the amount of wind. When we made it to the other side of the site we were told to exit out to Studley Royal as there had been some large limbs falling down all over. And then there was a last month when we went camping at Shell Island. Our last night was something else with the wind. The adults didn't get much sleep that night. Though our sturdy Outwell tent survived the lashing winds, our cook tent and both our neighbor tents didn't do so well.
  19. Now this wasn't necessary part of any specific UK cache, caching series or caching trip however I did try and do a little caching on the way while attempting to do the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge back in March. On my trek between Pen-y-ghent and Whernside I came across this discarded pair. I may have not completed the challenge but at least I didn't have this problem. I hope he/she had a second pair handy.
  20. We did listen to the wedding on radio on our long drive to Shell Island (fantastic place). Frankly I expected a little more to the wedding, but what the heck do I know...I'm just another bloke I guess. Or maybe you just had to see it on the telly to get full effect.
  21. The family and I will be out enjoying the beach as well as a little hunting for the elusive plastic.
  22. Mine is a pic of Sarge, our loveable old Newfie who passed away several weeks ago. I miss that big ball of hair.
  23. Pen-y-ghent Had a look back down from climbing up to Pen-y-ghent. Some fantastic views.
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