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  1. Nice one MM, far more respectful to not be counting fatalities. Cheers, Jonovich.
  2. Go to your profile screen and on the right hand side under premium features is an option for 'setup notifications'. Should do all you want and you can setup notifications for whatever cache types and proximities to your home location you wish for. Jonovich.
  3. I'm all for puzzle caches, but when a Happy New Year cache for 2013 was published nearby, with quiz questions to count the number of deaths from incidents in 2012, i find myself asking why?. Is it just me, or is that tasteless and sick? Jonovich. Edited for link....
  4. Whilst that is correct, the risk of being squished between the two barriers is just a risk for the Geocacher themselves. We cache at our own risk, we should object to anyone else telling us what risks we can and cannot take with our own well beings. It is not reason enough for a cache to be disabled by a reviewer. However, the question in this case is if the placement of the cache is likely to put others at risk or simply to cause alarm to them. The same way that caches likely to cause a bomb scare are not a very clever idea. You could argue that this cache could actually fall into that bomb scare category, before even opening the argument that it may distract a driver and contribute to an incident. Sergei Jonovich
  5. It has to be said, you're now more famous for your elusive knickers than your caches though Betty.... Jonovich.
  6. Well, they certainly managed to get plenty of advertising out of this.... Not bad at all considering how anti Groundspeak generally are to promoting businesses that haven't paid for advertisements! Sergei Jonovich
  7. How many fleece's and T-shirts would they sell if they showed the truth? A string of mouldy film pots hidden every five hundred feet behind street signs and in phone boxes? Forgive me if I don't boycott them or burn my socks! Jonovich
  8. It would be more accurate to accuse me of being dishonest or deceitful, but how can it be construed as lazy? I don't want to get drawn into this one, I'm not claiming anyone is lazy - however, for the sake of stating the bleeding obvious.... If a CO is not going to maintain their cache, they could simply start allowing people to claim a find by just describing the area it was hidden. The CO isn't being dishonest or deceitful, that would be the cache hunters who claim a find on something they didn't find. The CO could in this instance be perceived as being too lazy to maintain it. It was disabled as soon as I was informed it was missing, however those visitors were clearly using a PQ they had retrieved before leaving home and before it was disabled, and they were back home before they contacted me so I would assume they had little or no internet access while over here. They're happy about what they did, so am I so I'm with Thehoomer on this whole issue. That's marvelous and I'm pleased you are at one with your conscience. This thread was started to ask for folks views on the matter of allowing DNF's to be logged as Founds. I'm simply saying my point of view and querying the reasons why people would do otherwise. But then it disappears from the maps as well, which would be undesirable for me. The answer as I see it then is that it seems you want to hide your failed attempt at finding a cache, get a smiley on the map for it, and not have to be reminded of the fact that you never actually found the cache and need not return to do so? Jonovich.
  9. So recently a couple of cachers from Norway went after my multi while on holiday in London. They provided proof that they found the first part, worked out the final GZ, got there, checked the right spot but they were there the week before I replaced the cache. Now to me they had the whole experience, apart from fiddling with a bit of paper in the cold/wind/rain/sunshine (delete as appropriate). When they contacted me I let them log the find. They had the experience, they wrote about it in their Did Not Find log, why do they need to log it as a found when they didn't? Just so they can have a smiley on the map and increase their find count? Makes them vain in my book, the false smiley doesn't change their experience of the cache. Anything other than a physical container is a VIRTUAL cache find, and they haven't been on the books as new caches types in anything but EarthCache format for many years. Temporarily turning a missing cache into a virtual I guess can be perceived as being lazy to any observers of the cache logs? Technically it should be disabled at the earliest convenience of the CO. Anyone attempting to find it whilst disabled has only themselves to blame if they failed to check it was active and should not expect to be able to then log it as a found when they didn't find it. If I regarded the cache as found, and didn't want to revisit it again then leaving it as a DNF it will still appear in my PQ's (which have the "and I haven't found" box ticked). If I log it as a find it won't keep cropping up in my PQs. For the avoidance of doubt I have not logged a find on any cache that I failed to find. There is an ignore cache option to remove caches from PQ's, without having to resort to falsely logging a find when it was clearly a "did not find". Jonovich
  10. To be blunt, that is a daft analogy.... A more comparable one would be on your first trip to buy pillows you found the store had none... It wasn't their fault... They had simply sold out.... You'd spent money on fuel and parking to get there, so head off to stamp your feet in front of the manager and demand that he magically provided you with some virtual pillows and you proudly announced to everyone willing to listen how you were successful on your pillow shopping trip.... Fellow pillow hunters would then head out to the same store in search of these pillows.... Jonovich.
  11. Why though? The cache seeker visited ground zero, they either didn't find it, or the cache wasn't there to be found, EITHER way, THEY DID NOT FIND IT! What purpose does them logging it as found or changing their log to say they did find it do? It's a LIE, a MIS-TRUTH, a FALSE entry.... Anything they wish to say about their hunt can be covered in a DID NOT FIND log. Even if they are out caching for the numbers, if they log a DNF as a FOUND then the numbers become meaningless as they no longer reflect how many caches they actually found... Logging a DNF as a FOUND just does not make sense to me and I'm struggling to understand why someone would want to do this? The only reason I can think of is vanity - not wanting to have a DNF log on their otherwise unblemished record of caches found for the 'series' or whatever. Jonovich
  12. Seriously? You found that rude? If you truly did, then I apologise, being rude was not the intention. Getting right to the point of why some cachers feel the need to lie about their activities was my intention. Perhaps you can enlighten me about why you would feel you may need to lie in your log? Is the smiley on The map that important? Is your find count so important? Jonovich.
  13. That is great, suggest you head right over, as quick as possible, to www.georockswithcacheshapedholesin.com and log your find. because sure as hell you did not find a cache. I can't understand why you think you did or why you feel the need to lie about it?Jonovich.
  14. Another geolympix, should that not be in another four years and somewhere far more Brazilian than anything North Wales or the Emerald Isle has to offer? Or am I missing something here? Jonovich
  15. My advice is don't place one just yet.... get a feel for the type of caches you like to find, what is your most enjoyable type, and then try and set one similar. If it's the sort of cache you like to find, then it may well be the sort others will to. Jonovich.
  16. Excellent caches are always worth a re-visit. (even those that were found and signed). If it's felt not worth the effort to go back and actually find the cache, then it's just a numbers hunt and shows a shallow and vain cacher, probably more interested in going out to find another series of eighty, then 'wasting' a day to revisit just one. As for folks not logging DNF's, that's another topic altogether, but again falls into the vain category in my book. Too worried about how they look on their stats, their facebook and the shame of their DNF's being tweeted and re-tweeted, than the actual recording of their days caching activities. I wouldn't offer to allow anyone to log a DNF as a found, however if someone asks to, then I don't deny them it, life's to short to worry about it. Jonovich
  17. It would be a lie to log a "Found it" if you didn't, the clue is in the name... There could be a third option for pussies that prefer it, not sure on the wording, but something short and sweet that sums up "I never actually found this, even though it could still have been about here somewhere when I looked, but was not findable by the cache owner sometime later when they searched, so I'd like to pretend I actually found it and signed the log book because logging a 'did not find' is too painful, despite being the most accurate option". For an encore you can go on to prove that black is white and get yourself killed on the next pedestrian crossing. [with thanks Douglas Adams] Jonovich.
  18. Yup, I remember them being not quite hot enough and you didn't get much drink from the can, but wondered if things had progressed with them in the last ten years or so.... certainly the MRE's are a lot better than they used to be. Jon
  19. Found em...... Product withdrawn in 2002.... Nescafé, instant hot coffee in a can. Jon
  20. Thumbs up for the Jetboil from me...... Rarely go anywhere without it. Have a Kelly Kettle for camping & beach trips too. Whatever happened to those instant hot drinks in a can that were all in vogue several years ago.....? Also quite tempted with one of those new Biolote gizmo's for camping trips..... Great for charging your GPSr whilst brewing your tea! Jon
  21. Are there any geocoins in production or already in the planning stages to celebrate our medal winning heroes? I'd be interested in something along those lines - If not then a TB with some of my heroes stamps inside key fobs could be on the cards! Jon.
  22. Why not, folks seem to think every other bit of street furniture is worthy of placing a pigging cache on.... irrespective of what colour it's painted! Jon
  23. The "official" app fails to work for me at just about every level. I don't get on with the UI. The places I go it's normal not to have a data connection. Even if I have one, it's usually too slow to get maps in a reasonable time. Without maps I find the main display almost useless. The only "PQs" it can get are ones directly from GS, whereas I generate my own from GSAK, the ones I generate on GS are not appropriate to use directly. I carry it only as a "backup" to the Oregon, but I would have to be pretty desperate to actually resort to it Rgds, Andy Have you tried the iGeoKnife application on the iOS? Seems to work very well for me. Toodles Jon
  24. Thanks for the info Jon. Just went to look at it and it says "DropBox Cloud Storage". Is that the only way it works? If it's cloud, I won't use it on principle, if it syncs directly I'll look further (though I have to say that I can't at present see how it is any easier than iTunes). Rgds, Andy Yup, uses cloud storage space. Regarding using older MM maps on the iPhone, you need to make them not look like OS maps, this fools the MM application into treating them as generic maps and thus they work. Got all my 1:25k and 1:50k maps for the UK on the 'pad and it works a treat. Jon.
  25. Does it put the GPX files into the right locations? I want the same GPX file to be loaded by MemoryMap and GeoSphere, can it do that? Not that it's a big deal, doing it via iTunes is extremely easy. Rgds, Andy It makes the GPX files available to any GPX associated apps on the iOS device. Thus on my device I can load them to Memory Map, iGeoKnife, Landranger and GPS HD applications. I don't use GeoSphere, but imagine that will be the same.... Dropbox is free, so try it and see. You only have to start paying if you use squigabytes of data with it Jon Forgot to add, it works for photo's too.... Any pics you take on you iOS device can be synced to your desktop or other Dropbox device automatically. Jon
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