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  1. https://www.tonikuk.co.uk/sat-nav-repairs/garmin-sat-nav-repairs/ or: https://satnavrepairservice.com/repair-satnav/garmin-repair/13.html Other Garmin GPS repairers may be available.
  2. Knew you could/would! Many thanks, works fine here - and no need to re-add the map.
  3. Last time a link on the pages to cookiebot.com was causing the problem - blocking cookiebot.com, using your favourite adblocking software, resolved it. This time it looks different, I've tried blocking all external links and GME still won't play. Someone's going to have to look at the source and see if they can figure out what needs changing, I'm hoping @JimJinks is going to pop along soon - he's resolved earlier issues, when @jri wasn't around.
  4. Am I right in thinking there's been an update to the cache listings page? The GME options no longer appear on the small map view (still working OK on the main map). Nigel
  5. When I go to my Dashboard and select Favorites from the LISTS sub-menu, I get the following error message: We had trouble loading your favorites. Please try again by refreshing the page. Error pic attached. Nigel Note: the error occurs on both Firefox and Edge.
  6. I can confirm this worked for me. Why the other blocking options didn't, I don't know, but adding "cookiebot.com" (without the quotes) in the My Filters tab and clicking on Apply Changes resulted in an immediate fix - didn't even need to restart the browser, just had to refresh the listing page I had open. Many thanks for the fix. Nigel
  7. I rather hoped this simple fix would work, but it doesn't for me using Firefox. When I click on the down-arrow next to my name at the top of a listing page, I no longer see GME as a menu option. Greasemonkey says the GME script is enabled for the listings pages, so something is blocking it. I blocked cookiebot.com first using the Firefox add-on Block Site, then I added a redirect to for it to my Windows Hosts file as well, but neither seem to have had any effect. Nigel
  8. +1. I'm using GME 0.8.2 on Firefox - and the same problem was in 0.8.0, I updated earlier today to see if that would fix the issue. Nigel
  9. The hamsters have gone out on strike - they didn't get any easter eggs.
  10. If you do go ahead, make sure neighbours are made aware that strangers may be skulking around in your garden.
  11. Ahh, that triggered a dormant memory of having had the same Google Maps problem with Chrome some time back; the cause in my case is Privacy Badger. Telling the Badger to keep out of the way on the geocaching pages makes Google Maps re-appear. Thanks!
  12. Hi all, I've recently installed Firefox - latest version, 57.0.3 - to see how it performs against Chrome. I've installed GreaseMonkey and GME, and it works fine, except that it won't display either the Google Map, or Google Satellite Map, on either the small listing pages map or the main geocaching map. Other maps - Bing, OSM, OS - work fine. Google Maps display correctly when I use Chrome. The issue is not machine-specific, I have the same issue on both a Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update) machine and a Windows 7 machine. If I change the geocaching maps to Google from Leaflet, the Google map displays OK, so it would not appear to be a Firefox issue, but a Firefox+GME issue. Has anyone else encountered this, and is there something I can do to fix it? Cheers, Nigel
  13. Active Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/166580093553068/permalink/567248126819594/). Statistics: http://www.15ddv.me.uk/geo/lq/lq.html
  14. Thanks everyone. That sorted it for me, although it took a while as there were so many. Nigel
  15. Having been forced onto it due to the imminent retirement of the "Classic" geocaching app, I am now trying to get to grips with the current app. When I check my trackables inventory, in order to drop a trackable, I can see entries for trackables I moved ages ago. There doesn't seem to be any way to remove these from my inventory. Anyone else experiencing similar? Nigel
  16. Android? If so, the docs say that distance units are taken from the phone's locale settings. In the UK this is kilometers (goodness knows why). The only way to change it, AFAIK, is to change the phone's locale to a locale that uses miles, like the US - which would of course cause all sorts of other complications. Nigel
  17. The caches are on your unit (which is why it said they were already there when you went to re-download them). It's more likely that you, or your grandson, have inadvertently set a filter. I'm not sure of the exact path to check this, as I don't possess a 700, but look for an option to set/unset various geocache filters, like difficulty and terrain. See if a filter has been set which is restricting the caches viewed. Nigel
  18. TamperMonkey for Windows Edge is now available in the Windows Store. Once installed, you can then install GME. I found it worked best when I used the Install link at openuserjs.org, when I tried to install from GME's home site Edge just tried to save the file, instead of installing it. I've successfully installed GME in Edge on the latest Windows 10 Release version (1607 14393.222), and in Insider Preview 14931.1000.
  19. Old PQs working OK, new ones not generating. My 2cents.
  20. Hi folks, If your caches are part of a series, *pleaze* don't just copy and paste the listing description. Those of us looking for your caches may - depending on our GPSr's - have to scroll through all that information before getting to any information on the individual cache, such as the hint. Better to have a short sentence referencing the first, or bonus, cache in your series, then it's easy for the finder to know if there's any cache-pertinent information in the listing. I often see - and understand - moans about copy&paste logs. I'v not seen many moans about copy&paste listings, but they are just as annoying. Nigel
  21. Allow me to disagree with that part: if you're setting a cache to bring them to a particular place, why make it hard to find the cache? These locations will likely be in urban(ish) situations, where making a cache difficult to find might lead to unwelcome attention.
  22. Bingo. I'm guessing it must have taken some time to track it down, so many thanks for doing so. I've since looked at the test for "loggedin" in the script. It appears that "ct100_divSignedIn" has been changed to "ct100_uxLoginStatus_divSignedIn" on the listing pages, but changing the script to use that test didn't work, so I may be on the wrong track. Thus I'll leave any further script edit suggestions to you!
  23. Bah. I hate it when it's "just me". The drop-down GME settings menu is there on the big map page and my Profile page, but not on any cache listing, so (for whatever reason) it would appear that GME is no longer working on cache listing pages for me. It's not a big deal, but I would like to know why so I can fix it.
  24. The latest (Feb 2016) changes/updates to cache pages mean that GME's script settings are no longer available from the drop-down menu, so you can't (re)configure the cache-page map to select other maps, including the OS map. I'm guessing this means a script update is needed. So far, the main (big) map page is still working fine. If (when?) that breaks, I really will need to start learning how to create scripts.. or just hope someone (JimJinks? ) comes along and fixes stuff again for us.
  25. Try toggling the left-side panel of the large maps screen. Once you slide it out of view you should see the GME configuration icons in the bottom left-hand corner, and sliding the left-side panel back to visible moves the icons over for you.
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