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Area 51 Series - UFO Geocoin

Team kizb

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The UFO Geocoin would be the first product of my Area 51 series.


2" round

Up to 15mm thick


Unique pattern on the top and bottom

Solid platting in maybe a couple different versions.

Die-cast in either Pewter or zinc alloy base metal

Trackable with unique icon


Shooting for a price between $10-$13 depending on the order size.


I'm really excited about this project and just completed the artwork to forward to the mint. The next step would be creating a clay mold since its a think shaped "coin"


Before I spend $$$ on expensive molds I'd like to know there are others out there that would buy this coin.


I believe this would would be a really unique fun project and hope others think the same so I can proceed.


Please post if your interested in a UFO shaped Geocoin and how many you think you would buy.




How do I get them?!!?

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I'm glad to hear that the UFOs are now landing around the world.


Thank You all for your support throughout this project. As you can all imagine producing a coin like this was a large investment and risk for me. Without the support of this forum and the great response during reservations I doubt I would moved forward with this project, once I found out dies alone would cost as much as some entire coin runs. So Thank You again for helping me turn my thoughts to create something unique into a reality.


I have several ideas I'm working on for the next "coin" to join the Area 51 Series. So keep an eye out for it in the night skies.

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The thing that surprised me the most was how well the outer ring turns. I expected them to rotate poorly, but they are smooth and turn easily. In short, a very well made product.


Yes, the mint did a great job ensuring the rings spin smoothly after I expressed my concerns with them not spinning properly on the samples.

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I guess I don't look at this forum often enough. Just now discovering this Topic. Coins look great! When will any "extras" be available for us "nonreservationists"?


I plan on putting the remaining UFO Geocoins up for sale by the end of the week. Thanks for you interest in them.


Which week and where? Don't want to miss out again.

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All paid reservations have been shipped!


I still have a few invoices waiting to be paid, if you placed a reservation and did not receive your invoice, please contact me. All unpaid invoices have until 19 March to pay or risk losing your reservation. Thanks

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UFO Geocoins are now listed on my website! Black Hills Cacheshop in limited quantitys. More may be available after the 19th.


Please note that if you live outside of the US/Canada there will be about a 2 week delay in shipping to you since I'm out of stock. Once I find out how many I need, they'll be shipped from the US so I can ship them to you.

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I received the UFOs, are really awesome, good quality ...it seems they can fly! :grin:


Edited: What is the next design of Area 51 Series, ...When?


I have several designs I'm considering as the next in the series. Not sure on time frame yet. I'm also considering minting some new versions of the UFO since they were well received.


An Antique Silver w/Antique Gold Ring is definitely one I'd like to do. What other versions would you guys be interested in seeing?

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Very nicely done I received 24/70 - my only problem was finding the activation code but reading this thread turned up the answer.

For the future you might consider putting a place on your website to get the activation codes and/or coincodes.com as it may be a year or more down the road when someone attempts to activate a coin.


Also some coin collector nuts like me want to know any and every detail about a coin, it's design, history, designer (you obviously) and anything that the coin represents - a storyline per say. Of course this one and the series are Area 51 based I get that. But there is more to this I'm sure.


Best of luck on your future designs, coming out with one such as this right off the bat seems next to impossible to top!



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Thanks for all the kind words about the coin.


The first mint contained a mint error, there ended up being 2 Black Nickle w/ Gold Ring UFOs 90/90 with the same tracking number. This also meant there was no 1/90 Black Nickle w/ Gold Ring. So since a 1/90 one is getting made I decided to have some new sample made at the same time. Here are the new samples:


Gold w/ Black Nickle Ring

Copper w/ Black Nickle Ring

Black Nickle w/ Copper Ring


Antique Silver w/ Antique Gold Ring

Antique Copper w/ Antique Silver Ring

Antique Copper w/ Antique Gold Ring


I'll be excited to see how the new samples turn out to decided which ones will be minted in larger number. Input welcome.

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how about a sample with an antique metal and a shiny metal together. the contrast between let's say an antique silver with black nickel or antique silver with shiny gold would be stunning. the two shiny metals together sort of fight with each other - i love my gold and black nickel but would love to see a mixture of "textures."

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how about a sample with an antique metal and a shiny metal together. the contrast between let's say an antique silver with black nickel or antique silver with shiny gold would be stunning. the two shiny metals together sort of fight with each other - i love my gold and black nickel but would love to see a mixture of "textures."


Interesting idea to consider. Thanks for the feedback.

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The current 4 versions are now SOLD OUT! Set 51 will end up on eBay as well as a pair of mistake Black Nickle w/ Gold ring versions. Thanks to all that gave me advice along the way to help make the project a success.


I'll post pictures of the new samples once I receive them.

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I obivoisely missed the date of the original post. The price had changed and all. I really really really loved the coin I saw. Found one on eBay but could not afford it :( maybe I'll get lucky and save up for one or possibly adopt one or get it in the mail ( sorry wishful thinking) anyway coolest coin I've seen by far. Well done

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Quick update on new samples. Due to the number of samples I've requested I've been quoted a very high price to produce them. So I'm now considering doing a limited run (no more than 20 of each) of the 7 samples to bring the cost down. These would be sequential numbered samples. Then depending on how they come out, some of them would be minted in larger numbers and others would become LEs. No word on price yet, awaiting a quote back from the mint.

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Here's an update on the re-mint. It looks like I'm going to move ahead with plans to mint a limited run of 7 different versions at 21 coins per version. Then out of the 7 I'll probably narrow it down to 4 new versions to mint in larger numbers. I've reviewed all the great feedback and ideas and have decided on the following versions:


Gold w/ Black Nickle Ring

Black Nickle w/ Antique Gold Ring

Antique Silver w/ Shiny Gold Ring

Black Nickle w/ Shiny Copper Ring

Antique Silver w/ Antique Gold Ring

Antique Gold w/ Antique Copper Ring

a secret three-tone UFO

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