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  1. what a nice suprise congrats
  2. well i know this more than likely will not work but today i got a second one of these beautiful coins in the mail. (lucky lucky me....) if the mystery coin giver would like to get in touch with me i will be more than happy to send it back. thanks again
  3. i commented on this great looking coin a couple of days ago. then much to my suprise in the mail today was a beautiful mystery coin thanks so much
  4. very nice congrats very cool looking coin
  5. im looking for a activation code for a (Cache-A-Maniacs Geocoin) anyone have any ideas thanks for any help
  6. sorry i missed it but we got in later than we were going to (darn caches) but it was nice hanging out with you on sat. you have a grreat collection anyone that has not seen it is missing out. thanks
  7. i sent an email also but never got a reply
  8. id love to have one in my collection also its a great looking coin
  9. when you get to nashville, take a lookt the MOjo caches by JoGPS theres one at the Titans stadium very good caches. ill look into some more also.
  10. Nothing really except that someone will be around the cache
  11. Just look for the person walking in circles...
  12. Got mine this weekend He's a cute little guy Thanks
  13. very cool looking coin and interesting story
  14. wol is low backwards also pots would be stop backwards i have used both of thoses on some of my caches hope that helps
  15. i got the gps yesterday it looks great now to figure it out...LOL thanks
  16. it sounds like its just a projection waypoint
  17. if you have a ipad or iphone there is actually an app for that. when i found it i just searched for geocaching and there are a lot of apps that pop up. and you can project waypoints just by adding in a set of cords telling how many feet then what direction you can also do the triangulation on the same app
  18. That's awesome I love the detail
  19. I got the NC leg covered for you... Sorry we already have the NC leg covered But someone else on the cache page was looking for someone on the NC leg Thanks
  20. your right and sometimes some people get off of the subject. sorry about that if your wanting to meet new cachers try going to some local events and look into your local groups. there are always people wanting to cache hopefully that will help you out. good luck and again sorry for how this got off of subject.
  21. try some harder caches they are star rated 5 being the hardest also there are puzzle, mystery caches which show up on the map as a question mark. some caches are alot harder than just walking up and finding them. hope this helps some.
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