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  1. Here is another of the German editions. It will be called HIRAM'S MÜNZSCHLAG This is one of the English editions called "Spirit on Fire".
  2. I sent this design to the factory and they say that it will be available in February.
  3. Thanks! 450 more should be available in about a month. I will be adding three German editions.
  4. As for now there is no icon for these coins... Hmm, Annie at Groundspeak said that they would be loaded by now. Here is what the icon looks like:
  5. I used a vendor for my first designs, because there was so much to learn. The vendors do not cost that much more and they really make the design process easy. However, once you have a few coins under your belt, dealing with the mint is not difficult at all. I find the Chinese women that I deal with to be very charming and they speak English well enough.The best thing about dealing directly with the mint in China is that the design goes through fewer hands so there are fewer misunderstandings. For my software, I use CorelDraw. I find that vector graphics are well suited for coin design. However, I have never used Photoshop, so maybe it works just as well or even better. I will say that after using a number of different types of software, I realized that you really do need to go with the best (either Photoshop or CorelDraw). The free software and the cheap software just makes your life miserable because they really don't work as well. Even more importantly, you want to use software that other people can open easily. I started out wanting to make just one coin, but the addiction of coin design hit me and now I have an entire room of my house dedicated to coin design and sales. I find selling to be the harder part and wish that I could spend more time just designing.
  6. My web store and eBay are two completely different systems and each have their own stock levels. Indeed, the stock at my web store sold our first, which makes sense given the lower price. I actually designed the coin for my Sunday School class and some are being held in reserve as gifts to them. After they have all received theirs, I will probably have a few more available. You can find all 6 geocoin on ebay. I bought one yesterday
  7. Thanks for posting. I don't mind at all and you are really doing me a favor because I don't have time to post in all of the places that I would like.
  8. I also want to add that I really like the design of the menorah.
  9. I received one in the mail too and I am very honored! The object on the "seal's" nose is the Hebrew letter "shin". I'm not sure of it's meaning, but it could mean: sham - there (Israel) shtel - give shamash - middle candle In this case, I am guessing that the letter means "give". I have also received the Noel and the Kwanza coin so I feel very blessed. Thanks!!
  10. As a vendor, I have no choice but to be on Facebook. I don't particularly like the way that the site is set up and I think that their privacy policy is questionable. That being said, it is also where all of the customers are, so I update my Facebook page frequently. I held off on joining Facebook as long as possible, but once I joined, my access to customers increased greatly.
  11. Thanks! The Geometry of Light coins are limited editions and are available here: Geometry of Light
  12. I have been busy, so it has been a while since I have posted to this forum. I wanted to share a project that I recently finished: These coins are 2 inches in diameter and there are ten editions in total. More information can be found at the two following links: Purchase Dwarven Soul Geocoins Dwarven Soul Information
  13. Would anyone be interested in a remint of this coin? My web store tells me where people linked from and someone arrived to my store today from this post, which tells me that there may be some interest. This is something that I have been thinking of doing for a while, so perhaps this is a tiny push to get me going. I don't particularly like the side with the star, so I was thinking of redesigning that side. If anyone thinks that side is great, then please tell me, if not, I may work on a better star pattern.
  14. Thanks, I'm glad you like them! Out of the ten editions, three are colored with imitation hard enamel, which is a kind of resin. This finish is not as durable, but for a while, it is much smoother and clearer than glass. The other seven editions are colored with glass. While it is not as smooth as the imitation hard enamel, it will still be beautiful in hundreds or even thousands of years because it is not destroyed by exposure to air and light. It is also harder than steel and thus is very difficult to scratch. Your coin has been mailed, so unless it gets stuck in customs, you should have it very soon.
  15. Yes, the glass editions will be sold on eBay. I'll cycle through them all every three weeks. The three other editions are available on eBay and I will be selling some on my web store for a fixed price soon. I think both mystery editions turned out well, but the mystery II is my favorite.
  16. Here are some of the other editions: Israelite Ammonite Gileadite Edomite Judean All of them are colored with glass, which gives transparent colors that are different from the 24 that we usually see.
  17. Thanks, the Chaldeans turned out really well. There are ten editions in all. My wife and I picked out the two best looking ones to be the mystery editions. Both are colored with glass and one in particular looks like no geocoin I have seen before because of the colors. It is so good that I will definitely be using that color of glass on other coins.
  18. I bought the Golden Retriever and Welsh Corgi in 2010. As others noted, the dogs are just paper stickers on a metal coin. I meant to send them both out, but the Golden Retriever disappeared in the first cache, so I kept the Corgi and I am holding it in my hand right now. It is fairly low quality, but it has a certain charm and I like it well enough. I had no trouble activating either one, but I do remember that getting the activation codes was sort of irritating. Rising Sun coins are not great art, but they do put a smile on my face.
  19. Is it possible to have it left in Antarctica? I have sent out a large number of coins with missions to Antarctica, but none have made it yet. I would like to have the coin dropped in the cache and left for people to discover. Like all coins that I send out, I have wishes for it, but I understand that once it leaves my hands, it finds its own fortune.
  20. GoldBugGirl and Gatoulis, The coins are in! I have started selling them on eBay and will soon have them in my store. Each of you can choose from one of the three following versions: Phoenician Chaldean Babylonian Please send me your address, phone number, and e-mail addresses by contacting me through my store at this link. My store The reason that I need your phone and e-mail addresses is for mailing packages, especially overseas. Congratulations again and thanks for taking part in the cointest.
  21. Was this coin minted or is it still being planned? I would still like to have several.
  22. I received three samples recently and they look fantastic. I experimented with glass colors and there is one particular transparent color that is breathtaking. It's unlike any other transparent color that I have ever seen. I'm not sure if I will show a picture of that coin because I might make it a mystery edition, but I will be sure to use that color again. Mostly, I just want to let everyone know that work is still progressing.
  23. Great looking coins! I just placed my order.
  24. I agree that coin values are determined by the free market and as far as I can tell, the definitive market for geocoins is eBay. A coin is worth the average auction price for that design over the last few months. I really do not know how demand for geocoins will change over time, but my guess is that they have a number of qualities that will keep demand high for decades or centuries to come. Here are some of the qualities that will keep demand high: - they are extremely durable - coins of all types can easily last for centuries and often for thousands of years - The Chinese mints make very high quality coins - The tracking numbers allow each coin to collect a recorded history and this appeals to people - Coins are small enough that they are not too much of a bother to keep around. Larger items such as furniture tend to get thrown out when people move - They can be left forgotten in a basement for several lifetimes and still look great - Their heft and ability to be carried in a pocket have made all coins extremely popular for collectors for thousands of years. Greeks, Romans, medieval peasants, and Victorians have all liked coins - As far as I can tell, Groundspeak understands that they have a gold mine and is doing everything right to encourage the collectability of geocoins - Geocaching is a sport that appeals to different cultures, income levels, and educational backgrounds - Although $10 might seem like a large amount to some people, it is small enough that 99.9% of the population of developed countries can easily afford to buy them. Here are some things I see that could make collecting geocoins less desireable: - Their original purpose was to be put into caches, but high rates of theft are making that less attractive - Nearly all tracking numbers are put on with laser engraving, but the resulting marks might not be deep enough to be durable; time will give us a better idea. - Geocoins are still too new to really gauge their long term popularity The demand for geocoins will wax and wane over time, but I fully expect that people will still be collecting them in 500 years. Each one will be a time capsule from a different era that someone can hold in their hands and store in their pocket. People will really like that for thousands of years. The question that many people will want to know is what the coins they own will be worth next year and in ten years. I feel pretty strongly that the value of any coin will will be based on the following: - the strength and appeal of the design - The number minted - The hype and stories that have grown around a given design (i.e. even a poor design can be extremely popular if it has been hyped up by the right people). - The quality of the materials used to make it - The condition it is in (e.g. if it looks new or beat up) I expect that from now on, the values of geocoins will range from nearly nothing to thousands of dollars. If owning high-value coins appeals to you, then I would suggest buying coins with really great designs and taking care of them. Myself, I just buy what I like.
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