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  1. By far a BIG favorite in the Austin Tx Area is Necropolis of Brittania Manor by Richard Garriott. It's worth the trip to Austin to solve this puzzle cache! http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC2B034_necropolis-of-britannia-manor-iii?guid=0bd88942-31d9-4ecb-b230-2ef84af70b11
  2. More Jeeps for sale on the "e-place" http://www.ebay.com/itm/Complete-Set-of-Geocaching-Jeeps-Yellow-White-Green-Red-/201239154481?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2edac9cf31
  3. There is another Jeep TB being offered up for sale on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Yellow-Jeep-Travel-Bug-/390990609470?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276 I've reported it to Ebay, everyone who checks it out should report it also!
  4. There was a similar cache in Austin (GC2YJ0N) that has been archived now. It had a total of 6 stages before reaching the final. You had to figure the correct answers at each stage to be able to find the next. It was based on Harry Potter! It was a challenging puzzle cache. I only got to stage 3, before it got too dark to continue. I never was able to go back and finish it!
  5. That container would hide well inside a hollow log. Or you could paint it the color of the tree bark in your area to camouflage it?
  6. Maybe you should start an online petition to show GS the amount of support this has!
  7. Any Geocoin you Purchase as "New" does not have to be activated. I own several that have never been activated. As for the HQ LogBook Geocoin, if he activates it, it has it's own Travel Tag, so that is what you would send out into the geocaching world to travel, not the actual geocoin. Verbarge from Groundspeak on the HQ Logbook Geocoin: This set includes a companion travel tag with matching tracking code. You can send the tag out on an adventure and keep this special coin in your collection.
  8. did you try all combinations? Sometimes "D"s can look like "O's", or "O's" are actually zeros...etc. If nothing else, ask the owner of the coin, they will know what it is.
  9. I think that it's very cute!
  10. or you can always contact the owner of Hogwildstuff.org to see if he has anymore left. I've done that a couple of times and was able to get the coin I was looking for, from him, by contacting him directly. His contact info is Steve Moran: smoran@gmail.com 650-279-7996 Sharon Mangan: sharonleetx@gmail.com 408-483-4350 Good Luck!
  11. I checked out the trackable's you own and the only one that I see that was placed in a cache and has not been "retrieved" yet looks to be your Cachekinz Ocean Series Shark "Going to Germany"? If this is the one you are referring to? I see where someone called "CLW" logged finding the cache your traveler was in "GC2FAK2 Dead Mans Curve" on 6/24 and in his log he states "Good luck to the Trackable". I don't know if he took it or left it, but I would start their by sending messages to him and all others that found the cache after him, and ask if they remember seeing your traveler, or possibly retrieving it and just have not logged doing so yet? This may help jog someone's memory. Good Luck! Hope it turns up!
  12. You can always put the caches, nearest to where you live, on your "Watchlist" that way you will know when they have been visited. Then you can check the cache to see if any new trackables have been added to caches inventory. Sometimes cacher's will note, that they have dropped a Coin or TB in the cache, in their cache logs.
  13. The coin may have slipped out of the coin flip and whoever removed the coin, from the cache, may not have realized the coin flip was for the coin they took. You could check the "past trackables" that have been left in the cache and notify the holders of the trackables that you have found the coin flip for a geocoin that was in that cache. Other than that, there is not much else that can be done.
  14. Sounds like it's a hangover from the cache adoption... Person writing the code doesn't know how to cache! Agreed! The link to adopting a cache over, or a trackable item, is the same! So the verbage is for the cache adoption. There is no way to "disable" a trackable item. You can only mark it as "Missing".
  15. I am definitely interested in purchasing a set! I sent you a PM! Please send me an invoice. Thanks! Can't wait to see them in person!
  16. Those are Super Cool! Please keep us posted as to how and when we can purchase?
  17. Very Cool! I would also like to put my request in for the Whistle & C-130 (Flown in one before )) I will not be able to attend GW so I would really appreciate a heads up if you are planning to sell them online? Thanks!
  18. It's not really a new idea since there are caches out there, like you describe, for more than 10 years now. There is exactly this type of traveling cache in Astoria Oregon GCJH11 and it's been around for at least 10 years.
  19. I have had the mis-fortune of dealing with both of these individuals in the past and know how you feel! I lost about $50 to the scum bags a few years ago! Hope you can get some resolution!
  20. Unless you are the Cache owner or the Trackables owner, you cannot correct the inventory. All I do is add a message in my log that the trackable listed in the cache inventory was not present. I also post a note to the missing trackable's page, that I did not see their TB or GC in the cache when I logged it. That's it! It's up to the Owner of either the cache or the traveler to mark it missing.
  21. Why not just submit a form for a new cache? Since it appears the cache was archived and forgotten by the previous owner, you could just take it over and submit a new form. You could have a link to the original cache and explain you have taken it over.
  22. Webcam caches went by the wayside along with Virtual & traveling caches several years back! The ones that exist today have been around for a decade.
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