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  1. Most embarrassing moment ever cointest
  2. Whaat...someone's listening? Now I know what a radio feels like. Abe Simpson Love that one lol
  3. Well living on a farm and being more or less full of it I constantly say silly things. The temperature being in the upper 90's lately I said one that made my father laugh so ill post it as my first one. As we were going to the hen house to gather eggs we were discussing how it been so hot lately and I made the statement..."yeah its so hot ill bet the hens are laying boiled eggs" He paused...laughed...looked at me and said "you ain't right" So there's my first offering of a saying thanks for the cointest and very nice coin BTW.
  4. If I ran a cointest it would be called pass it on. I would run a simple contest that would involve 2 geocoins one activated and one unactivated. The winner would receive the 2 coins and keep the activated one and then start their own cointest to pass the activated one on to the winner of their cointest along with an unactivated one for the winner to keep...etc etc....the original poster could limit the number of cointest that follow the original one so as it would eventually end otherwise it would go on forever. Anyway that would be my cointest.
  5. Email sent: 29th April 2011 Name received: 15th May 2011 Package sent: 23rd May 2011. Package received:11 June 2011 got my package today..whoo hoo pics to follow if this works opened it quick lol unloaded it quicker..look at all the goods an official geocache glow sticks glow bracelets hot wheels car(which my young cousins confiscated quickly) a ben 10 tshirt(also confiscated) glow sticks greenbay packers mini helmet(confiscated also) Geoscouting patch a big box of reeses pieces a water pistol(confiscated too) and of course.... a really cool Egyptian coin and an awesome travel bug to pass along hope i didnt leave anything out..loved the stuff i got to keep lol cool mission cool goodies..cant wait to do another! thanks boiler for the cool items..
  6. Tomorrow will be a week. I am surprised it is not there yet. It must be hard for the pony express rider to get over the Rockies from Utah. Let me know if you don't see anything by the end of the week and I will put another package together. Thanks. ok will do..snail mail..gotta love it
  7. ugh the wait is killing me lol...feel like a kid at christmas...with all the homework that has been bestowed upon me from my professor it will be nice to get a break and check out my goodies when they get here.
  8. Ok this is just to crazy for me to nit be a part of it so put me down for #33-ALAUNOS if it's still open for additions.
  9. :o OK, well it's 'who's' not 'whose'! Dang it. See you must have you one of them there fancy edumacations to be pointing out the grammatical errors of my bumbling thumbs on this iphone4
  10. Lol it's cool. But I blame fianccetto
  11. Maybe the velvet being a type of cloth drew moisture over tine and where it was touching the coin caused said moisture to settle on the coin and cause the corrosion.
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