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  1. As i've had a few time wasters, saying they want them and bouncing cheques on me, they are all up on ebay that way at least i'm covered I have on there Area 51 UFO rotating bezel coin New World Order full set Space Shuttle coins Bushwhacking through Hell Geocaching all in One Wolf Haven
  2. I have a full set up for grabs if folk are still looking, pm with offer
  3. Loads down my way at mo as local park has deer, and the beacons are full of sheep Got to the vets and ask for a tick puller/twister, it looks like a small mini plastic crowbar with a hook at the end, the hook end goes under the ticks body where its buried in your skin, you then gently twist the little bleeder and out they pop, safest way of doing it as chemical means in humans doesnt always work and leaves part of the tick in, which aint good! Here's a link to the product, they are only a couple of quid and can be carried with you. I get around 6-8 a year in me because i spend a lot of time in the hills and they like my vintage blood, never had any nasty after effects from them so i wouldn't worry overley, and its very easy to use. http://www.otom.com/how-to-remove-a-tick
  4. Same here just did a few with my rugrat and no award she is miffed, rightly so as we had to cut the day short as she fell in nettles and is now suffering
  5. OK i'll drop the price to £300 plus postage of your choice
  6. The top of the range Geocaching GPS, will come pre loaded on 4 gig sd micro with 1:50 full OS UK Discoverer mapping sw and Topo GB for South Wales as well as the pre loaded garmin base map for europe Still have original box and all bits needed No dents,dings or knocks screen has plastic protector on so no scratch's Unit bought new ranges from £320 upwards, Full UK OS mapping £150 upwards Looking for £350 cash prefered, will consider sensible offers, not inc postage, will only send SD Can do pics if really needed, drop me a PM or e-mail if interested, will be working away this week so may be slow to respond, but first come first served
  7. E-mail sent same as last lot one full set Pls
  8. As your first ones were so good and take pride of place in my hoard, i'll defo be interested in taking a full set again
  9. Dont know where you are based but i put out a series of 10 caches with a 11th bonus in a country park, i laid them out so it can be ridden from start to finish as i'm a big MTB nut and the route takes in some of the Big Welsh Weekend MTB enduro course Think total distances have ranged from 6 -15 miles!! depending on nav skills I'm also in middle of planning a further 2 MTB cache trails, aiming to make the last one i bigeee, to date i've planned a 25 mile route covering various terrain and taking in 2 trail centres. These will all be accessable to cachers on foot as well
  10. My three have arrived really nice coins well worth the bucks and a speedy service to
  11. I'd like to get Charlie Sheen Geocaching... i'm dammed sure he'd leave some crackin messages!! WINNING
  12. Can't believe all the fuss TBH I've come up with the perfect soloution... If you dont like Proxy's don't take them!! simple realy, but if you intend to destroy them as stated in other posts then your no better than the tosspots that trash or steal cache's... at the end of the day its a game! And what will i be doing with my coins...well they will be staying with me, they can visit cache's i go to and when i die i'm gona have my two fave ones, put one on each eye, the others i'll pile into a ammo tin as a hoard and a just for s***s n giggles i'll bang a few laminated proxy's in as well, then in a billion years time i'll be dug up and caching will have been long forgotten and they'll put me in some museum trying to interpret the meaning of the South Wales Hoard!! WINNING
  13. I sent you a e-mail when you first posted i've had no reply, are they all gone?
  14. Mine have arrived and the funky packing was great... cracking job well done, looking forward to next lot
  15. How long have you been caching for? your profile shows you have never found/hidden a cache and that you don't own any activated GC or TB's Are you on the Oz GC forum under a diff name?
  16. I have the GPSMAP62ST and love it great unit i also use the Iphone I like my 62st so much i've ditched my Edge705 mtb gps and use the 62st for rides the 62 is used for MTB,Climbing,Hillwalking and GeoCaching Cracking unit that you wouldn't regret buying, i've had no issues and used it in some pretty crappy conditions
  17. Come down Via Bristol and go along the road under the Clifton Suspension bridge Some nice routes there i stop if i'm working in bristol and whack my stickies on, you've got a good range of grades there I'll ask my oppo in MR about decent routes around the area Some good graded climbs on Pen Y fan N face all year round, can get a bit knee trembly at times due to poor ground Other than that i've found the some good sea cliff climbs all around the coast down swansea and the gower I'll be around as live local if you need a counter weight
  18. They look great , cant wait to get my set
  19. Hope its ok to post these links ... for the folk that reeeealy want them not long left on either! LE SILVER LE GOLD ow and they aren't mine
  20. I've been using the iPhone app for ages on 3G and 3GS... Yes it lets you down in heavily wooded areas but when i'm at work its a great way of taking a break and prob 99% of the time i find the caches as long as you can get a signal. I also use it when i go out with my daughter, before we go we set up a hit list of caches we want to do and if we finish in time whack the iPhone on and do some more And i find the "it is impossible to use as a GPSr for caching" statement utterly wrong, the company i work for use all Apple devices from computers to iPhones, we have over 15 3GS iPhones out being used and 5 of those are being used for Geocaching with no problems I've used mine to find caches on the BLACK MOUNTAIN and other odd places and also used it to navigate in the Beacons and Knoydart,Torridon in Scotland just to see how it preforms I dont use it as my Main GPS unit.. BUT then it was never designed or meant to be a dedicated GPS! it is after all a Smart Phone with a very handy and nifty cacheing App 2489 ratings in the app store with a score of 4 ouuta 5 aint bad and i'm sure more than that are using it. My old man used to say "a Bad workman always blames his tools"
  21. If your looking for a good long lasting robust laser google " Airsoft Laser", they come with diff types of mounts as their designed for replica BB guns You can get a decent one from £10 upwards and get a choice of green or Red.
  22. A simple question ... do they ever appear in the UK? All the posts i've seen so far all seem to be in the USA Has anyone from UK found one on home soil?
  23. If your doing Dese Tan and Cammo version i'll take a couple and 1 for my collection
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