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  1. Great looking "Geocoin"! Always nice to see something different.
  2. Any US vendors going to be selling at GEOCOINFEST EUROPE 2013 - Prague? Other than vendors who else plans to attend?
  3. Interesting to see what comes of this discovery.
  4. Something interesting has happened to my Warrior coin, its moving! It seems that somehow there is a 3rd Warrior Geocoin with the same number and tracking code on it as the 2 I have. Has anyone else had this happen?
  5. Will anyone that lives near Tallinn (or could stop in Tallinn) be attending the MEGA Finland event Aug 3-5?? I'm looking at attending and Tallinn is the cheapest to fly into, and I see its only takes aprox. 4 hours to reach Turku. Thanks.
  6. You have it. It was in the group trade eventhough not marked on the spreadsheet. It's shiny copper if that helps you track it down. I haven't any shiny copper version in my clollection. I have 33 versions now, but not Georgia. Emma wrote me, that Georgia joined the trades very late after the international coins were sent. Oh, that explains why I had an extra coin, because I was missing a trade coin.
  7. Sounds like fun, count Team kizb in!
  8. Team kizb had entered 2 Butterflys into the race, one was retrieved from the event and started moving while the other was never retrieved and I thought lost forever. Now after being missing for over a year TB3PNAV "Butterfly Migration 2010-2011 - Katy's Racer" is finally moving! Is there a prize for last to start the race?
  9. Mine arrived yesterday, cool looking coins! I like that they were made in CZ.
  10. With only a few weeks left, I've lost my event location due to the restaurant going out of business 1 Nov.
  11. I nominate cacher matpax. This picture was in a disposable camera I developed from cache "GC12HX3 Not all that glitters is gold..."
  12. Maybe mine will be here soon as well!
  13. Still seeking 2011 German Reviewer Geocoin-Nightshift Edition Reviewer only LE to send to a friend that became a new reviewer this year. If you have one of these please contact me.
  14. Pictures of the Bitburg, Germany coin!
  15. "can someone please define geocoin?" A good thread in reguards to this topic. Maybe this thread should even me merged with the old one.
  16. Can you explain what a "5 gallon bucket with spores that were full" is? Some type of TB? I've released coins and still do every now and then. Some have done really well and are stil traveling, while others whent missing shortly after being release. Its a guessing game if a coin will last or not after you release it. Now days I tend to only release coins that are on a mission, makes it a little funner to watch it try to reach its goal.
  17. All valid questions that I'd be interested to know the answers to as well.
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