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  1. Nessie3d - where did you buy the joe cacher coin from? I don't remember having pics up of any coin with tracking numbers. I will check again though!
  2. Well...we are finally listing this coin as in hand and ready to sell but have a limited supply as pre sales were crazy! we have about 10 of each finish (black nickel and polished nickel) available. $11 each or one of each for $20. email me at boomerangpapa@hotmail.com to place your order! B!pa
  3. Hmmmm...lol...good eye! wasn't sure if anyone was going to catch that! all i can say is that if your interested in that "possibility" then you can state that in your reservation! -boom!pa
  4. For those not comfortable with pre-sales, I will be taking a reservations list for those who would like to be contacted when the coin is in hand. Just send your Caching name, real name, Shipping addy, paypal addy and which and how many coins you would like to boomerangpapa@hotmail.com and I will make sure that you get contacted when the coins are in hand!
  5. which email did you send to as we have not received your email? Maybe try my boomerangpapa@hotmail.com email!
  6. We are excited to introduce our new coin...coming early April just in time for spring! Coin specs: -1.75 inch round -trackable on geocaching.com with custom icon -available in black nickel or polished nickel (silver) Our plan is to have a limited number of coins with a special edge die which will commemorate Kamloops specifically as this event was the inspiration behind creating this coin and we will release it on the day of the event! It will have: Spring Stomp 2013, April 6 & 7, Kamloops BC on the edge! There will be the above finishes available and only by pre-ordering it here will you be able to ensure that you can get a “Kamloops” edition with the edge stamp above. The coin will also be available as a regular edition coin available to everyone. This presale will also save you on the coin! Those who aren't comfortable with the pre-sale model are welcome to order when the coins come in early April! Black Nickel “Kamloops Edition" Stomp Out Winter Coin $11.00 ($12.00 after pre-sales end) Black Nickel Stomp Out Winter Coin $10.00 ($11.00 after pre-sales end) Polished Nickel “Kamloops Edition” Stomp Out Winter $11.00 ($12.00 after pre-sales end) Polished Nickel Stomp Out Winter Coin $10.00 (11.00 after pre-sales end Please contact Rokman4 at EMAIL HERE or boom!pa (formerly boomerangpapa) HERE to place your order. In the subject line of your email, put "Stomp Out Winter 2013 Geocoin". In the body of the email put in the number of and type of coin you want.
  7. I was told that you could not use a single icon for multiple "coins" if you unless you called them all the same thing. For instance, I had some mariobros coIns made (4 different ones) a few years back and didn't make a custom icon for each due to costs. I did want to make a single mariobros icon that I could assign to all the coins but was told that I could only do that if they all were called the same thing. I wouldn't have been able to call them what I did so I opted out. Unless Groundspeak terms have changed or you would call all your buttons "buttons by ?" regardless of the design, you will not be able to have one icon representing all your buttons. If the terms have been changed, let me know as I would love to be able to finally give my mariobros coins an icon!
  8. New mini twist on this coin for a new version.....in the essence of night caching.....joe-in-the-dark! one side full glow, one side full colour classic! $12 gets you into the coin and a matching (non glow) zip pull that can be used as a bag tag, key chain (nice and light) or add a string and make a necklace just like we have! goto OUR WEBSITE to see some pics and check out all of our in stock coins! Thanks for looking!
  9. Beautiful colors on this! By chance do the teeth glow? Irregardless, great design! I love Halloween!
  10. Thanks for the response mamoreb! Also you can email us at joecacher@hotmail.com with your tracking code and we will email it to you!
  11. This is hands down my favorite way that a coin has ever been introduced! Pair that with a great coin and its a perfect launch!
  12. Forgot to mention that the icons should be up now! (for the last few weeks actually). Still some coins left for those who missed out.
  13. There is also a Geotourism program in British Columbia. In the Gold Country region there are 72 caches hidden and they award a special trackable gold bar geocoin for 24 caches found and an extra special 3" trackable geocoin for all 72 caches found! Gold Country is a larger area but well worth all the travels! Edited to add the link... Gold Country Geotourism
  14. This generic geocoin icon is temporary as the icon is just being finished up and will be sent in soon! Sorry for the delay!
  15. Only 3 more UK coins that we have ourselves. They will be sold in sets only due to demand for the sets. Order yours today!
  16. shameless bump! Only a few days left to get a full set of 4 before the UK version gets sent to their home to get sold there. Save on shipping from the UK by ordering now!
  17. Looking to get the set of 4? Order in the next week to save on shipping as the remaining UK editions will be sent to the UK next week and those will have to be ordered from there.
  18. Doh! Forgot to mention where to order! Email joecacher@hotmail.com with all the regular info (name, shipping addy, email addy, coins wanted). You can check out the website for all the info too. Same as the email but just remove the @hotmail
  19. We are happy to announce the second coin in our Canadian coin series that continues with the Beautiful aboriginal art by our friend Quenton Harris. Inspired by his art we created this coin we simply call: Life. This coin is our 2011 version of our Canadian coin series and we are proud to release it just after Canada Day (July 1st). Personally, I (boomerangpapa), chose to work with this particular art as I was inspired by the birth of my second daughter, Chloe, on New Years Day! As it got a little busy, we decided to release this coin during the summer. Now that we have caught up with things and are really enjoying Life This years coin comes in 4 flavors: Antique Copper with a turquoise gem, Polished Silver with a Paua Shell gem and Black Nickel with a deep crimson red enamel along with a Paua Shell gem. The 4th version will be released soon by our reseller as they have created a special UK Edition with some nice features that I will let them announce! (forgive the pictures as I really need to learn how to take good close ups!) LIFE 2011 Some coins specifics: -1 5/8" diameter -3mm thick -Trackable on geocaching.com (tracking phrase and number on the edge ) -Unique Icon (to be revealed shortly) -Genuine semi-precious gemstones (turquoise on the copper, paua shell on the others) Only $10 each! Checking on shipping prices today to make sure but I expect due to the size of the coin that the shipping charges will be better than our last larger coin due to less weight! Tentatively $3.00 for 1-2 coins, $6.00 for 3-5 coins USA and Canada. International orders welcome and will be quoted upon order. Thanks for looking!
  20. Errrr....a personal geocoin has your name on it....that's kinda the point! Great job on the coin!
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