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My e-mail crashed and I am still sorting it out.:o


Anybody who e-mailed me about trades from


Dec 20 midnight mountain time (0700 GMT Dec 21)


Dec 23 8 a.m. mountain time (1500 GMT Dec 23)


needs to e-mail me again.


I know there were at least two trade offers for some personals that I want to do, but I can't remember who so I cannot e-mail you. B)


Also, anybody that may be concerned about confirmed trades, please e-mail me. I think I have everybody in my spreadsheet, but double-checking is just fine.


Toojin & Bart

my trading list

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I am looking for an Indy Diver coin.


I am willing to trade one of my black nickels(only 25 made)

and possibly something else if you must have two coins.

don't hesitate to look at my keeper list too.


my keeper list


my trader list


Indy Diver is a friend of mine but I just met him this year and I am trying to collect coins from all indiana cachers that have them. anyone that is willing to trade should also know that I will NEVER sell this coin if I acquire it.


any help would be appreciated.




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I'll have both GBA coins in hand by Friday. For those of you that I set up trades with a while ago they'll be mailed by Jan 3rd.


I also have a few spare workerofwood geocoins as well and I still have VIGPS, Pirates of HP and the new CCGC coins as well.


Here's a list of what I'm looking for, email me for trades I'll do my best to respond to all emails.




Penn 2004

Kentucky 2003 + 2004

GD Mystery coin(round)

Alabama 2004

moun10bike V1


Team Fisur

Indy Diver

Johnnie Lacy

Capt. Prozac

GeoLuau II



Texas 2003

Traveling Viking

Trez Pirates Treasure

USA 2003 + 2004




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GBES Nav Rally, Missouri 04, OKIC, Geowoodstock III, NEFGA, Ammo Can, Dutch, Georgia Peach, Conneticut.


Offering these, which are in hand and ready for immediate trade:

SoAfrican, Calif 04 & 05, Texas, Calgary, Utah, Wash 04 &05, DallasFW Gold, Colorado, Alaska, Indiana, RhodeIsland, Ohio, Maryland, GONE, NDakota, Wisconsin CRC, Katrina Relief, Tennesee, Canine #1& 2, Harriman Pirate, New Mexico, KTAG, Penn 05, Wisconsin, Georgia 06 Stone Mtn, CCGC CITO, Iowa, VIGPS, Geocachers of W Tennessee 06, United Kingdom, North Carolina, New York.


Ordered and will be receiving these newly minted coins (will added to my trade list):

Maine, Delaware, Nevada, S Carolina, Wyoming, Long Island, Minnesota, Idaho 06, CCGC.


All are standard color metal unless noted. All are new, uncirculated, unactivated.

Please Email or PM. Thanks.


(I collect mostly state, region or country coins.)

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Hi guys, i have a look for a


CC Geocoin

Connecticut Geocoin

Dutch Geocoin

Geo Screw Geocoin

Georgia Geocoin

Geowoodstock Geocoin

HC Geocoin

Long Island Geocoin

Midwest Geobash Geocoin

Pennsylvania 2005 Geocoin

UK Coin

Alabama Geocoin

Ontario Geocoin


in a trade.


I offer: New and unactivated Wourld of Geocaching coin visit link at






reply please via PM

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If anybody has an extra one of the new Alabama coins coming I would love to trade. I am still looking for a lighthouse coin too. here is my list again. Thanks!


GOWT 2006,

UK 2005

New Mexico




North Dakota

Canine Cachers 1 and 2

Texas Autumn

Utah 2005

South Africa


Screw (nickel)

Fire Elemental

Georgia Stone Mountain


New York


North Carolina



Idaho 2006


Long Island

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I'm in search of (like a lot of other people) a GBA 'Fault Line' coin. Been watching the development, but went to Bay Area cachers only. That's OK. It'll make for some good trading.




Check us out at TheCachingPlace.com for our trading list and other coins we're looking for. Thanks.

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I'm still working on releasing all of the coins I've activated so that I could get an Icon. I need to get unactivated versions to keep my collection in tact. I am looking for the following...


Michigan 2005

Screw (LE Silver) (Will Consider multiple coins)

NEFGA Jeep Club (will consider multiple coins)

First Finders Dance (will consider multiple coins)


I have the following to trade...


California 2005

Camp Explorer (Bronse)

Canine Cachers 1st Ed

Canine Cachers 2nd Ed


Emerald Valley Cachers (Silver)

FlyinV (Bronse)

Georgia Stone Mountain

Gone Caching (Bronse)

GOWT 2005


Indiana 2005


Katrina Relief

Maine 2005

Maryland 2005

Milestone 100 Caches

Milestone 500 Caches

Milestone 1000 Caches

Milestone 100 Travel Bugs

Mount Everest (Bronse)

Mount Mckinley (Bronse)

The Nano Twins

Not Another Micro

Old Man Winter


Panowege Kids (Gold)

Pennsylvania 2005 (Bronse)


San Diego 2005

Selective Availability (Green)


Sir Gerald

Sunshine Gang

Team Coy Chev

Wanna Go?

WildwoodBob & The Moose

Wisconsin WGA


Consider that you will be performing a public service by helping to return Geocoins to their natural habitat. (The ones going into caches in the wild I mean, not the ones going into my collection).

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Looking for a few of the recent coins that I missed:


Idaho 2006

New York 2005

Colorado 2005

GBA Microchip

GBA Fault line

CCGC Monterrey Bay

(or any others that I am missing)


See my trade list at: http://www.kraussmcclurg.net/geocaching/geocoins/trading.htm

and my current collection at:



Email me through my profile if you want to make a trade.



-Jeff of Krauss-McClurg

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